• Published on: 15 October 2020
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  • Runtime : 27:52
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  • Vikkstar123
    Vikkstar123   1 weeks ago

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  • MarkVlogs
    MarkVlogs   25 seconds ago

    17:48 JJ looks legit scared 😂

  • Dylan Provencher
    Dylan Provencher   6 hours ago

    whyd he end it like that? This video could of been so much more.

  • clockoff94
    clockoff94   7 hours ago

    0-44 JJs face lolll7-50 bruh how many cgannels Vik got? 7-58 LOL ITSDAX9-05 oh he has all sdmn plaques17-05 loll

  • Jake Val
    Jake Val   7 hours ago

    Do UK people not know to use milk in scrambled eggs? Makes them more fluffy when done

  • elitelemonlime
    elitelemonlime   7 hours ago

    😂😂😂 “not as good as my diamond plaques “- KSI

  • Joe P
    Joe P   7 hours ago

    This is fantastic. I think more youtubers should do this.

  • Aquila Fifita
    Aquila Fifita   9 hours ago

    If u came here from jjs recent reddit vid to see the amount of ad rev this guys got then ur a g

  • Jack Jr360
    Jack Jr360   10 hours ago

    from being a bully, to being called Master, to becoming a slave.thats KSI...

  • Lewis Robb
    Lewis Robb   10 hours ago

    5:41 behind his head above rag lol

  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam   10 hours ago

    This is literally jj's video. When he is doing a task vik asked him to do, it's from jj's pov. Jj's in it longer than vik. Like wth.

  • Officialmontii
    Officialmontii   11 hours ago

    Vik is sooooo pureeee... mans so forgiving LMAOO

  • Henrik Bjørnstad
    Henrik Bjørnstad   12 hours ago

    Get some carpets Vikk, haha.. Your appartement sounds like a hotel

  • Wolfen The Gamer
    Wolfen The Gamer   12 hours ago

    The cleaning part is when you make rich people clean. 😂

  • Sadia Begum
    Sadia Begum   12 hours ago

    I love how he got rude when he didn’t mop the right place 🤣

  • Man Mohan Reddy
    Man Mohan Reddy   12 hours ago

    Which part of india are you from or your parents are from?

  • Max Cogger
    Max Cogger   13 hours ago

    Why does Vik look like he’s wearing them comedy joke glasses with the fake nose and eyebrows attached

  • Geo
    Geo   14 hours ago

    Video would’ve been so much funnier if after KSI was done and left he knocked back on the door and when Vic answered he slapped him

  • Soheib grabsi
    Soheib grabsi   15 hours ago

    This video was pretty cool, and I used to hate ksi.

  • Hazza
    Hazza   15 hours ago

    JJ got flashbacks after this