You’re Still The One(Shania Twain cover) - Harry Styles & Kacey Musgraves 6/22/18 New York, NY

  • Published on: 23 June 2018
  • Still The One(Shania Twain cover) - Harry Styles & Kacey Musgraves
    6/22/18 New York, NY
  • Runtime : 4:53
  • harry styles madison square garden kacey musgraves still the one shania twain cover


  • John Connor
    John Connor   54 minuts ago

    I bet he pounded that after the show, made her cry.

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles   13 hours ago

    i mean you understand right? whi was there at this show? and this song.. you do right?

  • Brielle McNair
    Brielle McNair   1 days ago


  • Hana Yui
    Hana Yui   1 days ago

    im forever jealous to those fans who saw harry singing this😳😳

  • Kayla Crepeau
    Kayla Crepeau   1 days ago

    I'm completely missing out, because who is Larry/Louis?

  • Shariya N
    Shariya N   2 days ago

    im not even crying hahahhahahahhaha

  • Laura Natividad
    Laura Natividad   3 days ago

    Why are yall saying Louis was there?? Zayn literally has a psot of him inside the vip box,and theres a picture of him faded with the same things on he had on in his ig post.

  • Francinini B
    Francinini B   4 days ago

    I want Harry to release a studio version of this

  • Keith
    Keith   4 days ago

    2020 is nearly over and tough luck, I'm still praying there's a studio version of this

  • Vanessa? Idk?
    Vanessa? Idk?   4 days ago

    We can all agree that louis was at this show.

  • Carolina Simões
    Carolina Simões   5 days ago

    His smile when she says his name! What a baby love. What a man. I love him. Goddamn it.

  • Camila Campbell
    Camila Campbell   5 days ago

    they're still together, still going strong 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️

  • jilly wonker
    jilly wonker   6 days ago

    I love kacey but when harry sang his verse my soul left my body!!!

  • Lilah G
    Lilah G   6 days ago

    god i love him so much

  • Anika Shaw
    Anika Shaw   6 days ago

    I don't know who is it about but I know that this is one of the best covers that Harry has ever done . Oh as if he ever does anything less than best..

  • B G
    B G   6 days ago

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  • H M
    H M   6 days ago

    It’s Zayn. Not Louis. Get the facts straight

  • irene rodger
    irene rodger   1 weeks ago

    I'm here to lol 🖐🏼had to check it out 🌀he did awesome 🙃🦋