Christmas Songs In Real Life!

  • Published on: 18 December 2015
  • If Christmas songs were made today and what they would look like in real life..

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  • Runtime : 6:47
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  • Arcan Gel
    Arcan Gel   2 days ago

    If it's Ryan's Trailer, it is always awesome... I really do hope those were real movies... i could only imagine.

  • the dark gen
    the dark gen   3 days ago

    ehem there is more comments that than there dislikes ._.

  • Qazlin Kin
    Qazlin Kin   3 days ago

    Rather than a Deer he looks (or just reminds me) more like a Ninja Turtle. Ninja Deer Turtle Ryan

  • Shadow Clip
    Shadow Clip   4 days ago

    Is it weird that I actually want a movie called Deer Ryan with the same storyline to come out?

  • jakeflores l
    jakeflores l   4 days ago

    If ryan ever made a real movie i would be so fucking happy

  • Maxi The Being
    Maxi The Being   2 weeks ago

    It's been 5 years and I still need this movie in my life.

  • Gian Franco
    Gian Franco   2 weeks ago

    Dear ryan do a parody of red hot chili peppersRedHotPiliCeppers for RHPC

  • Filip Wisniewski
    Filip Wisniewski   3 weeks ago

    Is the deer Ryan a assassin creed thing with the deer sign?

  • Jackie Matanza
    Jackie Matanza   3 weeks ago

    the reindeer grandma one actually made me feel emotions

  • Vocal Heart
    Vocal Heart   4 weeks ago

    No one talking about how he called his “mom” b*tch??

  • Fer Reaf
    Fer Reaf   1 months ago

    Ryan please never make a fake movie trailer again because I can't enjoy other movies when these exist

  • Tyler Panos
    Tyler Panos   1 months ago

    Still waiting for the Deer Ryan movie 5 years later....

  • Xonk
    Xonk   1 months ago

    Why am I sooooo attached to deer Ryan It’s actually such a good movie and idea I would love to see that movie

  • Blue v Games
    Blue v Games   1 months ago

    Who else would actually see deer Ryan the movie

  • isa
    isa   1 months ago

    Who else is on a Nigahiga marathon?

  • Meme Dude
    Meme Dude   1 months ago

    Christmas: Other VideosLitteraly the summer:

  • Kim J. Summer
    Kim J. Summer   1 months ago

    Please tell me I'm not alone with the wish to see that movie.

  • Karnad Studios
    Karnad Studios   2 months ago

    Has anybody realised that in every IRL video that Ryan makes when it says “ In real life “ there is a fart sound ?

  • Pengukk
    Pengukk   2 months ago

    who would actually watch a movie about that?