BFB 2: Lick Your Way to Freedom

  • Published on: 17 November 2017
    Animation by Satomi & Michael: NOW OPEN SOURCE
    Music by Michael @
    Writing by Satomi & Michael


    Battle for Dream Island.
    Battle for Dream Island Again.
    And now, Battle for BFDI.
  • Runtime : 10:3
  • battle for dream island animated show bfdi jacknjellify long videos


  • Mark Matsuda
    Mark Matsuda   4 hours ago

    A, leafy, why tf would you even steal the island

  • iLikeWatermelons
    iLikeWatermelons   1 days ago

    9:56 put it on 0.25 speed and for a split second there are a buncha other contestants.

    JBF KID   2 days ago

    6:08 A W S E R I O U S L Y???typical word of bfb and bfdi XD

  • Ian Nalty
    Ian Nalty   2 days ago

    You'd better not vote me or I'll twist you! Besides, I'm the least voted for to be eliminated contestant! That just shows how wonderful I am!

  • samchong9
    samchong9   3 days ago

    I Commet [A] To eleminate Leafy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • garden green
    garden green   4 days ago

    So, the (said 8 name once) Were safe but At the all episode the TJWRC Were safe

  • Holly Jones
    Holly Jones   1 weeks ago

    H woody is annoying What it’s my opinion

  • Andy Carnes
    Andy Carnes   1 weeks ago

    7:58 funniest moment in the entire episode.

  • discojay
    discojay   1 weeks ago

    8:27 the scene in the movie when your parents walk in