Darkness Visible: Shedding New Light on Black Holes

  • Published on: 02 June 2018
  • Black holes may hold the key to understanding the most fundamental truths of the universe, but how do you see something that’s, well, black? Astronomers think they have the answer. Thanks to a global array of radio telescopes that turn the Earth into a giant receiver, we may soon have the first picture of the event horizon of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. And, with the power of math, scientists are going even further, using equations to “look” inside black holes, peering at the central singularity where general relativity and quantum mechanics collide. Join Brian Greene and other leading physicists and astronomers on a journey to make darkness visible.

    Find out more about the program and the participants: https://www.worldsciencefestival.com/programs/darkness-visible-shedding-new-light-black-holes/

    MODERATOR: Brian Greene
    PARTICIPANTS: Shep Doeleman, Andrea Ghez, Vicky Kalogera, Cumrun Vafa

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    Filmed live at the 2018 World Science Festival
  • Runtime : 1:46:44
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  • Theninjagecko
    Theninjagecko   3 days ago

    This ass hole always has to put his politics into it doesn’t he.

  • Nathan Lea
    Nathan Lea   4 days ago

    Q: What happened before the big bang?A: The birth of a black hole in our parent universe. I would suggest that the singularity inside each black hole is the same singularity that facilitates the big bang of its child universe. So far a pretty absurd idea, but it does give unification to just about everything including gravity, quantum physics and even biology as it gives rise to the possibility of a multiversal family tree when combined with all the child universe's in all the black holes in our universe and their black holes etc.Dark MatrerAs black holes love to collide it is reasonable to assume that the dark matter inside our universe is simply the matter that exists inside one of the universe is that collided with our black hole universe. Dark EnergyDark energy could simply be the matter that is being eaten by the black hole in our parent universe and fed into our universe via the single singularity that sits between them.I believe the evolution we see every day on earth contains the key to understanding our multiversal family tree. After all, a theory of everything has alluded us because our quest for unification so far has tried to combine the very big with the very small and has failed because we have not considered the science's we can actually see which exists in our own size sale like biology which sits right in the middle of the size scales associated with Einstein's qravity of the big stuff and quantum physics of small stuff.

  • Skitzo Blanco
    Skitzo Blanco   5 days ago

    Jeezzzuuuss christ wtf smh I done made it 44 minutes & 31 seconds into this & I haven't learned OR heard anything but "I think" ... Yeah great job guys❗Yeeeaahh lets put this money & time into something worth while, please?!?

  • Skitzo Blanco
    Skitzo Blanco   5 days ago

    This is just a bunch of people saying "I think, I think, I think".We can all sleep better at night now that we know that you people have spent a ton of money just to THINK.... YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

  • Skitzo Blanco
    Skitzo Blanco   5 days ago

    We spent all this money & time & we still dont even know if it exists.Wow, Congrats!

  • Skitzo Blanco
    Skitzo Blanco   5 days ago

    After spending 25 years & millions or billions of dollars, you still only have a theory!?!Yea that money could have definitely been spent on something else. Maybe something on earth?? Ya know, something that would actually benefit us right now.This is not benefitting us not nearly enough to justify spending this kind of money & time on it.This kind of money + time & there wouldnt be a single third world country on EARTH. Not a single child dying of starvation. Ya know, something meaningful. Smh

  • Skitzo Blanco
    Skitzo Blanco   5 days ago

    So, you "THINK" that black holes exist... Cool 😁Meaning, you don't "KNOW"...Oh how wonderful 👍If you dont even know if something exists OR NOT... Then, how do you "STUDY" IT???

  • Lightning wolf
    Lightning wolf   1 weeks ago

    Humans have a black hole lol it’s called the booty hole 🤣 my theory is a human and everything in space has the same concept,food goes in one dimension,matter comes put on the other side,black holes absorb food and it goes into another dimension,your mouth takes in food ,another black hole releases matter just like your booty,if scientists want to understand space they need to understand human are the same just on a tiny scale,everything is just a repetition,just like our life,this is why I love the infinity ♾ sign ,I’m more interested in the beginning of everything and non of us will know that or see it not even the most advanced aliens know the beginning-of everything,there’s always a bigger realm with bigger things,just like we have an entire universe inside of us ,it’s just a scale thing that keeps repeating it self and it never stops,the question of how this insane thing started gives me so much driving because how and why we have this never ending scale of everything is the question I want to understand,if we are inside of something like us ,where does it stop? And why did it ever start ,the Big Bang is our start but it’s far from the first. I love science and I want to know what created the giants we are inside of. Many will adopt this theory of mine and I welcome it because this impossible question will answer life itself,the Big Bang won’t answer anything I promise.

