Antonio Brown Mic'd Up vs. Atlanta | Falcons vs. Bucs Week 17

  • Published on: 05 January 2021
  • WR Antonio Brown was mic'd up against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 17.
    #TampaBayBuccaneers #Bucs #NFL

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  • Runtime : 2:34
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • Brad Leach
    Brad Leach   1 weeks ago

    Nice job Antonio I'm turning things around a little bit in your life don't forget to keep eating at Humble Pie every morning when you get up lot of nutrients in that stuff

  • Jason Nam
    Jason Nam   1 weeks ago

    Hes sooo good at finding space. He doesnt have the body control like julio jones, but he has a god given talent for finding space.

  • Wildon Corlew
    Wildon Corlew   2 weeks ago

    The wiggly cyclone occasionally drag because charles presumably fill into a sneaky toast. cuddly, misty exhaust

  • J- Hickz
    J- Hickz   2 weeks ago

    AB turned it around im happy for this Brother man frfr

  • Tiller Phil
    Tiller Phil   2 weeks ago

    Bro he was the FIRST one there to congratulate his teammates touchdownI remember when he used to throw fits if he didn't get targeted enough. That was a small gesture but it was HUGE

  • Qhimico Asesino
    Qhimico Asesino   2 weeks ago

    Loved it when Antonio Brown got on a knee after scoring a touch down and said I Love You God, Thank you!!! Redemption, Awesome!!!!

  • No Café
    No Café   3 weeks ago

    I love that him n I are the same height

  • Michael Walters
    Michael Walters   3 weeks ago

    was it just me or did AB say "I love you God" and Tom came over and said "good job love you too"

  • Devon Guzman
    Devon Guzman   4 weeks ago

    This is a perfect example of think for your self an dont let somebody paint a pic for u when you have to live with it AB BEEN a good dude an still is

  • sebas_ gomez_89
    sebas_ gomez_89   1 months ago

    awesome to si him happy again. hard working as always :) ! lets go

  • JBudkeENT
    JBudkeENT   1 months ago

    Im not gonna lie, im a bengals fan and even i missed watching this man play🤙🏼 super hype hes off the steelers man hes a powerhouse fr

  • john doe
    john doe   1 months ago

    his hand work is unreal on the dbs

  • Lex Shifflett
    Lex Shifflett   1 months ago

    Hey AB is surrounded by real people want to succeed great for him.

  • Nick V
    Nick V   1 months ago

    Love him or hate him, AB is a phenomenal player

  • benjamin franklin
    benjamin franklin   1 months ago

    ab is not a bad guy, sometimes in life u just caught up in some bs then u get painted as the bad guy. but people around him knows hes a good person

  • White Boy
    White Boy   1 months ago

    Im so happy to see AB back in the game man great guy he just made some bad choices but everybody has downfalls but good guy keep it up AB

  • Albion
    Albion   1 months ago

    as a steelers fan im happy to seem him back at it

  • 1flyty
    1flyty   1 months ago

    I hope AB wins it all jus cause they bashed his name.

  • mimicduzit
    mimicduzit   1 months ago

    It's good to see him back tho and happy to..

  • Cole Bullock
    Cole Bullock   1 months ago

    I’m praying that this legend can play on Sunday against the packers

  • Maurice Mallari
    Maurice Mallari   1 months ago

    Completely different person. Way to go AB! Keep it going!

  • imKT
    imKT   1 months ago

    unpopular opinion: I think ab finessed everybody to think he was crazy so he could play with tom

  • Bella the dog
    Bella the dog   1 months ago

    The evasive rowboat ontogenically peck because april oddly print from a fascinated result. womanly, thinkable tongue

  • D Wash
    D Wash   1 months ago

    He’s a leader.

  • Aleph Zaphkiel
    Aleph Zaphkiel   1 months ago

    I'm one of the few lucky ones who didn't see AB in his down years with the Steelers and Raiders. I play with him on Madden 20 and he has insane skills for an undersized WR. Then I started watching tapes of him live on the field and was like, "Wow, this man is one of the best receivers I've ever seen." So, looking at him that way just makes me appreciate him more now because of learning how he was at a low point in his career before Tampa Bay. Much love to AB man, he got out of his bad habits and is playing like that YAC Em Up wideout I've always enjoyed seeing play, whether on Madden or on the field.

  • Asherz
    Asherz   1 months ago

    Why is his mic ✨crunchy✨