Why Britain Sucks At Product Placement

  • Published on: 04 January 2016
  • Britain has some of the strongest product placement rules in the world - and it means YouTube vloggers have to declare their advertising before you click on the video. Why? And what did it mean for our version of The Price is Right?

    Thank you to Rob (http://twitter.com/readwriteerase) for stepping in as camera operator at the very last moment, despite the terrible weather and his being a bit ill!

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  • Runtime : 5:18
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  • Theishiopian
    Theishiopian   6 hours ago

    So that's why the yogscast is always joking about not saying brands.

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic   21 hours ago

    I thought ads between shows is normal as a break but ads INSIDE a show?Imagine watching peppa pig going to macdonalds and not just "a fast food"

  • Aniket Bhat
    Aniket Bhat   1 days ago

    "Or they were American, and didn't know or care about it". That explains so many things.

  • John Airey
    John Airey   1 days ago

    The BBC spends several minutes of every hour publicising its own programmes. It even used to publicise its own videos for sale.

  • mad ass
    mad ass   2 days ago

    Ads on tv while watching a movie makes it impossible, 7 minutes of ad for 15minutes of movie, it's all crap products.

  • Hettie Petra
    Hettie Petra   2 days ago

    This is what i want! I don’t want to be advertised to unless i know very specifically

  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me   3 days ago

    I need one of those deals with no adds

  • Loot Rat
    Loot Rat   4 days ago

    Hold up u guys barely have to watch ads!

  • Jonathan Höppner
    Jonathan Höppner   5 days ago

    it's so ironic that the movie series with the MOST PRODUCTPLACEMENTS is about a BRITISH agent😂

  • Alan Frank
    Alan Frank   5 days ago

    This video by Tom Scott sponsered by Tim's gas n' go, "please, help out your cousin Tim, Tom" (yes I invented a new character for Tom)

  • 1234Daan4321
    1234Daan4321   5 days ago

    This video was brought to you by....BANNED

  • Elise
    Elise   1 weeks ago

    In NZ, we don't have that many laws that we know of around advertisement (except tobacco ads) and they really need to be improved. We've recently been having quite a few ads around vaping and some around alcohol which just really aren't ok

  • Missouri Spartan
    Missouri Spartan   1 weeks ago

    The BBC is precisely why I won't own a television while living in Britain. I will stream content via services/YouTube on my personal devices and that's it.

  • Zoe Wells
    Zoe Wells   1 weeks ago

    The title is inaccurate. Product placement should be banned completely.

  • F star
    F star   1 weeks ago

    Why do umbrellas in UK suck ?

  • Professor Kitchen
    Professor Kitchen   1 weeks ago

    Brittain: "Nudity on TV??? Sure, no problem!!"Also Brittain: "You better blur out the Coke logo on that glass or we'll pull your show!!"

  • John Doe
    John Doe   1 weeks ago

    Wow, this was really informative about British advertising regulationsBrought to you by Carl's Jr

  • ffmfg
    ffmfg   1 weeks ago

    does saying "like and subscribe" or "my videos are open for product placement" makes any youtube video a self-ad then, that should be clearly marked as such for UK? :))

  • Jon Jessen
    Jon Jessen   1 weeks ago

    The whole world should follow the British standard. I believe that Denmark already does so as our TV regulations and history at nearly identical.

  • Dergun
    Dergun   1 weeks ago

    the only time I’ll ever hear tom call me darling

  • John Foley
    John Foley   2 weeks ago

    I imagine smoking L&Ms is a bit like inhaling a forest fire full of asbestos, am I close?

  • Awesome Aasim
    Awesome Aasim   2 weeks ago

    I just learned a while back that "covert advertising" is prohibited by the FTC in the United States. That is probably one reason why there is the checkbox labeled "My video contains paid promotion like a product placement or endorsement" in the United States.

  • Erik Arustamyan
    Erik Arustamyan   2 weeks ago

    What did they do for that Game of Thrones episode with the Starbucks cup?

  • Michael Inocente
    Michael Inocente   3 weeks ago

    Ha ha, there were a bunch of logos in the background of this video 🤣

  • Sean Bennington
    Sean Bennington   3 weeks ago

    Am I the only person here who doesn’t care about product placement? I really enjoyed this informative video, but every other comment is talking about how “superior” and “moral” the British way is. I’m not saying the British way is terrible, but it doesn’t seem accurate to call it better than any other one

  • tijmen131
    tijmen131   3 weeks ago

    So if a British tv channel wants to broadcast the greatest movie ever sold, do they have to cover up the whole movie? hm

  • Stuart Johnson
    Stuart Johnson   3 weeks ago

    How did Top Gear get away with saying car brands then..?

  • Volodymyr Volkov
    Volodymyr Volkov   3 weeks ago

    Do you want to say that Brits have real life AdBlock(tm)? How neat!

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson   3 weeks ago

    If you truly enjoy videos by Tom Scott then you should definitely eat at Burger King! Tom is the Burger King of videos 😎🍺🍔🇬🇧

  • Charlie Riley
    Charlie Riley   3 weeks ago

    why take a gcse in anything when you can just watch tom's videos?

  • Elias X
    Elias X   3 weeks ago

    Just the way it should be in every contry.