• Published on: 27 April 2014
  • Mark Cryer testing his mild 462ci big block chevy powered '09 Smart Car with full custom 8.50 certified chrome moly frame and Ford 9" rearend. First run in video is an 11.74 @113.76 and then Mark and his son Nick changed front springs and made adjustments to shocks to try to get it to wheelie higher as you see in the second run. Best run of the day was a 11.72@114.43. You have to see the car in person to appreciate the quality of the conversion. You either Love it or Hate it! JUST BROKE INTO THE 9'S!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zvTGJgGDHM
    #smartcar #dragracing #viral
  • Runtime : 4:37
  • Chevrolet Big-Block Engine drag smart car big block smart car smart car rt66 smart car wheelstanding smart car Smart mark cryer


  • victoryredcolorado
    victoryredcolorado   5 years ago

    NEW VIDEO! BROKE INTO THE 9'S!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zvTGJgGDHM

  • GG Espichan
    GG Espichan   4 weeks ago

    Those rear wheels are almost as large as the actual car

  • aakar88
    aakar88   2 months ago

    Ain't No Big Thing!

    STRAY LGK   2 months ago

    I swear he didn't get a decent pull in this video.. too sketchy in the top end or something?

  • malcolm clark
    malcolm clark   3 months ago

    Needs a bug shield. If it ever ran into a bumble bee at that speed, it'd be over .

  • Travelingman 1980
    Travelingman 1980   3 months ago

    This thing doesn't fit the definition of a Smart car. Smart body on a full chassis.

  • lso4988
    lso4988   4 months ago

    The only Smart Car I'd ever own.

  • SydneyChromatic
    SydneyChromatic   4 months ago

    If you get into a front end collision that dash could cut you in half

  • YEEtastic RC
    YEEtastic RC   4 months ago

    Some people may ask why, the people who build these only ask why not, and if they can find a reason not to they do it anyway. This is F***ing awesome.

  • dirt bike rider
    dirt bike rider   4 months ago

    So fasterproms and pfi weren't the first ones to go all crazy with a smart car lol .this thing is badass so gotta see the two together

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K   4 months ago

    All of that work to run 11s?

  • Veeekin9 Casterman
    Veeekin9 Casterman   4 months ago

    Love it.I began by thinking, for a brief moment, that's,.. that's.. in......beautiful man.Makes my own mad plans seem entirely plausible.Fruition of the dream, a satisfying fulfillment.Bravo.https://www.corvairforum.com/forum/download/file.php?id=45032&mode=viewhttps://www.corvairforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=14358

  • rebaoui hichame
    rebaoui hichame   5 months ago

    fasterproms has some competition if this thing still exist and running

  • Fz09 Wilhelm
    Fz09 Wilhelm   5 months ago

    Clickbait again, sure is inpressive, but it did not wheelie 10ft in the air ffs

  • BigBoyz Toyz
    BigBoyz Toyz   5 months ago

    Granny's VW Beetle can do better than that Slug, Slow aF!

  • This username
    This username   5 months ago

    But smart cars are made by amg and are already fast

  • Brian L
    Brian L   5 months ago

    Thats not a smart car

  • Alpha Orionis 911
    Alpha Orionis 911   5 months ago


  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson   5 months ago

    You may know about another smart car has a 4 cylinder in it it might beat your record with turbos watch faster prom or PFI on YouTube it's down in Florida

  • Bud D
    Bud D   5 months ago

    Fasterproms coming for you.Jaws music

  • Bud D
    Bud D   5 months ago

    Staying in the water box during the burnout is always awesome for grip.

  • Bullyborg! ! !
    Bullyborg! ! !   5 months ago

    Would love to see this smart go up against Fasterproms smart car they are is building! Hilarious and badass!

  • Ryan McAlister
    Ryan McAlister   5 months ago

    Owner to insurance company: I want to insure my smart car please Insurance company: any modificationsOwner: none