NFL Divisional Round Mic'd Up, "Lets do something special they're already counting us out!"

  • Published on: 16 January 2020
  • NFL Divisional Round Mic'd Up | Game Day All Access

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  • Runtime : 28:39
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  • TIden Lynn
    TIden Lynn   1 days ago

    When you realize that George Kittle has the worst haircut in the entirety of the world

  • Cryptic_ Slayer
    Cryptic_ Slayer   2 weeks ago

    49ers in the regular season: I just ran everbody over wanna see me do it againAfter vikings: wanna see me do it again After packers: well we can just run over everybody so I think we should do it againSuperbowl time: you know what I think imma try passing the whole game see where that goes

  • Qtime Boi
    Qtime Boi   2 weeks ago

    Is anybody gonna talk about that ref running over Mike Vrabel

    TDRYAN   2 weeks ago

    As a Seahawks fan all I have to say is “SMH” just made too many mistakes that cost us big.

    TDRYAN   2 weeks ago

    I like how everyone including myself thought the Ravens were gonna blow the titans out, and then the Titans scored over double what the Ravens scored.

  • Shaggy -
    Shaggy -   3 weeks ago

    Mike verbal is a pretty good coach

  • DemLemons
    DemLemons   3 weeks ago

    When the ref dapped up d hop that was so clean

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy   1 months ago

    When my cousin try’s to dunk over me 22:54

  • Wilson Junio
    Wilson Junio   1 months ago

    "I want a least 50"Mahomes: Say nothing more

  • Tsunami persons
    Tsunami persons   1 months ago

    I’m a Texan fan I don’t know why I punish myself

  • Evan13
    Evan13   1 months ago

    Look at 97 he mad😂 18:30

  • Myron McClain
    Myron McClain   1 months ago

    I can’t watch that my eyes are tearing up as a ravens fan😭😔

  • Kaduku
    Kaduku   1 months ago

    19:56 To talk to someone like Marshawn staring you down like that is probably super intimidating and uncomfortable lol

  • Dustin Duncan
    Dustin Duncan   1 months ago

    What I want to know is, at the 4 minute mark, Hopkins was yelling an he held me.. where tf he get held at? 😂

  • DeezR Bonards
    DeezR Bonards   1 months ago

    None of these announcers quite compare to that one in Tennessee’s ‘Touchdown Titans’

  • Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim   1 months ago

    Kelce is such a beast and a colossal mismatch for any defender. Pretty crazy, man.

  • leonardo lenz
    leonardo lenz   1 months ago

    Imagine being the titans HC and recive that tackle 22:56

  • 16
    16   1 months ago

    25:12 Lamar throwing dimes as usual

  • Logan Durbin
    Logan Durbin   2 months ago

    Never give Kittle your hat. He will throw it in the stands.

  • Jameson Simon
    Jameson Simon   2 months ago

    He said we shut up when we dont turn around but he forgot that they not at their home feild and its arrowhead loudest stadium

  • B V
    B V   2 months ago

    The Texans game is a prime example of why the chiefs will shred every defense in single man to man coverage

  • SkaR
    SkaR   2 months ago

    The titans didn’t beat a good team in that season 😂it was all shitters who they beat

  • Michael _te87
    Michael _te87   2 months ago

    0:41 he’s like “they holding me ALREADY” before the game even starts. 😂

  • Adrian Landess
    Adrian Landess   2 months ago

    If the hawks would've taken that the first half at the end of the second they'd have won fs

  • Logan
    Logan   2 months ago

    0:36 when you see your dealer in public and don't know what to say

  • andrew Cox
    andrew Cox   2 months ago

    Stop walking with your heads down