Deep Passes, One Handed Catches & General Playoff Wizardry | Tom Brady Highlights

  • Published on: 26 January 2021
  • Watch Bucs quarterback Tom Brady's best plays from the NFL 2020 postseason.
    #TampaBayBuccaneers #Bucs #NFL

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  • Runtime : 2:15
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe   3 weeks ago

    TB12 doing roll out passes is funny he just keeps adding to his moves list he keeps getting better

  • Unseatedz
    Unseatedz   3 weeks ago

    Imagine if we didn’t had Tom Brady

  • Oscar
    Oscar   4 weeks ago

    NFL GOAT for sure and potentially in all sports. If he wins the SB, all GOAT discussions should be prohibited

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear Minimum   4 weeks ago

    Brady's passes are just so silky smooth, beautiful beautiful throws.

  • E Kim
    E Kim   4 weeks ago

    Nobody on offense went to New England to be coached by Bill Belichick. They went there to play with Tom Brady.Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a chance in the Super Bowl? Yes, I never count out or bet against Tom Brady, track record says so.

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis   4 weeks ago

    Scotty is so underrated. Hes small but very fast and i havent seen him drop a catchable pass yet. He has a bright future

  • JC Dollaz
    JC Dollaz   4 weeks ago

    0:52 The play that changed playoffs for us

  • Lanzo Lukepas
    Lanzo Lukepas   4 weeks ago

    Coach spags: hello again tommy👋Chris Jones: coach ima get himBrady: 😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Vincent Wright
    Vincent Wright   4 weeks ago

    I don’t think the Bucs need brown with Miller and Johnson on the roster

  • DSGCarlos
    DSGCarlos   4 weeks ago

    I just love whenever brady just decides to float the ball in the ball it’s always beautiful

  • Tempus Optic
    Tempus Optic   4 weeks ago

    Fun fact: Patrick Mahomes was in 1st grade when Tom Brady won his first super bowl.

  • Ethan Woodward
    Ethan Woodward   4 weeks ago

    but we still in the playoffs why they postin highlights

  • Meridias Watchtower
    Meridias Watchtower   4 weeks ago

    Let's not forget that his completion percentage wasn't great due to a crazy amount of drops. There were two interceptions that weren't his fault in the Packers game. One tipped off the receiver's hands and the other he was being dragged down from behind as he launched it.

  • Joshua Andino
    Joshua Andino   4 weeks ago

    kansas city basically is the final boss figth for tampa😃😃 is gonna be good may the greatest win

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B   4 weeks ago

    The happiest thing that happened this championship run is that analysts have always called Tom The GOAT but have always said that Rodgers and Brees were better and that Tom wouldn't have done as well in the other league and this championship literally silenced every criticism EXCEPT whether Mahomes will end up an even bigger GOAT eventually. If Tom wins, he will have silenced every single voice in one championship run. No more talk of it just being Bill B. No more talk of him being in the easiest conference. No more talk about Brees or Rodgers being superior. Just one more voice to silence. Tom Brady - silence that last voice and you get permanent GOAT status no matter how many Super Bowls Mahomes gets to.

  • Yogesh Patel
    Yogesh Patel   4 weeks ago

    We only winning if our defense carries like they have been the past 2 games...we aren’t out scoring chiefs offense unless we slow them down

  • jack woods
    jack woods   4 weeks ago

    Brady went on the ROAD to Lambeau and basically put the game away playing SUPERB in the FIRST half...He put the Packers in a Big hole and they spent rest of game trying to dig out of it...That pass play at END of first half was crucial and a DIME....Defense did the rest in 2nd half...

  • Jacob Q.
    Jacob Q.   4 weeks ago

    The deep ball has been great this postseason, but also problematic. we need to be a bit more careful on the deep passes.

  • J B
    J B   4 weeks ago

    I like eggs🥴

  • Sergio Jokanov
    Sergio Jokanov   4 weeks ago

    Brady is impressive. He hasn't been perfect in these playoffs, but he's made the important passes expected from him and has led this team along with the defense to the Super Bowl. Good job!

  • basic breakfast
    basic breakfast   4 weeks ago

    New Englander here. LOVE it! Every Bucs fan needs to personally thank Bill B for what you have right now 😂 Tom is the chosen one, bank on him winning his 7th on 2/7. The 2 is for his 2nd team/ you can figure out the rest

  • Big Blue Giant 2122
    Big Blue Giant 2122   4 weeks ago

    Bruh the Bucs could really use Tevita Tuliʻakiʻono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau Vea he’s awesome and creates double teams that allow shaq Barrett and JPP to edge rush

  • Fuse 3
    Fuse 3   4 weeks ago

    Tom is the 🐐 no question what so ever