Alien (Full Episode) | One Strange Rock

  • Published on: 24 June 2021
  • Life on Earth starts as single-cell bacteria and stays like that for two billion years; then, a miraculous event transforms Earth into a complex interconnected web based on a competition for food.

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    Alien (Full Episode) | One Strange Rock

    National Geographic
  • Runtime : 47:23
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  • Jparcasm
    Jparcasm   55 minuts ago

    If you identify a UFO, it’s an FO…until it lands, then it’s just an O

  • Hayley Turner
    Hayley Turner   1 hours ago

    Love this series. Beautifully made. Makes you think. I'm not specifically religious but were all just too intelligently designed for there not to be blueprints and a grand architect somewhere. It's just all too specific and complex. There aren't that many coincidences

  • Joseph VR
    Joseph VR   19 hours ago

    "All variety of created objects which represent order and life in the universe could only happen by the willful reasoning of it's original Creator, whom I call the Lord God! ( Sir Isaac Newton)

  • Joseph VR
    Joseph VR   19 hours ago

    Genesis 1:24- And God said, Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground and the wild animals, each according to its kind". And it was so......

  • El Gee
    El Gee   19 hours ago

    Thank you mitochondria

  • Chris Mckenna
    Chris Mckenna   1 days ago

    I disagree I think there is intelligent life on other planets

  • H Heiwitzer
    H Heiwitzer   2 days ago

    Mostly bla-bla with faces in close-up.....

  • Al Theeathoone
    Al Theeathoone   4 days ago

    Those who control the Text Books and the Media control the "World View" of the masses. A couple of generations of Indoctrinating Children in School has resulted in the majority of today's Adults believing and blindly passing on everything they've been taught as fact. There's no such thing as the Big Bang, Gravity, Space Travel, Planets we can land on - or Outer Space period.

  • djdom43
    djdom43   4 days ago

    imagine a human sized glom worm catching you coming into the cave

  • Graeme King
    Graeme King   4 days ago

    Truly inspiring and motivating the. Aliens are everywhere below are feet in caves,cuttel fish are really alien looking for example, brilliant documentary 💯👍❤️

  • Tucker Gary
    Tucker Gary   4 days ago

    afrer all these years. nat geo can report on the entire earth.

  • Ms G_Thee_Alien_Goddess_

    Uncle 🧖🏽‍♂️👽Ben Ammi Choosin Around 🤨Dis B🤬🛑 Playin 🤑 PowerfulAmericans 🇺🇸 😒4 I 🏃🏽‍♀️ My 🎁 🙄Ova 🌊 Seas

  • Adam Zafonte
    Adam Zafonte   5 days ago

    Will smith didn’t film a movie in Georgia because it’s a republican state. He’s a racist left wing nut

  • Michael Coyner
    Michael Coyner   5 days ago

    Reinforces that EVERYTHING, including us, is nothing more than stardust at the root level and that through a series of events evolved into Life. Which means that Life has no meaning, not in the nihilistic sense, but in the sense that we're just the result of a random cosmic event. And that somehow Life evolved to the point that it gained consciousness, enough so that we are aware of our existence. Maybe the title of the show should be "Some Strange Stardust".

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz   5 days ago

    This was more like evolution of earth than aliens 😂

  • FNN - Fake News Network

    The "Covid-Virus" is really an advanced organism that results in it taking over the human, and thus the human becomes the virus. Why else the world-wide's like "invasion of the body snatchers".

  • Do겸점
    Do겸점   6 days ago

    Thank you Mitochondria 🥺

  • Doradox91
    Doradox91   1 weeks ago

    So nobody is gonna talk about the goats in the tree?

  • Moisés Gaudio
    Moisés Gaudio   1 weeks ago

    Wonderful documentary that reflects the "Symphony of the Universe" that is, it is proof of the creation of "God"...

  • Amy Genaille
    Amy Genaille   1 weeks ago

    I've never noticed before that Will Smith's eyeboos are crooked and small and all over. Lolz.

  • Trevor Fillas
    Trevor Fillas   1 weeks ago

    Will u know the answers. You fought the Alliens in independence day. Unless some got away

  • Gediminas
    Gediminas   1 weeks ago

    BTW go vegan, carniviorous humans are evil savages in eyes of aliens.

  • Alim Mahamud
    Alim Mahamud   1 weeks ago

    No one is believe Elian’s that’s polished and just American Fantasies specialties Hollywood ,Stop laid the people

  • Kevin Guthrie
    Kevin Guthrie   1 weeks ago

    Will Smith...... go back to work'n the drive-through at Wendy's

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright   1 weeks ago


  • John Slugger
    John Slugger   1 weeks ago

    We are engineered by a supreme being by whatever name you call him, her or them by.

  • friedrich gerster
    friedrich gerster   1 weeks ago

    It is,change ur view...maybe every species is alien,because maybe no where else in this universe it will might thats the question:why we let it or either destroy it for non logical reason??thats,for me the biggest secret or the most important question that even an alien could ask...why we are on a path to destroy an place(that might is unique in the universe,in all time)just for...yeah,for what actually?i didnt even can find something that could ever be so interesting/worth/desirable like that whats around us...

  • Navin Jangid
    Navin Jangid   1 weeks ago

    All found in Indias spiritual swarved book 📖

  • Joe C
    Joe C   1 weeks ago

    How was star watching in west Philly? You know... where you were born and raised

  • lee Lele
    lee Lele   2 weeks ago

    The ‘problem’ could be as human as 3D physical realm and there’s more dimensions in the universal for sure whether you agree or not that is a very easy intuition in any ‘life’ . Every different dimension in different form therefore one form couldn’t ‘see’ another form which it’s also a true just like we as human even couldn’t ‘see’ most cell with our eyes but they exist. So no matter how far you travel how near if in front of your eyes that you couldn’t ‘see’ that form that’s that ! ‘WE’ are spiritual and human eyes can’t ‘see’ spiritual and can’t ‘see’ other dimensions beings even you travel to far away from the earth ! 🤍✨🤍