Battle For Smash Ultimate: World Of Light 【Remake】

  • Published on: 07 January 2020
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    Welcome to the newest game based off the Object Show Community and their characters battling to throw each other off the screen. The best game you'll never get to play!

    This is just a concept. If you want to submit your ideas or discuss BFSU, join this server!

    No actual gameplay in this remake.


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  • Runtime : 6:13


  • Michael Chin
    Michael Chin   3 hours ago

    I am gonna make his game when I grow up because lol this gen is better than super smash bros

  • DolFinn
    DolFinn   1 days ago

    I heard it’s gonna be a real thing?

  • AJ Mossey
    AJ Mossey   1 days ago


  • dan kin
    dan kin   1 days ago

    I was watching i like the four easter egg but why did tv said 0.00001 at the last second

  • tendo life
    tendo life   1 days ago

    OMG THIS LOOKS SO GOOOD like fries fight whit chip and good choice of woody escaping and some inanimate insanity characters I thought after the credits it was over but still going

  • BillyJYT
    BillyJYT   1 days ago

    When are we getting an object show 87 rep?

  • Szymon Kominek
    Szymon Kominek   2 days ago

    Woah Polysided Your Future of BFB is Annocer is Confirmed

  • Muciņš
    Muciņš   2 days ago

    Facts: bottle may survive from itmcuz she's from glass ,and glass reflects light , soo she may survive it, but didn't ,

  • ꨄ G a r d e n i a ꨄ

    What if the last one to free is blackhole??what will happen??Ik i said many comments here lmao

  • ꨄ G a r d e n i a ꨄ

    Blackhole be like: *consuming 100%..*Also blackhole: TIME TO SEND WODDY TO ANOTHER RELAM AND SACRIFICE MYSELF also, leafy could have escaped from her map-

  • Law Ramallosa
    Law Ramallosa   2 days ago

    The Only One Who Is Forgotten Like WaluigiProfily.

  • oofy o
    oofy o   2 days ago

    I like it its cool

  • The mr.saturn
    The mr.saturn   2 days ago

    The only survivor,woodyAnd marker to but he doesn't know what safe means and just wants to play toss the dirt with a stapy clone

  • Dawid Lipski
    Dawid Lipski   2 days ago

    2 right now: I heard somethin loud, probably nothin

    ALEX PIXEL   2 days ago

    no joke I want this to be a series

  • Jinkuan Chen
    Jinkuan Chen   2 days ago

    2:10 for a split second it say 0.00001% chance of survival

  • Robotic Prophet
    Robotic Prophet   3 days ago

    If this ever became reality, fighter number 4 better be listed as Four

  • Theo
    Theo   3 days ago

    Soooooooooooooo gooooooooooood

  • VGM
    VGM   3 days ago


  • Oofy Nooby
    Oofy Nooby   3 days ago

    ???: 4:42 time to take a piss *pees on firey*

  • Rainbowking
    Rainbowking   3 days ago

    Bro if this was actually a game I would spend ALL my life savings just for this

  • fruit _man
    fruit _man   3 days ago

    ITS SO GOOD the picture on the credits i like how when woody is on the glider they struggle to stay on the top alot more also that black hole made a portal instead of the glider just vanishing i guess? I wish this was real also woody with that bag is the best thing ever

  • Pickle
    Pickle   3 days ago

    Me when tv says they have a 0.00001% chance of surviving