What If Intelligence Re-Emerges?

  • Published on: 30 July 2021
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    Astronomers are on a quest to search for life in the Universe. Two different pathways lay ahead for this hunt, biosignatures and technosignatures. Today, we discuss the arguments for and against each and consider that intelligence could be a far more persistent phenomenon that we might naively think - with important consequences for astronomers...

    Written and presented by Prof David Kipping of Columbia University

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    00:00 Prologue
    01:40 The Search for Life
    06:22 Sponsorship
    07:14 Biosignatures Versus Technosignatures
    11:44 Intelligence Persistence
    25:07 Outro and credits

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  • Cool Worlds
    Cool Worlds   1 months ago

    Thanks so much for watching everybody, and thanks to our sponsor - head to www.Brilliant.org/CoolWorlds to learn more! Let me know down below whether you think intelligence could persist and whether NASA should fly a technosignature mission?

  • chef sam
    chef sam   8 hours ago

    It's unlikely to re emerge here.

  • H.R. HufnStuf
    H.R. HufnStuf   10 hours ago

    I just watched most of this with my router complete unplugged, my pc is the next intelligence confirmed

  • PhilosophyForum
    PhilosophyForum   12 hours ago

    Deep space telescopes are really cool, because they show the glory of the Lord our God.

  • Green Nights
    Green Nights   16 hours ago

    it's not fair, it doesn't matter what he says, I have to believe what he says with such pleasant voice, that is not playing fair ... lol

  • robinx Wallie
    robinx Wallie   17 hours ago

    You know I really have no problem to follow you and understand you, because I am Dutch you would think it's a struggle. But it's not, thank you for that

  • Branislav Konjevic
    Branislav Konjevic   19 hours ago

    In my opinion, intelligence is indestructible after it arises, like life itself. But, I think that intelligence is much less common than life. Sure - there is a possibility of technological civilization colonizing neighboring star systems - it would be wise to invest in detecting a technosignature.

  • Wakkad Sound
    Wakkad Sound   20 hours ago

    There will always be bio signatures unless it's planet of the transformers.

  • Tony Duncan
    Tony Duncan   21 hours ago

    Re-emerge? First it has to emerge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEle_DLDg9Y Nevertheless, I find your writing spiritually uplifting. Thanks.

  • philip norris
    philip norris   1 days ago

    To me, there are primarily only 2 among the many, many different "scientific" you tubers, and especially where space is concerned that truly treat viewers with utmost respect, do not "dumb" down things to insult people, nor make things too complicated so that everyone interested can pretty much follow and be educated by them. Dr. Kipping is one and Dr. Becky Smethhurst being the other. BOTH are great educators and show passion and excitement for their fields, which allows us to not just "feel" that excitement and passion but to somehow be inspired by it to learn more. BOTH seem humble and doing this not to "prove" themselves or their ideologies but to offer what they know and what is going on in their fields to inspire others to follow after them and to build off what is here now AND that quality is found in great educators all the way pack to Socrates and Plato. IF I were still young (I'm 54 now, old enough to be their father) these 2 would inspire me to go to college and to get into the field. I find it absolutely selfless and amazing that 2 such passionate, intelligent and caring people share their knowledge so freely with the masses.IF only, when I had gone to college many moons ago, I had had such professors, I may have graduated and cared more about being there.

  • Surfing Sub
    Surfing Sub   1 days ago

    With the huge change in intelligence in just the past 50 years vs. the past couple thousand years of mankind, I doubt anything we do today will be more than a small blip of remembrance in history. In another two hundred years the world will be so vastly different in terms of technical intelligence. If we were able to see it my guess is it would be an even larger gap than today vs. horse and buggy days.

  • Surfing Sub
    Surfing Sub   1 days ago

    Based on the Title alone I thought this was a political video about the Joe Biden administration leaving office.

  • velcroman11
    velcroman11   1 days ago

    If intelligence re-emerges, we can use GOP, Trump and his lawyers to wipe it out before it can do the rest of us any good.

  • Fugg Uhber
    Fugg Uhber   1 days ago

    NOT in the U.S.A. Too stupid here.

  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green   1 days ago

    The essential problem is we evolved technology too fast. We still have the morality of a badger with planet eliminating weapons. It will be hard to find concurrent tech civilisations.

  • figu7716
    figu7716   1 days ago

    This question presupposes that intelligence has already emerged and I see no evidence of this.

  • Holed Plot
    Holed Plot   1 days ago

    I think that missions like that would only happen after our first positive technosignatures got detected. I mean, even Columbus had a better argument than "It can exists something out there, somewhere". C'mon.

  • Patrick Black
    Patrick Black   2 days ago

    Not convinced we are changing the environment in a negative way. Not all change is undesirable.

  • Michael Proctor
    Michael Proctor   2 days ago

    I admire the the cause, and the ambition. You’re missing the point however. Biosignatures allow for debate yeah, techonsignatures give real indication possibly. But the goal is not to prove intelligence. That may forever be impossible definitively. The goal is to open up the possibility. The search for intelligence is not going to happen/conclude in our lifetime, maybe not our children’s either, but it has to gain ground consistently and that happens when you cast the widest net with the most efficient method, bio is the way to go so that next time around we can push a little bit further. Et cetera …

  • E W
    E W   2 days ago

    It happens very very slowly so there will be plenty of time to cope with a competitive intelligence, be that crushing or cooperating

