Why Is The Universe The Same Everywhere?

  • Published on: 25 June 2021
  • Researched and Written by Leila Battison
    Narrated and Edited by David Kelly
    Thumbnail Art by Ettore Mazza

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  • History of the Universe

    Hello folks! Hope you enjoy it. Still working our way through the first trillionth of a second of existence. What a mad journey. Remember to check out Leila´s channel Something Incredible - top stuff right there. Thanks!

  • Christophe Muller
    Christophe Muller   12 minuts ago

    I love this channel the best around for my thirst of knowledge

  • It’s me
    It’s me   1 days ago

    The universe isn’t same everywhere, only on this planet are the idiots

  • J4Y D34D
    J4Y D34D   1 days ago

    7:08 God enters the chat.

  • lieninger
    lieninger   2 days ago

    As we went along, I started to wonder if this was going to try to sneak up on resurrecting VSL- not disappointed, nice tippy toe...

  • Mazzo
    Mazzo   2 days ago

    bullshit. all this science stuff is lies. absolute lies. god created the earth in 7 days. he created the earth as a flat surface. space does not exist but instead the earth exists inside the firmament as stated by genesis. the sun and moon are like lightbulbs. the stars in the sky are cities in heaven where the angels live. NASA has been lying to us for over 500 years and you people believe every word they say. they even lied to us about germ theory which isn't real either. they are putting mind control serum in the vaccines. WAKE UP PEOPLE! STOP BEING SHEEP!

  • Bad Moon
    Bad Moon   3 days ago

    You scientist will never know more about the universe than meYour all are idiots compared to my knowledge of the universe cause I'm the creator of it all

  • Bad Moon
    Bad Moon   3 days ago

    There is no telescope can reach as far as the Divine universe keeps expanding

  • Bad Moon
    Bad Moon   3 days ago

    It's not the same every where cause there is no ending to the universe

  • Paul Merritt
    Paul Merritt   4 days ago

    It isn't. We can not see everywhere. We are only one universe of many most likely. To think we are alone is very narrow thinking. To think we can see all there is with radio telescopes is silly.

  • Kell's Corner
    Kell's Corner   5 days ago

    So here’s my Caveman logic to the universe problem.Two infinite mass/energy objects (alpha and omega black holes for the sake of argument) collide with each other in a sea of infinite alpha omega objects. One is of positive nature and one is of negative nature. They cancel each other out in a literal universal sized explosion (Big Bang) and the substance of our existing universe is the dust and unburnt gunpowder of the exchange still rocketing away from the center. Our universe, merely a void created in sea of infinite mass and energy, like a depth charge going off in the middle of the ocean.As the explosion cools and recollects via black holes all matter and energy recombines back into an infinite alpha/omega black hole and rejoins the sea of infinite positive/negative black holes that make up the fabric of the larger reality only to eventually collide with yet another opposite object.It only seems to be expanding because our perception dictates it, when on a cosmic scale it’s literally a flash in the pan and our universe is just one of countless universe being created and destroyed in the endless ocean of mass and energy that reality consists of.What’s beyond that is probably too complex for us to even imagine.But based on scale alone I get the impression that our whole universe is just a momentary spark in the dark void. A flash of a synapse of a greater cosmic brain with our existence being nothing more than a byproduct of that exchange of energy.

  • Michael Dembinski
    Michael Dembinski   5 days ago

    I am very happy with these! They explain what we know - and what we don't know - in ways that are digestible to the lay watcher. Extremely well written and researched. Thanks for doing them - and thank you, YouTube algorithm for pointing me this way!

  • D C MacKenzie
    D C MacKenzie   6 days ago

    Your understanding of the origin narrative is flawed; that is what the problem is.

  • xen
    xen   1 weeks ago

    Expertly done. Programs like this build vocations and fascinates young (and old) minds. (clapping.....)

  • Jean d'Arc
    Jean d'Arc   1 weeks ago

    What if there was no inflation, what if there was no singularity, what if the simulation started as a post inflation volume whose properties were simply randomized (uniform distribution)?

  • Adone Borione
    Adone Borione   1 weeks ago

    The universe is NOT the same everywhere. More and more evidence is accumulating paper after paper that the cosmological principle is simply not true

  • East Axis
    East Axis   1 weeks ago

    Why universe same everywhere..simple..National Geography ran out of things to blurt...well..everyone get writers block once in a while..but at least now we know why GOD created the universe..1264 scientist agree..but u won't find it in this video..but i can tell u about it...

  • Amado Santiago
    Amado Santiago   2 weeks ago

    I have a question regarding Cosmic Expansion???. What "force" pushes the universe out as a way of expansion. Is this expansion still part of the "Big Bang"?. Meaning the Big Bang is not done yet?.

  • Jaggs
    Jaggs   2 weeks ago

    It isn't the same everywhere; nothing is identical when you get right down to it.

  • 44wetwater 44wetwater

    To think we have not even scratched the surface of understanding space and time, is not only very humbling, it's absolutely mind numbing, man will still be searching ten million years from now, and what we think we understand now , won't even be discussed a short ten million years from now, since it will all long since been dispelled as ancient kookery.

  • Wykius
    Wykius   3 weeks ago

    In our endless universe possibilities are very limited thus suggesting a universe that is very finite.

