• Published on: 11 April 2019
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  • Runtime : 5:16
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  • naomihowie
    naomihowie   5 days ago

    Still waiting on "THE FINAL ROSES ARE RED TWO"

  • Malarkey _
    Malarkey _   6 days ago

    Should titled the video with (clickbait) in parentasis

  • Qt_ Jonnyboi
    Qt_ Jonnyboi   1 weeks ago

    roses are red they can die just as my love life

  • sally is bad
    sally is bad   1 weeks ago

    roses are redvoilets are blueface like yoursbelongs in the zoodon't be madi'll be there toonot in a cagebut kissing at you

  • AnnaDoesStuff
    AnnaDoesStuff   1 weeks ago

    I've watched all of these so many times that I can't even remember the original Roses are Red poem.Is there an original? Am I being brainwashed? What is the meaning of life?

  • siva
    siva   1 weeks ago

    roses are redi like furof the animals that are deadhaha dick flattener go burrrr

  • Rex 24
    Rex 24   1 weeks ago

    So we're not gon talk about that voice crack 2:21

  • Griffin Didur
    Griffin Didur   2 weeks ago

    Roses are redViolets are blueStop with this seriesWe're begging you to

  • Zeke Patford
    Zeke Patford   2 weeks ago

    Sure it's the last one Jack I believe you

  • CassattYB
    CassattYB   2 weeks ago

    No one talking about how his forehead got chopped in half at 3:16

  • Meliodas_ El_Minero
    Meliodas_ El_Minero   3 weeks ago

    where is the "roses are red, he shows no remorse, Santa Claus is joining the Terrorist force" one. That one's funny

  • Tatyonna Medina
    Tatyonna Medina   3 weeks ago

    Rose are redPizza sauce is tooI ordered a large, andnone of it is for you

  • axysii
    axysii   3 weeks ago

    4:08 "It's not the end of the world" Yikes, this didn't age well.

  • luka tube
    luka tube   3 weeks ago

    Roses are red Violets are blueI adopted you

  • Katie
    Katie   1 months ago

    Roses are redI'm addicted to crackAll of the top comments are about how MCR is back

  • Joshua Jiji
    Joshua Jiji   1 months ago

    I feel this is arguably one of the episodes of yiay.Fr this one is really good

  • ToastDoezStuff
    ToastDoezStuff   1 months ago

    Roses are red, My ex nickname was Taff,PHIL SWIFT HERE AND I JUST SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF

  • Slashriz
    Slashriz   1 months ago

    Roses are red Jack is gaeYiay 500 better be bae

  • MinecraftGamer12 Productions

    Roses are redI fought in the War of Austrian SuccessionPlease John, pleaseStop asking this dumb fucking question

  • Inity360
    Inity360   1 months ago

    roses are redthe sun is whitewait a minutethats not even right

  • Corepoo echo
    Corepoo echo   1 months ago

    Roses are redHope your having a bad dayMy parents are divorcedCuz my dad's hella gay

  • Rheannon Riddle
    Rheannon Riddle   1 months ago

    I appreciate that all these comments are about MCR. Good to see I'm not the only one

  • Mr klous dog 123
    Mr klous dog 123   1 months ago

    Roses are red John Lennon was shotMy name is rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop

  • Ktkatz
    Ktkatz   1 months ago

    0:04 0.25 speedYou're welcome

  • JT
    JT   1 months ago

    1:30This did not age well

  • _carlito_
    _carlito_   1 months ago

    Roses are red Violets are purple-y Why not just make 'Roses are Red' vids annually? ... I would want that