  • Jarrett Mutter
    Jarrett Mutter   1 weeks ago

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  • ValeRune
    ValeRune   1 weeks ago

    What if u could see all the light beneath, after entering the event horizon?

  • Jeremy Fischer
    Jeremy Fischer   1 weeks ago

    @45:30 If they shaped the lasers into digital clocks and projected the time, would the reflection bouncing back be a great enough distance to see the speed of light delay on time? (project 6:00am but only see the reflection at 6:01am, which would still be 6:00am)

  • mudr kk
    mudr kk   1 weeks ago

    10:47Andrea Ghez just got awarded the Nobel Prize In Physics!

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   1 weeks ago

    I’m high asf , look at me learning . I

  • Billy O'Hara
    Billy O'Hara   1 weeks ago

    What is it that is a matter that graver gravity does matter generate gravity gravity what element of mater is involved

  • Hubie Maddox
    Hubie Maddox   2 weeks ago

    Based upon these theories as nothing is impossible, this Earth could turn into its own black hole - with Us On it. But that would be the Vehicles We Are Traveling in (The Body).Even our Brains will be totally destroyed as the occupants of each Body, can Escape into Spiritual form. Perhaps this is What’s really getting ready to happen to this Planet or even the Entire Universe for All We Know. Because something really Big has already begun.

  • Etsub Mechal
    Etsub Mechal   2 weeks ago

    for the black hole idea: is it possible that since black holes are made of supermassive stars that collapse to a single point. Where every atom and its nucleus has ripped apart. I believe the only thing that's left would be the strings the are part of the quarks, and even those collapse with each other to make one super large string and that's the point of the black hole.

  • Stanton Steed
    Stanton Steed   2 weeks ago

    OIf black holes make gravity waves let's hope they don't send space rocks the size of London towards us .

  • AgeDrain
    AgeDrain   2 weeks ago

    Biggest trend I’ve seen in discussing modern physics in lots of talks is they’re is being “hush, hush” about wether or not Einstein’s theory is correct about what’s being seen in space. I understand it’s the biggest and best one we had in along time, but could this be so they don’t make the popular more momentum gaining string theorists mad? To what I understand, string theory is supposed to surpass relativity theory and explain more what Einstein missed.

  • Mensur Pajazetovic
    Mensur Pajazetovic   2 weeks ago

    Maybe black holes are new universes and dark matter and vacuum is dark energy and it's about zillion universes like atoms and we live in one black hole in our universe is one big empty space it's maybe our hole and it's 2d and insaide is 3d

  • Moツ
    Moツ   2 weeks ago

    This guy reminds me of an actor

  • Allan R
    Allan R   2 weeks ago

    S0-2 should be named “Whip”

    GOBSTOPPA   2 weeks ago

    as usual we wait endlessly for these clever folk to discover what has been obvious for century,s.

  • Steve m
    Steve m   2 weeks ago

    Replace the word from black hole to black hoe it makes sense!

  • FootPlaysStuff
    FootPlaysStuff   2 weeks ago

    I wonder what the combined IQ of that entire building is

  • 100DownMoto xX
    100DownMoto xX   3 weeks ago

    The random videos that I watch high with a pack of oreos at 3:30 in the morning.

  • Tubetech
    Tubetech   3 weeks ago

    She’s sooo happy. Just talking about her work. I’m smiling just watching her talk.

  • Hafiz Hamdam
    Hafiz Hamdam   3 weeks ago

    This planet is a crazy house. If arms companies looked at the world like NASA instead of killing each other after World War II, we might be traveling outside the solar system. we have to stop these terrorist companies. If nations unite, the next generation will live on other planets.

  • Marco Reyes
    Marco Reyes   3 weeks ago

    Only 3 million miles per hour 🤣😂

  • 1
    1   3 weeks ago

    Division by 0... this concept came to me a year ago. y/0 is indivisible. On the other hand, y x 0 replicates what a black hole would do. It devalues and sucks in anything in its path. I'm no expert so please rectify any misstatements 😊

  • Neo Neo
    Neo Neo   3 weeks ago

    Why do Americans always fucking yell.

  • DipeySnipey [LF-22]
    DipeySnipey [LF-22]   3 weeks ago

    i had this on while i was falling asleep and i literally listened to the entire thing before i fell asleep 😭