Trope Talk: Dragons

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
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    Dragons! They're big, they're scaly, they're legendary! But how deep does the wyrmhole go?

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  • Runtime : 17:57
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  • Adam Branch
    Adam Branch   1 minuts ago

    The timing is perfect, I've been thinking of dragons since yesterday.

  • Joe Alexander
    Joe Alexander   17 minuts ago

    In relation to Tolkein's take on dragons and the attribute categories you described, i suggest comparing the idealist and mechanical role grigori the red dragon from Capcom's 'Dragon's dogma' plays in the story of the "true end" path.Arguably, the only true dragon in RPGs that year.

  • Raven Blade Kitty
    Raven Blade Kitty   49 minuts ago

    The fact that dragons are from almost EVERY culture is so interesting! Especially Wales, considering they slapped that bad boy on their flag. Honestly, I would love to see you guys cover the Y Ddraig Goch story, because I am having a really hard time trying to understand the mythos because of the many variations, and you have great scholarly research skills. Love your videos as always!

  • Malthanis
    Malthanis   1 hours ago

    11:57 No, please, keep going.

  • spacegoat
    spacegoat   1 hours ago

    I enjoy all your videos, but this is one of my favorite so far. In addition to top marks for your superior grasp of the subject (I mean, damn), you also get an A for correct pronunciation, upgraded to an A+ for clear pronunciation with great alacrity. Also, your drawings are rad.

  • Bente Huizer
    Bente Huizer   1 hours ago

    Dragons are without a doubt the best creatures, mythical or otherwise, in the entire multiverse. (Fight me!)

  • Doris Ryan
    Doris Ryan   1 hours ago

    Darth Vader is my favorite Drag- wait wrong dragon.

  • Kaitensatsuma
    Kaitensatsuma   1 hours ago

    14:11 - I feel like we had a missed opportunity to include My Little Ponies here

  • Alterego912
    Alterego912   1 hours ago

    You mentioned humanoid dragons but don't give Jake Long a cameo? Missed opportunity.

  • lilychanx
    lilychanx   1 hours ago

    "drag-on, not lizard. i don't do that tongue thing."

  • Jingli Yuan
    Jingli Yuan   1 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what manga this is? 9:08

  • Neon Pink Queen
    Neon Pink Queen   2 hours ago

    This made me miss a book I had when I was younger. It had all these stories about dragons and I think a pop up book too. I loved it

  • inotaishu1
    inotaishu1   2 hours ago

    Wow, that folklore section of the videos was one of the worst I've ever seen. To somehow "proof" that dragons are universal she classifies all sorts of snakes and monsters as dragons and even then she doesn't really back up her claims and ignores huge parts of Africa, Asia and the entirety of North America. Calling every giant snake out there a dragon is just wrong. And while I don't expect her to know anything about the wealth providing and punishing dragons of Central Europe, I would have at least expected her to be aware of the many examples that treat dragons as wild and dangerous animals not as evil incarnate. Then again, when she says Western Europe, apparently all she refers to are the British Isles and damn the rest. But even that is not as bad as her information on Chinese dragons. They are not fundamentally good, in fact their personalities are even more diverse than that of their European counterparts. What she presented there are at best what Qiguang Zhao referred to as the dragons of Myth and Folkreligion in China. But the dragons of folktales are missing completely here. Not surprising because they discredit her statements, or maybe she doesn't know, which is not surprising. The "all good" dragons are those of Myth, but they are so removed from ordinary humans that they never interact with them. Humans more commonly interact with the dragons of folkreligion. Those are the dragon kings, who rule over bodies of water, and while they are generally good natured, they can also be foolish, arrogant, mischevous or even uncaring. Pu Songling's collections of stories shows some of those dragons who make rain or demand more and more offerings. The book also has a dragon rampaging through a house or dragons hibernating in books and peoples' eye sockets. And here we come to the dragons of folktales, those are often just as nasty as the way she describes European dragons here, they can even guard treasures. In one of my folktale books with chinese tales, half of the dragon tales are dragon slayer stories and they have straight up evil dragons. Whatever research she and her team did there was severely flawed and only perpetuated common stereotypes.

  • C BB
    C BB   3 hours ago

    god i NEEDED this for my story! and this makes so much more sense as to what a dragon is ^-^

  • Pan Limak
    Pan Limak   3 hours ago

    I request an episode on ChimerasAs the episode points out, most mythological creatures are chimeras of a couple of animals joined into one image. It shows that imagination doesn't create new things, it mixes things we know about. We arrived at modern fantasy by mixing chimeras of chimeras of chimeras together, and the very first of them were lions with people's heads and chickens with snake tails.

