BFDI 19: Rescission

  • Published on: 01 July 2011
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    Guys, you can only vote once! When we said, "Every vote counts", we did not mean you could vote more than once. If you try to vote multiple times, your extra votes will not count. All they will do is complicate the vote counting and make the results less accurate. I've even gone as far as to typing down every voter's name in alphabetical order to make sure no one votes twice!

    Yay, we thought that bringing in the new guy would be well received! Apparently not, so now we give you the voice to undo your decision! Have fun fun fun fun!

    Fun fact: This episode has the most deaths of any episode so far (107).
  • Runtime : 6:24
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition unicycle race


  • SugarPlumKris1
    SugarPlumKris1   1 days ago

    in the announcer 's diary . i found out announcer is a alien

  • RobThe EpicLegend
    RobThe EpicLegend   3 days ago

    9th Place: PencilI like her, but not that much. Pencil is funny

  • Isa Trujillo
    Isa Trujillo   4 days ago

    1st comment 9 years ago by @BenandMarcusInc said “3rd comment... yipee...”

  • C T
    C T   5 days ago


  • Lizardjojo D
    Lizardjojo D   6 days ago


  • Dashon Baker
    Dashon Baker   6 days ago

    Make a new BFDI character I want his name to be pizza

  • ShockedOwl
    ShockedOwl   1 weeks ago

    4:21 David.exe has stopped working

  • whitty balistic
    whitty balistic   1 weeks ago

    I vote spongy because he is SO FAT and davids model didn't change but its ok SPONGY SPONGY SPONGY SPONGY!!!!!!