  • J J
    J J   3 weeks ago

    Please do a video on the Observer and the Observed..

  • Nonconcensusical
    Nonconcensusical   3 weeks ago

    Our Space Inertial Plane tunneled from Counterspace through the Universal Inertial Plane. When the Space Inertial Plane left the Universal Inertial Plane, it became Dielectric Energy. This is when Time began. Dielectric Energy is terminate to terminate, Inflation. Then, the Dielectric Energy becomes its Dielectric Voidance Field/Magnetism. Magnetism gives Magnitude to the Universe, the Grand Expand. Gravity is the opposite of Universal creation. Magnetism returns to Dielectric Energy, then the Universal Inertial Plane. It's not that Light can not excape from a Blackhole/Counterspacial Sink. It's light can not exist in a Blackhole. Light/EM waves need both transverse waves, Dielectric and Magnetism, node to perturbate on. Once Magnetism returns to Dielectric Energy, Light can not exist. Lights rate of induction is Magnetism's rate of creation. Tunneling leaves both transverse waves behind the wall. Only the Space Inertial Plane tunnels through the wall. Perturbating along the Inertial Planes of the Aether in the wall. When exiting, like the creation of the Universe. First, Dielectric Energy is created, then creates its own field, Dielectric Voidance Field/Magnetism. Both transverse waves, the coaxial circuit of the Inertial Plane, Light/EM waves.

  • Coon Dog
    Coon Dog   4 weeks ago

    so far, 200 flat earthers = 200 dislikes have watched this video

  • Lalith Gopikrishna
    Lalith Gopikrishna   1 months ago

    The explanations are outstanding and spectacular much like the universe itself. Maybe it all boils down to one fact that there is a whole world of physics our brain just can't comprehend.

  • Dear Leader
    Dear Leader   1 months ago

    I'ts so funny when they're looking for intelligent life in our galaxy.xa xa xaaaa. count the ods look at earth how many impossible odds the planet has gone thru and then tell me there are aliens all around.xi what???

  • Sanchit Singh
    Sanchit Singh   1 months ago

    something is unusually soothing in your videos. haha

  • Mmaguy13
    Mmaguy13   1 months ago

    I heard inflation does not work.

  • Ahmed Ali Gujjar
    Ahmed Ali Gujjar   1 months ago

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  • GSOLK Clan
    GSOLK Clan   1 months ago

    Bro I’m high and when you had the words “the flatness problem” spin, that tripped me tf out.

  • Simen Grandal
    Simen Grandal   1 months ago

    By far the best documentary series in astro-physics and astronomy out there nowadays! I admire your work.. such depth, such informative science and so well-written! Gotta love it! Keep up the good work team, can't wait for your next episode..!:D

  • Islam-Peace
    Islam-Peace   1 months ago

    Surah Insan indexed with the number 76, the number of verses 31 1 Indeed a period of time has passed, that man did not exist at all as something mentioned. 2 We created man from a mixture of water to test him, so We made him hear and see. 3 We have guided him to the right path, and he will be grateful or contemptible. 4 For the unbelievers We have prepared chains, shackles and fire. 5 There is no doubt that the pious will drink from the cup in which the mixture is from the kafur (aromatic). 6 is a well from which the slaves of Allah drink and carry it wherever they wish. 7 They are the ones who keep their promises and fear a day whose harm is great. 8 They are the ones who feed the poor, the orphans and the captives for His sake. 9 We feed you only for the sake of Allah and do not ask you for any reward or thanks. 10 We fear our Lord in a day when the faces will be gloomy and gloomy. 11 But Allaah saved them from the strife of that day and gave them faces of radiance and great joy. 12 And because they abode, He rewarded them with Paradise and silk garments. 13 There they sit on sofas, and there they see neither sun (nor heat) nor cold. 14 Their shadows are near them, and the hollows of the trees are near. 15 They shall be served with silver vessels and clean cups. 16 Translucent from silver which they (servants) determined to be sufficient (large or small). 17 They are given to drink glasses of wine mixed with ginger (aromatic plant). 18 (from) A spring called selsebil (easy to drink). 19 And they bring unto them young men for service, which are always such, that when thou seest them they look like shed pearls. 20 And when you look there, you see great prosperity and great possession (property, wealth). 21 They are clothed with fine linen and green silk (satin) and thick silk (brocade); they are adorned with silver bracelets, and their Lord gives them pure drink. 22 This is your reward, because your vow has been present. 23 We have revealed to you the Qur'an at regular intervals. 24 So be patient until the decision of your Lord, and do not listen to sinners or unbelievers. 25 Worship your Lord morning and evening. 26 And pray unto Him for an hour of the night, and worship Him for ever. 27 Verily, they (the idolaters) love this life very much, and they do not take anything for a hard day that awaits them. 28 We created them and perfected their creation, and if We willed, We could have destroyed them and brought forth better than them. 29 Verily, this is an admonition, and whoever takes the way to his Lord. 30 But you do not desire anything unless Allah wills, and Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. 31 He it is Who admonishes whom He wills and has prepared for the wrongdoers a painful punishment.

  • carlo vincetti
    carlo vincetti   1 months ago

    Looking at this aspect to our universe can only be the proof of our establishment denying the existence of other intelligence in our universe, was to religion and the power it holds over our societies, its money and nothing to do with a shocking suicidal value for our societies at all.