Can These Chefs Turn This Snowman Drawing Into Real World Food? • Tasty

  • Published on: 22 December 2019
  • Tasty chefs Alix and Rie square off to transform Malia’s Snowman sketch into amazing, edible dishes. Which dish do you think will be left out in the cold?

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    Licensed via Audio Network

    beautiful fir-cone isolated
    Darunechka/Getty Images

    Different sort of snowflakes, effect snowfall. Green screen
    Czanner/Getty Images
    Realistic fireball explosion and blasts with luma channel.
    yucelyilmaz/Getty Images
  • Runtime : 21:35
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    QATRA KHALIF   16 hours ago

    i swear me nd japanese and anime ??????

  • nitin phadte
    nitin phadte   17 hours ago

    I love the rice which alix made looks so tasty 😋

  • tarun shavanth
    tarun shavanth   1 days ago

    Does it make me bad for missing the old Alix?P. s: I love her anyways

  • Chuk Chuk TV
    Chuk Chuk TV   2 days ago

    Alix has really changed her face is the most please tell me what happened to her or what changed

  • Jessica Benitez
    Jessica Benitez   3 days ago

    Why Alix look like that? Is she trying to stay a way from makeup to clear her skin ?

  • Pranay Manna
    Pranay Manna   4 days ago

    Do they know that are the vegan or non vegetarian

  • Alex Jade
    Alex Jade   5 days ago

    Bruhh alix lost weight thats what it is

  • S's World
    S's World   6 days ago

    Wow Alix without makeup is weird but she is also beautiful without makeup 💄💗

  • EJ Park
    EJ Park   1 weeks ago

    This girl is so cute and well spoke

  • sofia's town
    sofia's town   1 weeks ago

    Alex looks different! I almost couldn't recognize her!

  • Richa R
    Richa R   1 weeks ago

    What happened to Alex

  • Ariya Ariya
    Ariya Ariya   1 weeks ago

    That six year old is more confident than me-

  • Everything Keira
    Everything Keira   1 weeks ago

    Imagine if she didn't like coconut.. Alix would be so screwed.

  • blue bread
    blue bread   1 weeks ago

    alix looked like she was cosplaying jojo siwa

  • rehan ch
    rehan ch   2 weeks ago