I got an 800 whp Supra for $36

  • Published on: 26 November 2018
  • David Patterson, ThatDudeInBlue (http://www.youtube.com/thatdudeinblue) always dreamt of owning a Mark 4 Supra but as prices climbed, they got out of reach. When he ran into a guy driving a heavily modded one during a road trip, he never expected what happened next.

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  • Runtime : 10:42
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  • bombastic
    bombastic   5 days ago

    Once I get my civic your gonna be old

  • Akeel Taylor
    Akeel Taylor   1 weeks ago

    Essa comes from Qatar , which means he’s filthy rich.

  • rb26
    rb26   1 weeks ago

    ayyyy essa is a legend i am also from qatar

  • christian silva
    christian silva   1 weeks ago

    If u wanna know what the difference between fame and notoriety is watch this video

  • KaZOo
    KaZOo   2 weeks ago

    when you see the same exact car in a donut vid

  • Maalik
    Maalik   2 weeks ago

    Essa saved ton of money off of parking

  • Latvian Video
    Latvian Video   3 weeks ago

    Anyone want a 1992 nissan sunny 2.0D? Might have been sitting for a while and the trans might be broken

  • down low RnF
    down low RnF   1 months ago

    Iam going to try my hardest to have a viper acr r34 and a c63 coupe in a nice ass modern mansion irl

  • Max Cayestanio
    Max Cayestanio   1 months ago

    someone look forever for the perfect spec unicorn dream car, yours was chasing up the highway!!! #YouluckyMF #goals #youtuberlife

  • Mr Pandasian
    Mr Pandasian   2 months ago

    Red supra with drag radials in the back? Why does that sound familiar? Oh, because he did a video with it, gotcha

  • Midwest Motorsports
    Midwest Motorsports   2 months ago

    SO........... he doens't have any friends that could drop him off at airport or Uber or Taxi or......????

  • Fiddled Kaz
    Fiddled Kaz   2 months ago

    This is the second time I watched this video and it made me cry seeing the Supra again

  • TurtleViper
    TurtleViper   2 months ago

    Imagine a cop pulled him over and thought the car was stolen 😂

  • Lewis -
    Lewis -   2 months ago

    A supra has never been a unicorn, there not cheap but there easy to find and fairly common. Fantastic car with a great engine but not rare by any means.

  • Bert Style
    Bert Style   2 months ago

    People from the middle east are lay back like that. I meet a guy like that. It was my cashier for few months. They are weirdly nice.

  • JPLM 04
    JPLM 04   2 months ago

    Qatari's and legends

    INSANEDANE56   2 months ago

    He doesn’t care if you take it bc he can replace it with the flick of hisfinger

  • nah man
    nah man   4 months ago

    Katar is possibly the richest country in the Middle East i have friends from there. Very nice very generous people. I offended one of my friends from there by not allowing him to pay for his birthday dinner he was like no this is my gift to my friends. It was a 500$ tab...

  • 123xyz
    123xyz   4 months ago

    Dude had that oil and royalty fuck you money.

  • Ivan Slim
    Ivan Slim   4 months ago

    36k is NOT the best deal!!! i bought mine 1995 TT Targa 6spd clean title for 20k lol!!! just a copule of weeks ago making 900whp from LA ;)

  • NBK Artillery
    NBK Artillery   6 months ago

    Oh yes. If you don’t beat on my Supra I’ll beat on you 😡 and I don’t mean that in a good way... 🥜

  • david gonzalez
    david gonzalez   6 months ago

    Let us know when you come to Gainesville again. I have a pignose hatch with a built vvti 2j, 6466, on e85 and a cd009. Don't worry, it's red not blue haha

  • angel rivera
    angel rivera   6 months ago

    In this world it's not what you have but who you know

  • ghapping
    ghapping   6 months ago

    No no no , you got a soupra. 800 dollars is impossible 😂

  • Mountain Man Dale
    Mountain Man Dale   7 months ago

    Beat the fuckin balls out of that car,my friend! I am so envious of you!

  • Jamie Carl
    Jamie Carl   7 months ago

    I don't get why everyone goes so apeshit over Supras. What's the big deal? They're a 30 year old car. I don't think they're that special to be honest and when they have 800hp they're a pain in the ass to drive. I dunno, maybe I'm jaded after owning one for 15 years.

  • hehe
    hehe   7 months ago

    1 week is 20$ here

  • Tom Gadsby
    Tom Gadsby   7 months ago

    I would rather leave my ride at someone's home. Let them drive it..but no way crack on it on the highway with cold tires....my tires just spin like on ice.