I found the END of Minecraft! - Part 18

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
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  • Runtime : 27:3


  • Tom Stein
    Tom Stein   2 days ago

    I just realized he passed up a channeling enchanted book in the library and later he spends episodes trying to find a villager to trade channeling for his trident lmfao

  • ImBored
    ImBored   2 days ago

    Wheres the golem on watersheeps area

  • bunni
    bunni   2 days ago

    I made this church for water sheep.. (Not even a second later) So we're going to kidnap some people!

  • Mythical Gaming
    Mythical Gaming   2 days ago

    Dose a good thing for watersheep: it was the least I could do3 seconds later: Ok let’s go kidnap some people

  • Vitek Reznicek
    Vitek Reznicek   3 days ago

    Proč jsi neobjevil spawner a nezničil ho ? 😊

  • temat-mandaryn
    temat-mandaryn   4 days ago

    english my: Hi pewdiepie plz buy my computer gamesPoland: cześć kupisz mi komputer gamingowy

  • JackNob
    JackNob   4 days ago

    Pewds: finds huge strongholdMe: finds a tiny little fricken stronghold -_-

  • Julie Parks
    Julie Parks   4 days ago

    Never watch pewds while putting on a charcoal mask 😭

  • Warda
    Warda   5 days ago

    leave it to pewdiepie to go to the dragon with 2 pirles

  • NTK Scooters
    NTK Scooters   5 days ago

    Felix: They’re too cute to kill I’m sorry!Also Felix: finds out it drops slimeballs: proceeds to kill.

  • julie tymon
    julie tymon   6 days ago

    Pewdipie: were going to do what is right, Also pewdipie:so were gonna kidnap some pepole

  • a1den _ tayl0r
    a1den _ tayl0r   1 weeks ago

    Jorgen: deadWater sheep: deadBoat cow: deadDinner bone: missingSven: AliveJorgen 2: aliveKlaus: alive

    MEMELORD27   1 weeks ago

    It funny how latter in the series’s that he needs Chanelling for his triedent but THERES O BOOK IN THE LIBRARY WITH CHANELLING

  • Assassin YT
    Assassin YT   1 weeks ago

    1:18 Today I am going to kidnap some people

  • Mason Knight
    Mason Knight   1 weeks ago

    everybody is here....except dinnerbone :(

  • Kaapo Malmström
    Kaapo Malmström   1 weeks ago

    Ep. 18: I found the End of Minecraft!Ep. 30: I challenged the Ender Dragon in Minecraft!

  • Zõr Tv
    Zõr Tv   1 weeks ago

    Hi how are you. friend I like your video good luck can you help you

    A CHICKEN   1 weeks ago

    Kan du göra en pewdiepie swedish kanal???????????

  • Mønster ßøss
    Mønster ßøss   1 weeks ago

    I minute silence for those who thought wonder sheep is real....11:17

  • Mary McLatcher
    Mary McLatcher   2 weeks ago

    PewDiePie is like us as kids when we didn't know what stuffed animal to put on our bed so we bought them all

  • 卓裕偉
    卓裕偉   2 weeks ago

    中文翻譯可以請個專業一點的嗎我這個外文系隨便讀讀的看了都頭疼 有沒有修影視翻譯阿 這個水準太差了吧 只比機翻好一點點

  • 卓裕偉
    卓裕偉   2 weeks ago

    viral video意思是熱門的影片 像病毒一樣傳播的很快 中文翻譯請注意一下

  • Multico
    Multico   2 weeks ago

    This series cures my crippling depression

  • Sch 14
    Sch 14   2 weeks ago

    Lol water sheep is very funny