Top Secret Anti-Gravity Spy Plane - TR3b Black Manta

  • Published on: 23 August 2021
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    In the case of the TR-3B Black Manta, it means a craft that uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy, so that plasma is produced, which, in turn, creates a field of anti-gravity around the craft. It has an electromagnetic coil at the heart of it’s motive power system, the result of which is electromagnetic drive that interacts with the Higgs-Boson field at the quantum level. Heady stuff indeed!

    So, an anti-gravity aircraft doesn’t use conventional turbine or rocket engine technology, but instead a propulsion system that creates thrust by generating high-energy plasma. These aircraft are also referred to as ‘flux liners’.

    As with many divergent aviation technologies, anti-gravity technology dates back to the latter part and aftermath of World War II, and specifically the covert U.S. project known as Operation Paperclip.

    The objective of Operation Paperclip was for the U.S. to gain as much leverage against the Soviet Union in the military armaments technology race, which is why the project was packed to the rafters with German scientists who were avowed members of the Nazi Party.

    That means the U.S. has been investigating anti-gravity technology for nearly 70 years.

    It is the culmination of theories regarding gravitation, quantum gravity and general relativity, the latter as first put forward by Albert Einstein himself.

    Anti-gravity is of huge interest to the military and scientists alike, given that, for example, one could hypothetically reduce an aircraft’s mass by using electromagnetic propulsion, even down to zero.

    Little wonder that the likes of NASA, the U.S. Air Force and Lockheed Martin researchers have all invested in theoretical studies regarding the ability to alter inert mass.
    According to experts, the TR-3B Black Manta would use conventional thrusters located at the tips of the aircraft that would allow it to perform a dizzying number of rapid high-speed manoeuvres,

    including perfect right-angle turns and hyper acceleration. And it could achieve this along all its three axes.

    Remember, the TR-3B was designed to be a subsonic stealth spy plane.

    For one thing, it’s a very silent aircraft, save for a slight humming sound. An interesting by-product of the plasma the TR-3B generates is that it significantly reduces the aircraft’s radar signature, thereby making it ideal for missions in which stealth is paramount.

    That means the TR-3B Black Manta could sneak into just about any air space of any country and not be detected by its air traffic control or air defence systems.

    This little black number has been associated with multiple reports of sightings of flying triangle aircraft over Antelope Valley, an area of desert in southern California much beloved by UFO watchers.

    It’s also this desert area of California that draws people interested in covert black project or ‘black ops aircraft projects, given its close proximity to several known military research and testing areas,

    including Edwards Air Force Base and USAF Plant 42, the latter which is a mere 60 miles or 97 kilometres from downtown Los Angeles.

    In my humble opinion, the United States Air Force must thank its lucky stars for UFO enthusiasts and believers of alien spacecraft.

    After all, as Popular Mechanics has written, a number of reports of so-called black triangle UFOs have probably been secret military aircraft in reality.

    The TR-3B Black Manta would certainly be the type of black ops project typical of the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

    The U2 spy plane of the 1950s, the SR-71 jet of the 1980s, and the present-day F-117A stealth craft are just three examples of planes that the U.S. Air Force denied existed for years, all of which were first covertly developed at Nevada’s infamous Area 51 base.

    And don’t let’s forget that Area 51 itself was only finally acknowledged by the U.S. government when that most covert of agencies, the CIA, did so in June 2013, courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed eight years earlier.

    But does it exist?

    There are of course the inevitable allegations that the TR-3B was built by the military using extraterrestrial reverse-engineered technology.

    Even Forbes magazine mused in 2021 that maybe, just maybe the patents issued to Salvatore Cezar Pais could be a cover for alien technology captured over the years by the U.S. military.

    So, what of the TR-3B Black Manta? How far back does it go, if at all? Does it have anything to do with the aforementioned 2018 patent issued to Pais and the U.S. Navy? Is it a plane, is it a bird, could it even be Superman? No, it’s just the United States Air Force messing with our heads again.
  • Runtime : 15:58
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  • Nevasoba
    Nevasoba   10 minuts ago

    its crazy that I actually have a general understanding about what you are discussing just from all the research I've do e into Tesla, Einstein , Newton,and my general love for anything ufo related

  • Gina Gina
    Gina Gina   2 hours ago

    I am simply fascinated by this Black Manta and would be both terrified and thrilled at the same time to see it in action.

  • Pang Kiat Loh
    Pang Kiat Loh   6 hours ago

    Why the German still lost in ww2 with such high tech plane?

  • Scott Coulter
    Scott Coulter   10 hours ago

    The narrator smokes too much pot. He has the good shit!!!

  • DV8SMR
    DV8SMR   15 hours ago

    I think it's safe to assume the government doesn't let us see any airplane, until they have something superior already in the hangar. So, if they say we're currently up to generation 5 fighters, then we really use 6th generation, and keep it secret. I think it's also safe to assume that 6th generation fighters are exclusively drones... Why risk a pilot's life, when you don't have to? It limits the aircraft to have a pilot in it anyway. We can't take the G's, and we can't breath at high altitudes. But, we can play the hell out of some video games. lol Not to mention, a pilot on board would add roughly 200 lbs. to the craft, with no co-pilot. Ejection seat, oxygen, G-suit, manual controls, and wiring for that, is all unnecessary. We're at a point in time now also, where a human is far more likely to make a mistake than a computer. It's not as romantic, but it's the future. Jets will end up like battleships anyway... A swarm of small things is way harder to deal with than one large thing. Hard to get away from something that is everywhere.

