The Team's Most Compelling Evidence Of Bigfoot's Existence | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 20 March 2021
  • Ranae, Bobo, Cliff and Matt have travelled all around the world looking for proof of Bigfoot's existence. Take a look at some of the most amazing evidence they have gathered along the way!

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  • Runtime : 14:42
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  • Pandora’sBox
    Pandora’sBox   1 days ago

    Anything can be faked, but it’s fun to keep an open mind… you never know.

  • Mel
    Mel   1 days ago

    She is always different

  • Chairside M
    Chairside M   1 days ago

    So that's why we have legless pigs everywhere ! 🤣🤣🤣😵‍💫🥴😵

  • Chairside M
    Chairside M   1 days ago

    I need to quit my day job. Does squatchin pay decent?

  • Chairside M
    Chairside M   1 days ago

    This is rich... mice wrapped up in grass or whatever.... a MOUSE WRAP! Wonder if those are available at Panera?

  • Chairside M
    Chairside M   1 days ago

    They always only find 1.....1..... maybe 2 prints🤣, sure.... AND it's white!!! HO HO HA HA 🤣🤣🤣

  • thomas smith
    thomas smith   2 days ago

    i think bobo wants to mate with one. just the way he acts lol

  • Ghost
    Ghost   4 days ago

    “Because that’s what Sasquatch’s do!”Ah yea, so you’ve observed them acting out this behavior? No? Oh that’s right. Ya havent.

  • Princess
    Princess   5 days ago

    why does not one of them experts have credible photos? How do they know exactly what or how they act ? bobo has no visible encounters or ranae or cliff?! matt supposedly had one while in law school but, how does he know what squatches want/need/look for/eat/ or look like?!

  • Jay876
    Jay876   6 days ago

    This is best to watch when drunk, I can’t stop laughing lmao

  • AJM patriot
    AJM patriot   1 weeks ago

    Why is that young dude with the black shirt even on their team? He just bogarts everything

  • Greta Leukert
    Greta Leukert   1 weeks ago

    I live on five acres. I don't understand how I wouldn't see these creatures when I have herds of deer and flocks of turkeys traveling through my yard on a regular basis. Not to mention tree frogs, spiders, armadillos, raccoons, and coyotes. Just because an area has a lot of woods and wildlife doesn't mean specific creatures "have to" live there.

  • keto custom diets
    keto custom diets   1 weeks ago

    type this into youtube - The Māori Bigfoot: New Zealand's Violent Mountain Creature | Boogeymen | Shiver - go here if you want to see bigfoot footprints and a bigfoot. Leave cameras in the trees high like 40 ft high on wifi and check into them frequently to see the activity.

  • Bidwellz9
    Bidwellz9   1 weeks ago

    when these people say things like "thats what a bigfoot does" i cant help but dont know what they do lol if they do anything at all lmao

  • michael paulissen
    michael paulissen   1 weeks ago

    DNA would absolutely be very easy to extract from 2 day old casts. Odd that was not be brought up.

  • James Dennis
    James Dennis   1 weeks ago

    Cmon man that’s a Viking with a bear suit not really I lied

  • Salvage Monster
    Salvage Monster   1 weeks ago

    It is sad looking back and realizing that Cliff Was a School Teacher. Yes a man who talks about a fictional creature and attributes behaviors and habits to something that has never ever been observed and studied.

    FRANKANDSTERN   2 weeks ago

    8:04. I dont know how the skeptic woman can stand being around so much dumb opinion. Did you hear what he said? BUDDY, if the animal is THE SAME ANIMAL, the damn cast would be the same. Dah. All of the casts this guy was showing were different. Dude, why this would make someone think this increases the odds of them being authentic instead of the opposite is baffling. Also why wouldnt he think the dead pigs with broken off limbs , in the gator field were automatically caused by a Sasquatch instead of the gators themselves? Two questions. Is this guy the team idiot? And, is this show set up to make the woman always be the rational one for some sort of political or marketing motive? Make it three questions. Is mankind just simply devolving into stupidity and further and further away from critical thought?

  • JohnMichael12
    JohnMichael12   2 weeks ago

    why not look for the lady with the camera taking pic's!!!!!

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson   2 weeks ago

    Forget sotsgash, Godzilla lives and he is heading to the U.S..he don't run and hide.

  • Ohio Fishing Extreme
    Ohio Fishing Extreme   2 weeks ago

    Aaaaaaaahhhhh bullcrap the name of this show should be called finding bullshit.

  • Bobby Bingle
    Bobby Bingle   2 weeks ago

    This is my favourite comedy show.🤣🤣

  • Justin Krann
    Justin Krann   2 weeks ago

    Its 2022... they don't exist or we would know. We know about different galaxies, fish on the bottom of the ocean. People wake up.

  • D M
    D M   2 weeks ago

    A nice job if you can get it. , If these clowns start chasing this hoax instead of making casts , no wonder the things gets miles and miles away , these calls are a choke as is knocking on trees. No living animal in the world would stay in the area

  • ebnftl
    ebnftl   2 weeks ago

    Nope, no Bigfoots.

  • L prophit
    L prophit   2 weeks ago

    so he taped the print but not the creature... bullcrap

  • ScagSwag21
    ScagSwag21   2 weeks ago

    And I believe it was an alligator because they're a real animal 🤣

  • Lord Frazer Irwin
    Lord Frazer Irwin   2 weeks ago

    It's like photographs of the Loch Ness Monster. Never clear enough to say it/they really exist.