Rare Finds - Full Documentary

  • Published on: 11 July 2013
  • All across Minnesota's Arrowhead there are countless tales of the people and artifacts that convey our past, from a prehistoric tool of the earliest natives to a child's toy saved from the 1918 fire. WDSE•WRPT, in partnership with ten regional historical societies and museums, brings history to life in their latest documentary.

    Rare Finds tells the stories that mark the changes in time. These pivotal accounts are preserved, thanks to the work of our local historical societies and museums. Rare Finds hits the road and makes ten stops across the Arrowhead region, spotlighting treasures along the way.
  • Runtime : 58:
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  • James Mayle
    James Mayle   1 days ago

    Jesus Christ is lord. Please take your salvation seriously. It is all True. Read the Bible and do what it says. It's more important than you know.

  • Dennis maddy
    Dennis maddy   2 weeks ago


  • John David
    John David   2 weeks ago

    my gramp's lorne woodman rode the river

  • Bruce Dakin
    Bruce Dakin   2 weeks ago

    I swear and I'm just going to say it..Our government is full of useless pricks..Not much more pure then Dorothy not hurting a darn thing and what the Government did to discourage her..And yet she flourished..:)..

  • TheSeattlegreen
    TheSeattlegreen   3 weeks ago

    Earth is flat and the water on Earth proves this without question!HORIZON = HORIZONTAL

  • jo chan
    jo chan   4 weeks ago

    Found this by chance. It is so interesting. The log drive ...wow. never knew they had "home" on the river always thought it was tents on the bank. Grand to learn new stuff.

  • Kc C
    Kc C   4 weeks ago

    What a great look at all the wonderful people of North Michigan making life better for us all in the future. This comes from a very proud Okie...

  • Pete Griffiths
    Pete Griffiths   1 months ago

    There are people who have seen the reptilians.This video ignores the fact of other dimensions. This video calls you 'weirdo' for accepting the possibility of alternative thought. This video wants you to just believe everything you are told by conventional thought, conventional official narratives, and to disregard the fact that humans don't understand everything beyond the 5 sense world. This video was interesting, but total crap.

  • Lawrence Loflin
    Lawrence Loflin   1 months ago

    And just think how much more building materials can be made with HEMP, which is an easily rotated crop, has a short season seed to harvest, and far less invasive or damaging than clear-cutting forests, especially old growth!!! Reforestation should be a have to in ANY tree cutting endeavor.

  • Greory Bishoff
    Greory Bishoff   1 months ago

    MN is a wonderful and an area of different landscapes Wich are breath taking greatful to have had the Opertunity to work and live there for the couple years I did

  • Randy Gunn
    Randy Gunn   1 months ago

    True North American!, I as a Minnesotan love the B.Waters and Dorothy. She is truly a inspirational woman and angel that will never be forgotten.

  • Paul Engelbrecht
    Paul Engelbrecht   1 months ago

    I met Dorothy in 1983. Canoe trip with our high school science teacher. Bought Home made root beer and candy bars.

  • Paul Engelbrecht
    Paul Engelbrecht   1 months ago

    "Hey is there anything coming from your way?" "Nope nothing but a dog, a grey Hound Bus"

  • Okay Bunny Wabbit
    Okay Bunny Wabbit   1 months ago

    Wow 😊This was new. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this💖.

  • Ken
    Ken   1 months ago

    The guy is full of sht saying that those motors couldn't turn the dories. I have had a couple of them and a 1 1/2 horsepower outboard could push and turn the dory faster than a man rowing.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson   1 months ago

    My grandpa was a logger all his life and he used to tell me about log drives and how dangerous they were, I would sit on the floor enthralled with every word he spoke.

  • T
    T   1 months ago

    what a surprise in my feed. Brought a tear to my eye as I remember traveling with my now deceased son Dominic when he was 9 in the mid-90's. We went from WI to Sedona AZ, to surprise his dad and grandmom, who were just finishing canoeing, camping the Gila river. Instead of flying,.since it was Easter vacayfor Dom, thought it would be an adventure to take a Greyhound bus. Besides stopping at every little town, and literally stopping at "poles" with the logo atop, our driver got lost and had to turn around in the desert in the middle of night. Then we were caught in a honest to goodness sand storm, then as we got to Flagstaff a mountain snowstorm. I finally had to call and let the loved ones know of our sudden plans because we were a day late and we needed a ride to Sedona. thanks for the memory. Helen T.

  • John
    John   1 months ago

    Dorthy was good, the government hates good in any form.

  • Meh
    Meh   1 months ago

    I fell asleep listening to a cryptid documentary and autoplay got me here 7 hours later.

  • Glenn Wall
    Glenn Wall   1 months ago

    As my Grandfather said " Thank God they didn't have chain saws back then or it been a desert by now."

  • Jose J. Bronze
    Jose J. Bronze   1 months ago

    Dude came so quick when they were f*cking in the car that it felt like going back in time for her.

  • A White
    A White   1 months ago

    Where are all the indeginous àra'wak people 🤔😳

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo   1 months ago

    Never been anywhere in Minnesota, but I adore public access t.v..

  • Angel Peel-Salazar
    Angel Peel-Salazar   1 months ago

    As an AMERICAN I enjoy learning about the different cultures within my homeland. I’m proud I served her and I wish to travel to her each and every point. God bless the USA

  • Sandee Simons
    Sandee Simons   1 months ago

    Brilliant! I was born in Grand Rapids, but raised in California. Next time I get home, I can't WAIT to visit the Greyhound museum. All the places in your documentary are fantastic. Just one MORE reason to love MINNESOTA! 😊

  • Anthony Townsend
    Anthony Townsend   1 months ago

    Europeans built America, that's an historical FACT why do Lefties have a problem with it? We know why when we research who funds the Left.

  • dan allen
    dan allen   1 months ago

    We have a museum here in Dayton Ohio dedicated to the local bus transit. There are only five cities in the United States still using trolley buses. Dayton, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle.