Alien (Full Episode) | One Strange Rock

  • Published on: 24 June 2021
  • Life on Earth starts as single-cell bacteria and stays like that for two billion years; then, a miraculous event transforms Earth into a complex interconnected web based on a competition for food.

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    Alien (Full Episode) | One Strange Rock

    National Geographic
  • Runtime : 47:23
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  • The Oscar Nominated A-Hole

    “Scientists believe” “I like to think that other life is out there”. So, basically it’s just belief. It’s faith. Hmmmm sounds religious

  • Spectrum Radio Network
    Spectrum Radio Network   10 hours ago

    The Hominid template (5 pointed shape) is very common on Earth, so its stands to reason its Universal.

    LINDA YOUNG   11 hours ago

    Yes there is other life out there, but right now it is here. Humans keep learning of unknown life forms at the bottom of the sea, resting comfortably under the ice tundra, socializing on the jungle floor- all manner of 'other' life right here even in this obvious dimension...not to mention different dimensions Cern is striving to expose. Perhaps 'we' should learn to communicate, coexist and thrive with the life 'out there' all around us. I'm trying to have dialogue with 'spiders' that seem to seasonally come into a certain area of my apartment habitat, knowing full well that if they become to relaxed and wander about - I will make effort possible to extinguish their viality. If only they would listen- if only I could hear.

  • Kedric Morgan
    Kedric Morgan   1 days ago

    I'm a out of space baller aint no telling whats in the dark abyss in dimensions in space its up their with weapons out this world earth is so slow let just be glad this world ain't ended like Don mars DonPluto. And all them gods of them planets them empty planet balls aint their for nothing so what ever life was on venus and the rest of them planets before they world ended I hope they civilation sufferd for ending their world earth might be the next empty planet ball

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson   1 days ago

    This was surprisingly good for something I’m supposed to watch at school

  • Random Grey Alien
    Random Grey Alien   2 days ago

    you are looking at the wrong direction Will, I am right here.

  • Ajit Desai
    Ajit Desai   2 days ago

    Prince Dhruv = Northstar it's a thousands years legend in Indian history.

  • Theseph Kind
    Theseph Kind   2 days ago

    :30 Sorry Mr. Smith, the script writers gave you bad grammar. "...between them" should be "...among them."

  • Boy d Xplorer
    Boy d Xplorer   3 days ago

    Nice contents.interesting to watch. Big like 👍

  • The Red Maple Grove
    The Red Maple Grove   3 days ago

    Well.. I grow cannabis... and you can't be stupid and grow, the periodic table is you friend and knowing how to and when to use each chemical or solid, is key to growing cannabis, or any plant for that matter, everything in the earth plants need and so do we... we (us) and plants and marine life.... was made to live and survive on this rock.... I mean we need suits to go to space......... cuz we aren't supposed to be up there........ just saying, after I learned to grow.. I started to give my self the same nutrients, and wow what a difference!! So much energy!! I see why this plant (cannabis) has been harvested for thousands of years,

  • uzair ihsan
    uzair ihsan   4 days ago

    More I study science, the more I get closer to God. Watching this makes me realise these magnificent organisms cannot come into existence on their own. There is definately a Creator.

  • Isabelle C
    Isabelle C   4 days ago

    Nice film but so little scientific information. Morgan Freeman's science documentaries or science lectures are more informative.

  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew Walsh   5 days ago

    Lower earth orbit not space first line in and otter b.s

  • NEM
    NEM   5 days ago

    it doesn't matter what scientists believe, it's what they can prove

  • Caroline D
    Caroline D   6 days ago

    I wish the governments would just come clean already. I wanna go to Valerian.

  • AL Can
    AL Can   6 days ago

    Ever purchased one of them bags with a bunch of different fliwer seed in it? You just plant it in a flower bed and all kinds of flowers grow.That's what aliens did to Earth

  • AL Can
    AL Can   6 days ago

    We live on the "strangest place in the whole universe"? Doubt it

  • Simon Clement
    Simon Clement   1 weeks ago

    Will Smith needs to show these youngsters how to rap again

  • Simon Clement
    Simon Clement   1 weeks ago

    Why..wh,why is will Smith on this random science channel

  • Carleen Janie
    Carleen Janie   1 weeks ago

    The steady flugelhorn ultimately live because nerve consequently pour forenenst a magenta spleen. clear, guiltless lilac

  • JanoschNr1
    JanoschNr1   1 weeks ago

    If Will will look loong enough he will find a living beeing not cheating on him.

  • global amnesia
    global amnesia   1 weeks ago

    life on other place? 0% possibility, reason? god!

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow   1 weeks ago

    If an alien race that was mainly of an agricultural society.. plant based food only.. and being an old race with high technology and higher morality.. that then went to another planet and saw that the inhabitants were eating other (animals) inhabitants... they might get the idea of that planet being inhabited by cannibals.. would any other race then want to create any real form of dialog or cultural exchange.. to such a planet.. not as to the other fact of.. that inhabitants killing there own kind in wars with powerful destructive force of bombs.. that any other race could think about what might be done to them.. as to the possibility of being killed.. or the other possibility of being eaten... think about it.. would you want to go to that planet.. if that alien race was yours.To the other side of that coin.. we see life needing to take from other life to survive, as like the glow worm.Could a planet like earth be a feeding ground to an space parasite, of a race that would seek out other planets to take without any limit to any form of morality or considering any other races right to live... would we do the same.. as to our history, with our own humanity, isn't that great.. and that politicians just add to the problem with them trying to make out their our rulers.. when that they should be as voted in as servants.. as they never seem to want to be with making laws to subjugate humanity.

  • crazyeyed me
    crazyeyed me   1 weeks ago

    The word predator seems like counterintuitive linguistically. Pre- how one would intuitively conceptualize it as a word. Existence of praying on previous forms isn't the true nature of life.

  • crazyeyed me
    crazyeyed me   1 weeks ago

    Wait... We got the Earth and there's energy going on and all of a sudden "cells" exist and must have adapted self replication instructions..Dude! OMG now it makes sense!

  • crazyeyed me
    crazyeyed me   1 weeks ago

    I feel like the chances of the human brain existing through some naturalistic means in this system is impossible.

  • MoonwalkerWorshiper
    MoonwalkerWorshiper   1 weeks ago

    I just don't think they got the statistics and probability thinking right. Everything is covered in "billions of years" and randomness. Substitute talk for "we don't really know what happened".

  • shatner99
    shatner99   1 weeks ago

    Gorn. Ben Stiller has the actual Gorn head.

  • Gabriel Griffin
    Gabriel Griffin   1 weeks ago

    some humans look like their name coud be "Bacteria"?