Bigfoot: Best Evidence

  • Published on: 14 October 2021
  • Bigfoot specialist and cryptozoologist Cliff Barackman explores the best evidence available for the existence of sasquatch as a real species. Barackman includes Indigenous artifacts, footprint casts, film and photo evidence, and more.

    Cliff Barackman has been doing bigfoot field research since 1994. His expeditions have taken him to 46 states and five continents in search of evidence supporting the existence of undiscovered hominoids worldwide.

    As the evidence analyst on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot," Cliff has applied his skill and expertise to a variety of photographic, video, film, and sound evidence. He has appeared on many other television shows and documentaries as a bigfoot specialist and cryptozoologist.

    Cliff is especially familiar with the footprint and handprint evidence for sasquatches, and he is the curator for one of the largest collections of cast evidence in the world. His collection includes impressions from North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Cliff and his wife Melissa own and curate the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon, which features the largest public collection of bigfoot evidence in the Pacific Northwest.
    Besides his bigfoot interests, Cliff also is an accomplished guitarist. You can often find him quietly strumming on the porch of his rural property on the western slopes of Mount Hood, deep in the heart of sasquatch country.

  • Runtime : 56:40


  • claude wernert
    claude wernert   4 hours ago

    How can you call a Sasquatch an animal ? they are same as humans

  • Old Man Joe
    Old Man Joe   8 hours ago

    This is such a load of crap you gotta be an idiot to believe any "evidence"... verbal accounts as well ( all of which amounts to BS ) also blurry pictures and far off from the subject matter videos actually account as truth and 'real' evidence. Realize these Big Foot fanatics see what they want to see. Take crappy evidence into a court of law and see is you'll get a convinced jury. Laughable. "Big accusations require big proof" is the basic rule all of these Big Foot lovers fall far short of. Furthermore, the quip about the old gold miners of the 1800's encountering foot prints of a "Big Foot" was a gold miners way of keeping claim jumpers and robbers away from his find... scary stories apparently frighten adults as well as children.

  • Rupert Winslow
    Rupert Winslow   10 hours ago

    I am from spokane, mount adams and st Helen's are 400 miles away, Spokane tribe does not spread the whole state of wa. And if you can see any of those west side wa mountains from here thats a first time and only time. I can't see any of those from here. Been looking all my life with modern equipment. Sorry bro I can't think anything else has validity after those remarks. Specially geologically places I never heard of

  • Donald Myck
    Donald Myck   16 hours ago

    I used to believe bigfoot existed. But it is total bullshit. Someone would have killed one a long time ago

  • plazfram
    plazfram   16 hours ago

    Nope. No bigfoot. Total equine excrement.

  • Bill Grover
    Bill Grover   21 hours ago

    There is already a scientific analysis and dna study on over 100 samples. They all come back mother human father unknown.

  • Gary
    Gary   23 hours ago

    The thing that most of you viewers of this presentation don't know is that Cliff Barackman has been baiting them for quite awhile, and dog gone it, I think that is JUST WRONG! I wonder what's gonna happen if he starts radio collaring 'em!

  • tense99
    tense99   1 days ago

    I grew up in WA, people here generally know these things exist, anyone who doesn't is almost willfully ignorant, totally uninterested or just haven't crossed paths with one yet. I'm not sure why anyone bothers trying to demonstrate these creatures are "real" to skeptics or the smiley assholes that grin and nod to placate your 'craziness'when you tell them what you've seen. Their opinion hardly matters nor is their belief required to make these beings any more or less material. For humanity's entire existence other intelligent hominids have existed alongside us, why is the present so different? Lack of evidence lol? There's what 3 professional scientists, maybe 1 of them an actual anthropologist actively looking for physical evidence qualified to publish a peer reviewed scientific article. Yeah, don't count on conventional science accepting these creatures anytime soon.

  • Dean Hunter
    Dean Hunter   1 days ago

    The Irish have Leprechaun folk stories, Norwegians have Trolls. Native Americans have Bigfoot, big deal. All peoples have "gods" Jewish culture have Golems. All of which is meaningless. Sightings by "unimpeachable witness's" carries little weight as witness statements are notoriously unreliable - ask any policeman!!!! The PG film has never been 100% proven. Some of the foot print mechanics was interesting - but still no convincing evidence. The film represents 56 minutes of my life that I will not get back !!

  • Justincase008
    Justincase008   1 days ago

    Set up trail cameras in suspected areas with triggers.

  • mike jones
    mike jones   1 days ago

    25:46 is a real squatch. i can tell coz it's blurry

  • Dave Linihan
    Dave Linihan   1 days ago

    Good vlog. Informative. 9 hours to your museum. Won’t make it for awhile. Looking around for more of your posts.