  • Allilujah
    Allilujah   2 days ago

    I wonder if technosignatures observed are that of the technology, or its feffects. For instance, often people woner how Giza was made, and wild theories have been produced. we dont know. what we do know. that pyrimid is there. we know they had something to build it. personally I fel the odds of us getting past a dyson swarm is unlikely, but i wonder if it would be noticable, a run down swarm, past extinct, releasing a small ammoount of infrared. sorry for my spelling, jsut woke up and my systems still booting. thanks for yuor videos, this is one of my favroite channels

  • baba7231
    baba7231   3 days ago

    This was a really deep rabit hole. To be honest we can guess all we want but will only know once we find another intelligence on an exo planet

  • Elf Brownie
    Elf Brownie   3 days ago

    In an alternate universe your channel name is world's cool

  • NxTLfe Nei
    NxTLfe Nei   3 days ago

    I just read the title and had a good chuckle thinking "I wish"

  • James Reid
    James Reid   3 days ago

    It’s not inconceivable, that a society 1,000 years or even 200 ahead technologically of earth would have minimal heat signatures etc…because they would have been forced to reverse engineer the damage that led to them becoming a type 1 Society???Maybe a really advanced society would be like the Nox in Stargate? We could be looking in all the wrong places? What if a super advanced civilisation didn’t take technical route but developed their minds so they had telepathy/psychokinesis etc. We are using technology… but what if that could be circumvented or an advanced post technological society?

  • Al Chang
    Al Chang   3 days ago

    I heard "photosynthesynthesis" at 0:51 and decided not to continue watching the video made by this dyslexic.

  • Rez Kane
    Rez Kane   3 days ago

    Now just imagine for a second that the dinosaurs roamed the Earth for tens of millions of years before their extinction and it took our species less than half that time to evolve into what we are today, what if during the time the dinosaurs roamed the Earth an intelligent reptile species emerged, one of two scenarios could have happened...1. The species in question evolved into an intelligent species moments before the meteor impact, and when i say moments i mean a couple thousand years, not enough time for them to make a significant impact on the planet that would be considered as a techno signature, and so they died out along with the dinosaurs, their numbers weren't more than tens of thousands and they did not spread around the globe but rather stayed in the same area, like we did for thousands of years.2. In this scenario they evolved much earlier than in the first one, allowing them to spread around the globe and their numbers reaching millions, but, they did not leave any easily detectable evidence of their existence, after all it has been 65 million years since they disappeared from the planet and a lot could've been lost. In this scenario it is possible they saw the asteroid coming and tried to come up with plans to avoid their eventual extinction, one such solution could be that they evolved technologically very different from us, a kind of technology that isn't easily traceable, rather than splitting the atom and turning this discovery into weapons of mass destruction, they took a different unknown path to us, say they developed portals that took them to other regions of space since they determined it wasn't worth it spending so many resources and time they did not have trying to deflect such a massive object but rather decided to continue somewhere else... somewhere they wouldn't have to rebuild the entire planet.Sure scenario 1 realistically makes more sense if we're talking about intelligence emerging time and time again on the planet, but really, just think about it, what if there have been other intelligent species to roam the planet, what might have they been like, what might have they become?

  • Claude Hall
    Claude Hall   3 days ago

    If there are any civilizations that are more advanced than us especially ones that can colonize multiple planets odds are their world will give off little to no techonsignatures because most signatures would be wasted energy. If our experience with technology has proven anything it is wasted energy "heat, radio waves, pollution etc." limit efficiency and hold back our technological progress. I hypothesize that we would not be able to discern an advanced civilization from a void planet

  • Rainbow Traveller
    Rainbow Traveller   3 days ago

    There might be different biological life in this universe and if there would be any intelligent life they would probably develope similar technology like us because this universe is governed by same laws of physics .

  • Michael O
    Michael O   3 days ago

    This is not even considering that intelligence (whether bio, computer, or otherwise) will have the possibility of artificially extending the life time of the Earth through solar shading, some sort of planetary force field, or just by 'simply' moving the Earth to a more distant orbit. We should be looking for ALL signatures so, I certainly support a techno-signature mission.

  • Spartaculus Jones
    Spartaculus Jones   3 days ago

    I'm all for mechanical intelligence. Protoplasmic intelligence is a complete cluster f...k.

  • ninny65
    ninny65   4 days ago

    Actually, we were the reemergence of intelligence.Dolphins, Orcas and Whales achieved intelligence and sentience before us, due to the higher metabolic needs large brained marine-life needs to survive.Yes, the Cetaceans haven't built a brick and mortar civilization like us but you have to remember these are sea creatures and have no thumbs or any real need to build things to survive - because they're sea creatures.The Pod and the Family is cherished in the Cetacean world, thousands of years of thought and philosophy have roamed in the minds of the whales, dolphins and Orcas throughout their lives and generations, we merely need to listen.

  • Darren DeLuca
    Darren DeLuca   4 days ago

    Wouldn't it be much easier to find a technosignature? I mean, if you happen to notice a star with a Dyson Swarm around it... bingo. The presence of liquid water and O2 doesn't necessarily mean life.

  • j2ealish
    j2ealish   4 days ago

    Every organism on this planet are fish in a barrel even by our own military capabilities. To purposely advertise our existence, in the search for another dominant species, is maybe the stupidest thing I've witnessed "intelligent" people do.

  • Simon Carr
    Simon Carr   5 days ago

    Do you think new life still evolves today on earth? Given we have the most suitable environment for life in the Universe (that we know of today), surely looking for life evolving multiple times on earth, is the best evidence for it happening elsewhere in the universe.

  • Marcoaurelio Almenara Rodrigues

    Given the wokeness of our current society, I doubt that it will persist. Few people have the knowledge, and today these people lack the courage to stand against enemys. Societies fall mostly because of wars not because climate crises. In case of climate crises, the more complex the society is the higher the probability to colapse!