Film Study: IS HELP COMING? Can Tyreek Hill be slowed down by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

  • Published on: 28 January 2021
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  • Runtime : 11:7
  • nfl football sunday night


  • zalgrade
    zalgrade   2 weeks ago

    Chiefs will never forget this beat down.

  • HopingForTheWeeknd
    HopingForTheWeeknd   2 weeks ago

    First off, Jamel Dean didn’t play against the Chiefs during the regular season due to being injured. Plus, he’s just as fast as Tyreek hill, who ran a 4.29 or 4.30 in the combine. So, I see Dean slowing down Tyreek preventing him from having that game he did during the regular season. Tyreek won’t be stopped, but slowed down enough to make some stops and bring a win for Tampa.

  • Tommy Thompson
    Tommy Thompson   3 weeks ago

    I am taking the Bucs moneyline on FD. Best of luck everyone. Enjoy the festivities.

  • Ted Lee
    Ted Lee   3 weeks ago

    No its not going to work😁😁🏈🏃😎👈

  • Ajf81096
    Ajf81096   3 weeks ago

    Bill Belichick silenced the Cheetah in the AFC Championship game in 2018. How, and why? Had a short, quick corner to track him all across the pitch with one extra safety helping most times. Finished the game with 1 catch, 40 something yards.Just gotta do the same. Bucs gonna be smart, they should let KC use the run game and stick to covering the receivers, just like Belichick as DC for the Giants shut out Jim Kelly and the Bills in the Super bowl.

  • James Cuffie
    James Cuffie   3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one seeing that the play against NO that you are calling Cover Two is not Cover Two? NO is in man. They doubled Kelce & Hill and played everyone else 1-on-1. 2 guys followed Kelce on his drag route on the opposite side of the field...

  • Casper L
    Casper L   3 weeks ago

    We need to force turnovers to win this game.

  • ih8gnos
    ih8gnos   3 weeks ago

    Share what your smoking

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho   3 weeks ago

    Only person able to stop Tyreek is Andy Reid. His playing calling last superbowl almost cost us. Reid get fancy in the "big games" n seems to out couch himself.....

  • Rickey Easter
    Rickey Easter   3 weeks ago

    They should do whatever belichick did vs the chiefs, because they rarely had big plays over the last few games

  • alfarabi73
    alfarabi73   4 weeks ago

    Terrell is one of the fastest corners in the league; Davis is not. Dean is one guy who can run with Hill on the Bucs, but he gambles too much and easily falls to double moves. I think you have to do the Belichick thing and double Hill on almost every play.

  • Carlos Alfonso Gonzalez

    will you do a breakdown of the Bucs front 7 vs the Chiefs O Line? Chiefs are kind of patched up at both Tackle positions. SB I whink will be won at the trenches. Then do the other way around so we can see your take on the Bucs O Line vs the Chiefs front 7. cheers!

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    I think you are a Tampa fan and I want you to analyze it as if something you say might affect the game. This is the Internet and who knows if someone like the parent or spouse of a player might get a flash of revelation from you.

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    Also, I special request a how people have sacked Patrick MaHomes this year. Who are the weak links?

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    More analysis of how to beat The Chiefs offense, please!

  • Stick Talk
    Stick Talk   4 weeks ago

    Chiefs fans so toxic they be talking shit like they are on the field playin

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    What was The Chiefs lowest score this year and why did it happen? Please keep evaluating it. I get so much out of watching your videos!

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    Tampa shut that one man down and The Chiefs didn't keep scoring and I add that they lost their offensive tackle AND VITA VEA IS BACK!

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    I love your analysis. To me, Tampa already figured out how to shut him down for half of the game and that was without Vita Vea. I would like analysis only of the game The Chiefs lost. It seems like stopping Hill stopped them from scoring almost entirely once Tampa succeeded at doing it? If I remember right he was the only receiver who scored. Seems to me that they rely too much on one person? Maybe 3 people. But they lost their left offensive tackle and Vita Vea is back.No matter what Mahomes and Brady are both afraid of injury. Mahomet is younger but he had a knee injury and a brain injury and he will be standing different because of turf toe. I think he will be sacked 5 or 6 times. I know that he us slippery but Vita Vea is back.