  • Al Sillman
    Al Sillman   1 days ago

    "Bigfoot got back"😂 I want a t-shirt

  • Daryl Adcock
    Daryl Adcock   1 days ago

    To bad the sassys run the world thru advanced intelligence,they been wipn out humanity for thousands of yrs,

  • Tony Boyer
    Tony Boyer   2 days ago

    Sasquatch DNA Studies has been done over 7 or 8 years ago . DNA Does Not Lie > like this Dude . He Knows that they are not any type of Ape, Gorilla, Monkey Or Gigantopithecus ! FACT> The Female DNA ,, Show's a match that is from this Earth,,, FACT> The Male DNA,,, Show's absolutely no match found on this Planet what so ever. They Are A Human Hybrid,,, Dr. Melba Ketchum and her team did the DNA Sasquatch Samples,,, 105 Samples was collected in total i believe . I watched 1:56 seconds of this joke,,, And couldnt take no more of his crap . They may own some Bigfoot Museum somewhere,,, And might claim to have seen one,,,, I doubt very seriously from the description that he gave ! The very things that he spoke such as >They are a normal animal in the wild,,, They have no special abilities,,, This man is either so outdated on the Truth and Facts about Sasquatch that he can't quit chasing his tail,, Or He's A Bald Faced Liar straight up... Please prove me wrong ,, Anybody

  • Rocky Stone
    Rocky Stone   2 days ago


  • Rocky Stone
    Rocky Stone   2 days ago


  • sturgis84
    sturgis84   2 days ago

    I think the jakilserv hines creek sasquatch sighting video is good.

  • olddn kinobi
    olddn kinobi   2 days ago

    Can someone forward this to Joe Rogan please

  • Duane Kraft
    Duane Kraft   2 days ago

    That was real good, and the way you explained it was awesome. You can tell that you put alot of your time into it. You still have the naysayers who just will not believe, even if one of them slaps them in the face. I'm curious, do you believe in the dogman?there is an awful lot of people having encounters with the animal, I myself don't want to see about you?

  • Luluwan
    Luluwan   2 days ago

    There are way too many so-called Bigfoot "investigators" flying by the seat of their pants , but Cliff is the real deal: his findings are solidly backed by science and everything about him is not sensationalized. I hope that Bigfoot is finally proven "real" ( they are real) in Cliff and my lifetimes.

  • Griz Bear
    Griz Bear   3 days ago

    SO SO SO SO many trail cameras out in the woods these day. Don’t you think we would have some better pics by now??????? I do…..I call BULLSHIT!!!!

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson   3 days ago

    I hunt and I have a BIG rifle, if I ever saw a Bigfoot I would NEVER shoot it, unless an animal or person is trying to harm me then I will leave them be. Im in WA state and have had 2 very strange circumstances

  • Mike B
    Mike B   3 days ago

    You say not paranormal? And you keep calling them animals. I respect your knowledge but I believe this rabbit hole is much deeper than you can imagine. Eg. fact..the mother of these people is human..dna bigfoot. Melba was destroyed by bringing out the truth! You either don’t know all the evidence or your choosing to leave it out on purpose. Hundreds of cases of Mind speak and cloaking..all facts just like you say..people report it. No offense to you at all, I just think your going in a circle. I think once the truth is really revealed it will blow us all away one day.

  • Enrique Aragon
    Enrique Aragon   3 days ago

    Every single pic video documentary I’ve ever seen of these beings shows they have the ability to transform in order to conceal themselves, seen it live so there’s clearly more to them than merely just a flesh n bones physical being..

  • Tony
    Tony   3 days ago

    I love how people can now call themselves a "specialist" in something that doesn't even exist. lol.

  • termsofusepolice
    termsofusepolice   4 days ago

    Imagine when this poor lady got the email that she had to interview the Bigfoot-is-real guy.

  • Maurice Munoz
    Maurice Munoz   4 days ago

    So if you show me a photo of Santa, that makes him real!!!!

  • Vinyl Collector Music Listener

    Step back and take a look at what you are doing. There must be a reason why they have avoided humans for so long. Think about it, they would be ripped apart and experimented on with no regard for their lives. How about you yourself being experimented on and ripped apart? You are a jerk and nothing more....

  • Misty C
    Misty C   4 days ago

    Clif berated a person at his ‘museum’ when the person asked about the work of Dr Melba Ketchum. Her work was and is SCIENTIFIC analysis of hundreds of DNA samples ALREADY collected. He completely blows that off in a disrespectful way. That is not pursuing science or fact. The BFRO has harassed many people and suppressed a lot of evidence. He has done a great disservice by being a part of the censorship.

  • New life
    New life   4 days ago

    The Patterson Gimlin film is a fake. The guy who took the footage always said it was real. But on the movie 411: Hunted the 2nd guy says he was wearing a suit & walked across wearing the suit & that is what is in the footage.

  • Bruce Gelman
    Bruce Gelman   5 days ago

    Sagan says" Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof".Dont forget.