  • Foxx Clawz
    Foxx Clawz   3 hours ago

    i just realized that the fade on the fire is greenscreened incorrectly.

  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards   3 hours ago

    Y’all should do a trope talk on the Fighting spirit/Heroic resolve trope.

  • Richard MacLeod
    Richard MacLeod   3 hours ago

    This is the first time I've heard Jormungandr, the Hydra, or the Mesopotamian gods mentioned, referred to as Dragons. In fact the only serpents I've seen labeled Dragon come from Asia.

  • Marlie
    Marlie   3 hours ago

    Me just sitting here waiting for Nyami Nyami to be mentioned. It’s fine, I’m fine.

  • Josha Curlie
    Josha Curlie   3 hours ago


  • Gy’nnairean Republic

    Dragon is a combination between a spider and a snake 0 legs and 8 legs compromise into 4 legs.

  • Artful_AliCat
    Artful_AliCat   4 hours ago

    So you’re telling me Dragons are essentially the protist class of fantastical creatures?

  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin   4 hours ago

    "We can't organize these dragons on a cladogram and figure out which traits developed when."Me, a bio major and mythology enthusiast: Maybe... you can't...

  • bodoy euir
    bodoy euir   4 hours ago

    with the dragon because, and I quote: "We shall never be parted again!" And you end up with a Dragon/Ice/Light Goddess. Weird concept, but really cool fight, tbh.

  • Emma Red
    Emma Red   4 hours ago

    I mean the reason why so many things are classified as dragons in english is because english language only has that one word. Since eastern Europe wasn't mentioned in the video (shame, dragons are quite important in the mythology):Zmaj (literal translation for dragon) - has human form, can change shape and has wings, often hidden, creature of the sun and hates water, often considered a noble creatureAla- enemy of zmaj, associated with storms and the dead, can fly, more snake-like, always hungry and evil, can grow so large that while it rips trees with it's tail the head is lost in the clouds and if you see it you will go madAždaja- associated with water, shoots blue fire, cannot fly though this isn't always true, rarely has two heads but more often it's 3 or 7 or 9, like to take young girls as food/company and killing it is the ultimate hero move that gets you the kingdom and all that which is why it shows up as the antagonists in fairytales, also it often tries (and sometimes manages if there is more than one) to eat the sunAll of these can originate from a snake once it reaches a certain ageThere are many lakes/rivers/swamps you can visit that supposedly had an aždaja living in itExact characteristics vary between regions but these are some general descriptions

  • lyn northcutt
    lyn northcutt   4 hours ago

    as a dnd nerd I love the idea of:basements and basilisksmineshafts and manticoresgorges and griffonstreasures and tarasquesand any other dnd punsand I'm headed to a meet in a week so imma use thesethanks

  • lyn northcutt
    lyn northcutt   4 hours ago

    fafnir?quetzalcoatl?I just got huge Dragon Maid vibes

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito   4 hours ago

    Behemoth has nothing in common with dragons except for size and tail. Did you know leviathan eats and plays? It's in Psalm 104. And it throws flames from its mouth. It's in Job 41..5:24 it's really not pointless. It determines what qualifies as a dragon..14:28 this is what makes the word dragon meaningless. And what leads dragons to be so different that things that are nowhere near similar to what people understand as dragon be dragons. As well, what is commonly recognized as a dragon might as well not be a dragon. For example, is Gandalf a dragon? Is Regi gigas a dragon? Is Charizard a dragon? According to you, yes, yes and no. According to what a dragon really is, no, no and yes.

  • Ethan Becker
    Ethan Becker   4 hours ago

    Ancient Human: Hey, what’s these giant bones on the side of this cliff?Other Ancient Human: Hmm...Dragon.

  • Millis
    Millis   4 hours ago

    After watching this video I think I understand the monster hunter term of “Elder Dragons” even more

  • Emma Eisenberg
    Emma Eisenberg   4 hours ago

    Who else had all the Dragonology books and as a child was very invested in the taxonomy and evolution of dragons?

  • Mr Sharpie
    Mr Sharpie   4 hours ago

    Alright, but where do dinosaurs fit in to all this?

  • EquesTofu
    EquesTofu   5 hours ago

    Tries to categorize dragons/wyverns according to taxonomy..."Laughs in Monster Hunter"

  • Druzo
    Druzo   5 hours ago

    Dragon slippers fandom come back

  • Macent
    Macent   5 hours ago

    15:08 I rarely talk about your drawings, but I really like this one. Perfectly sums up the video in one image. 16:44 The dragon DOES have spiders involved because some of them have venomous bites/blood (Jormungand) Surprised it took so long to talk about arguably the most famous mythical thing in literature next to magic itself.