Jake Paul is CANCELLED

  • Published on: 21 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 21:37
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  • Adam
    Adam   4 hours ago

    I find it so annoying how Felix didnt get how Jeff’s style of humour is and how Jeff wanted to do the video 😂😂😂

  • Jack Vinzani
    Jack Vinzani   8 hours ago

    Imagine jake Paul trying to cancel penguinz0

  • Lau
    Lau   10 hours ago


  • Ayo Killua
    Ayo Killua   10 hours ago

    What a great time for Youtube algorith

  • Roshita Bernadett
    Roshita Bernadett   19 hours ago

    Anyone that can count how many times Jake Paul said the word 'like' is an intellectual.

  • Mr bad At zombies
    Mr bad At zombies   19 hours ago

    I love how it’s ok for Logan Paul to make fun of the ENTIRE Asian race but when some YouTuber makes fun of the act like five year olds

  • Ali Hope
    Ali Hope   20 hours ago

    the “crossing the line” was making fun of jake paul

  • Lmao The Totally Not A Terrorist Oh Yeh Yaeh

    2018:The War Has Been Going On For Years...2020:Happy war finishing sounds intensifies Finally...the war has been won"Jake Paul found by the FBI with rifles""Jake Paul found with a career ending injury"

  • Fricken
    Fricken   1 days ago

    hes canceling a bully while being a bully

  • Jacqueline Moran
    Jacqueline Moran   1 days ago

    Jake's against cyber bullying bc he's being cyber bullied 😂He's okay with bullying everyone around him IRL, though

  • Clayton Plays
    Clayton Plays   1 days ago

    Cody ko: giving comedy to make people laughJake Paul: being such a toddler “I dOn’T LiKe CyBeR BuLLyINg”Cody ko: “is he, joking?”😂😂😂

  • Clayton Plays
    Clayton Plays   1 days ago

    PewDiePie: “stop swearing!”PewDiePie: literally all his vidsPewDiePie: “this f*cking sh*t!!!”this is just a joke i love you😂

  • Rishabh Joshi
    Rishabh Joshi   1 days ago

    6:25 It's funny how pewds is reacting to Jake who is reacting to Cody who is reacting to Logan's song

  • RandomKidDoinStuff
    RandomKidDoinStuff   1 days ago

    imagine jake doing the same thing that he did to cody to pewdiepie

  • Jake Homer
    Jake Homer   2 days ago

    jake is trash, straight up archetype for a douchy high school bully, but logan alright in my book

  • Maddie Matthews
    Maddie Matthews   2 days ago

    when pewdiepie makes a video about some dumb blonde man everyone hates you know its bad

  • Jeremy Njau
    Jeremy Njau   3 days ago

    I wish Jake Went Face to Face With Keemstar It Would Be funny

  • Ela Jain
    Ela Jain   3 days ago

    i love watching other people poke fun of other people poking fun of other people who are poking fun of them

  • Katie MacMahon
    Katie MacMahon   3 days ago

    I literally can’t even watch jake paul’s videos because there so immature, hypocritical, and just straight up wrong. How jake was talking about “going over the line” and “ where does it end” like really man just shut the fuck up you indecisive bitch, like really don’t even bring up “going over the line” because you’ve don’t that so many fucking times it’s just to the point where people don’t even know why your still existent on the internet. Just don’t be a hypocrite and expect that you and your brother were getting called out on your shit by a mature adult.

  • Nobody important
    Nobody important   4 days ago

    i would rather wanna be called a cyber bully than a jake pauler

  • GuitarMusic
    GuitarMusic   4 days ago

    Jake Paul- "I challenge you to take your talent and spread positivity"Cody Ko- "well, that situation was awkward.. But I've already got a good idea for my next video on Jake Paul" lmao

  • Hasnain Hasnain
    Hasnain Hasnain   4 days ago

    Who's still watching in 2020 and laughing there butts off

  • Kate S
    Kate S   4 days ago

    pewds was making the most serous comment than i look to the right and a cat is fucking smoking a cigarette,i swear to god i fricken lost my mind

  • Krypto Gaming
    Krypto Gaming   5 days ago

    Lmao jokes on Jake after I watched that video I became a fav of Cody’s

  • Laura okay
    Laura okay   5 days ago

    love how pewdiepie laughs about all of codys jokes

  • It’s just Ahmed
    It’s just Ahmed   5 days ago

    I’d love to watch all the roasters in YouTube roast each other it will keep them busy in a circle roasting each other instead of other people

  • いじ
    いじ   6 days ago

    I hate Jason Nash but the fact that he's cackling over the whole situation is great

  • Krillin
    Krillin   6 days ago

    Jake paul literally makes me want to jump off my balcony.

  • IG memes4koolkiddies
    IG memes4koolkiddies   1 weeks ago

    Jake paul is stupid but tries to act smart and fails and looks stupider.