BFDIA 5a: Get in the Van

  • Published on: 02 January 2013
  • Recommend a character:

    Featuring voices provided by AnimationEpic (Nickel), Graham Taylor (Gelatin), Ice Cube's voice actor, and Needle's voice actor.

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license (
  • Runtime : 17:18
  • battle for dream island again bfdi bfdia cartoon competition walking yoyle mountain


  • val aha
    val aha   1 days ago

    10:38 has me dying 😭

  • Chris Pang
    Chris Pang   1 days ago

    Hcghggjyyghjhgujyudgjgdgdghe a ftfgfututdg the ginaninagannydoonydina

  • Davi Lucca
    Davi Lucca   2 days ago

    Mach is awsome no elimination please

  • Zayveon Smith
    Zayveon Smith   2 days ago

    I came out with an idea a ring with no limbs only flying the ring color blue

  • notm1ku
    notm1ku   2 days ago

    d 0 1 n0t l00k h4ppy t00 y0u?

  • event sux z'
    event sux z'   2 days ago

    speakers be like- hi :Dcontestants hi- hi : ' )also speaker box - hi donut you lookin yummy today

  • kirbycath vlog
    kirbycath vlog   2 days ago

    I don’t want music pencil again because they’re so stupid

  • Four BFB
    Four BFB   2 days ago

    the thumbnail kinda sus bro

  • Jan Llinas
    Jan Llinas   3 days ago

    I am Ruby because I did all the food

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson   4 days ago

    Guys, you can't vote for Match because she and Pencil are in an alliance! So why can't you vote for Golfball? She is the worst! But Match is the best one!

  • Jose Alfaro
    Jose Alfaro   4 days ago

    That's what pin desevers after bullying ice cube and book to stabbing the puffball box she got her limbs off

  • Kerry Cawley
    Kerry Cawley   5 days ago

    4:40 little did pencil know, she was listening to her scream.

  • Ian Nalty
    Ian Nalty   5 days ago


  • T00NZ
    T00NZ   1 weeks ago

    This is episode is just like inanimate insanity