  • oceantracks
    oceantracks   4 weeks ago

    I do wish the Bucs would use more of the Patriots "trick" snap, etc. Sure worked in New England.

  • whoisjohngalt11
    whoisjohngalt11   4 weeks ago

    In man coverage, the defender always turns toward the man, that's a man-flip. When he turns to the inside toward the QB, that's a zone flip. Back to the ball is one of the down sides of man coverage.

  • oceantracks
    oceantracks   4 weeks ago

    Tampa has GOT to run the ball, and run it a LOT. That's how the Pats stayed in it when they beat KC in the AFC Championship game. They started out running and kept it up.

  • Adam
    Adam   4 weeks ago

    I think vita vea is gonna be the x factor. Chiefs get less tape on him this year and the superior pass rush has been winning the super bowl consistently for the past decade. The perfect patriots even lost because of the giants pass rush, timing is everything in the playoffs

  • Lo Bello
    Lo Bello   4 weeks ago

    I think they should follow the Falcons defensive gameplan. Our players are better then there's so we should be able to hold them from putting up 30 on us with the right game plan.

  • dhherion
    dhherion   4 weeks ago

    Double Hill, then put your best cover man on Kelce and then smack Kelce with a LB at the line of scrimmage before he releases, and PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE.

  • Jay Fernandez
    Jay Fernandez   4 weeks ago

    I had to stop watching because I just can't believe that you said that Mahomes was just throwing the ball away. At the 3:36 minute of the tape you said that. Mahomes has 0 pressure he's standing at say the 50 yard line by himself. 2 yards past the sticks is a (KC WR. can tell which one) but he is wide open and stays wide open the whole time. It's an easy first down. So please why on earth would you say you think he was throwing it away and that it was fine. He missed him a wide open WR for a first down plus. You are better then that.

  • Bofi
    Bofi   4 weeks ago

    Will you make a video analyzing the pro bowl game? XD

  • Bofi
    Bofi   4 weeks ago

    Could Jalen Ramsey lock up Hill?

  • Terie D
    Terie D   4 weeks ago

    Both sides will score and pressure will come in. The team who handles pressure will win. It’s anybody’s game.

  • M Maranta
    M Maranta   4 weeks ago

    Hill can be used as a decoy. They also have Kelse, Watkins and Hardman and RB ‘s, or Mahomes running

  • Are you seeing This comment

    With JPP and Shaq coming off the edge Mahomes can’t scramble as much which will cause him to step up in the pocket where Vita Vea and Devin white and Lavante will be waiting

  • Saviron Hipps
    Saviron Hipps   4 weeks ago

    The chiefs oline is beat up that will impact mahomes throwing that deep ball to hill. Having vita back will give them problems

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo   4 weeks ago

    Someone needs to take one for the team. Tired of hearing about Mahomey and Hill.

  • Andy Sanchez
    Andy Sanchez   4 weeks ago

    Yes they can....keep him in the sidelines

  • 2Keen To give a what
    2Keen To give a what   4 weeks ago

    Yes We can Vita didn't play in the 1st and Both Davis and Dean were hurt

  • Jayson SFL
    Jayson SFL   4 weeks ago

    this video literally shows how goated Tyreek Is

  • Gt Fo
    Gt Fo   4 weeks ago

    Lol these breakdown is everything these teams already know. That’s why they’re able to plan against other teams every week

  • Patrick Arrington
    Patrick Arrington   4 weeks ago

    The Chiefs will use a different route combination. The Bills were playing cover 2 and got gashed with RPOs and quick slants. That slows down the pass rush. And Watkins didn't play. It's going to be tougher with him and Kelce finding soft spots in the zones.

  • Josh wins
    Josh wins   4 weeks ago

    Gotta pressure with 4, thats the only chance. Like the bills game last week, can't let tyreek catch a 6 yard pass and take it for 50. Keep everything in front and take chances. If you havent watched the bucs, they will be aggressive and not scared. Oh, we are gonna make mistakes, but we have been living and dying like that all season. Todd bowels is a mastermind and you need to understand this. His blitz schemes and play designs are fantastic. Offensive will put up its usually 20ish points, but we can win if we can force a few mistakes, create short fields etc. Bucs 30 Chiefs 27. If they can't change schemes mid game and adjust, could be a Chiefs blowout, but that why they play the game.