  • Frost YT
    Frost YT   15 hours ago

    Atheists Beware: This Video Will Make You Doubt Atheism Ray Comfort talks about how it would be willful insanity to not believe in a god. Atheism is simply illogical.

  • Frost YT
    Frost YT   15 hours ago

    Atheists Beware: This Video Will Make You Doubt Atheism Ray Comfort talks about how it would be willful insanity to not believe in a god. Atheism is simply illogical.

  • Gary BEZNER
    Gary BEZNER   21 hours ago

    Just saying if you eat any of this , you are certain to get a very upset stomach,eating bullshit will do that for you.

  • Mickey Finn Finn
    Mickey Finn Finn   21 hours ago

    Very interesting - Your video is both entertaining & Informative - Someone's Been doing their research - Jeez learned a lot here about this elusive craft ???

  • Jimmy Two Horses
    Jimmy Two Horses   22 hours ago

    I don't believe this exists. Surely the country that developed such technology would use it as a knockout weapon before the 'other side' managed to make a similar advance?

  • Chauvin Emmons
    Chauvin Emmons   1 days ago

    Gravity is not a "force" it may seem that it is a force but to this point in time it cannot be proven to be a force as no particles are exchanged.

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone   1 days ago

    Well, at least it's not still buried in the Bermuda triangle. I will be needing that back if you want to live.

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90   1 days ago

    No, it would not be only possible to describe this holy grail that may exist one day by calling it antigravity magic. It's control of local space-time curvature. And all anyone could achieve by retro engineering flying saucers is MAYBE mitigate a little the centrifugal forces, air friction and the weight. Earthlings don't have the maybe millions of years of industrial evolution to produce our own flying saucers, just yet.

  • James Yahoo
    James Yahoo   1 days ago

    I know a guy, who knows a guy, who worked on our latest super top secret airplane in Area51. He said that he said that the new plane can do anything that this POS in the video can do, do it ten times better, and not even break a sweat. He also said that he also said that they got the technology not from stupid Nazis or whackadoodle aliens, but from Fascist Ghosts from another dimension. The last thing he said that he said was that they didn't even bother to invent a new propulsion system or push the boundaries if known physics, they went with the centuries old, proven technology that is internal combustion. The plane used a 4 cylinder Honda engine powered by Bigfoots. Put a few Bigfoots in the tank and off you go. Unfortunately they were running out and soon would deplete our strategic supply of Bigfoots.

  • Veeraj Lal
    Veeraj Lal   1 days ago

    Misinformation. Alien tech. Reverse engineering. Gotta see it to believe it. Would love to be in it.

  • John Anthony DiMeglio

    Also the original triangle, which I saw overhead on a BSA campout in Santa Monica, CA in 1990-something, was a blimp, with an electrostatic air drive, and a central turbine powered generator. It flew silently and could linger "forever" - but was not not not anything like as fast as a conventional aircraft. It was so big to provide sufficient lift - and that whole thing btw was in government patents in the '60's available online.

  • Michael
    Michael   1 days ago

    They can move super slow too and hover

  • Luis Fruia
    Luis Fruia   1 days ago

    I would not doubt American geniuses created something like this.Look at Star Trek and Star Wars and all the movies prior to them.Who would ever know men would land on the moon, space travel and build all these space stations out there. Anything imaginable is a step close to creation.American 🇺🇸 Might.

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer   1 days ago

    Oh shit, I think I saw this thing fly over my house once

  • EndofUSA
    EndofUSA   1 days ago

    The US govt have already successfully reversed engineered alien technology!! THE TR-3B IN FACT EXISTS. It is being used for covert ops!

    BRUXXUS   1 days ago

    My mom and me saw one of these in the mid 90's. One summer in the mid 90's my family went out at lake Texoma for a weekend to watch a meteor shower. My dad and sister fell asleep inside while my mom and me sat on the hood of the car watching the sky. She saw a faint red light way off in the distance and was confused as to what it was. I thought it was the red light of a tall radio antenna, but she didn't think it was that. It stayed in that exact spot for at least 30 minutes when we eventually noticed it was getting closer.We just kind of sat there wondering what it could be as it headed straight towards us. We still thought it was like a helicopter or a plane as it got closer. Until it got close enough we started seeing it's underside. A huge triangle with red lights along the sides and (as I remember), 3 big white lights on each corner pointing down. I remember the lights being so bright it was illuminating the fields and trees around as it slowly flew over. It was fairly low, maybe 1000ft, and nearly totally silent. Just a quiet sort of fan sound, like the sound of a distant air conditioner running.I was 12 years old at the time, and we both just sat there, perfectly still, and I remember getting really scared. I asked if we should get dad (like he'd be able to do anything lol), and she just said, "no, don't move". It just kept moving and slowly kept flying in that same direction until it was out of sight. I know memories can be unreliable, but I can still recall that night fairly clearly. My mom's story still matches what I remember as well. Haven't seen anything like that ever again.

  • Peter Rockford
    Peter Rockford   1 days ago

    The real mystery is how you Brits pronounce the word patent !?Ive never heard it said like Pay-Tent. Instead, its pronounced like so, pay·tnt.Try to say pa instead of payHow to improveTry to open your mouth and pull your lips slightly to the sides. Your tongue should be low in the front and high in the back.

  • DJ RichyLaurence
    DJ RichyLaurence   1 days ago

    It would certainly explain a lot of these 'big triangular UFO' sightings.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph   1 days ago

    One of the planes they USED to try and pass off as aliens, there are no aliens, just men and devil fooling YOU, no, deceiving YOU

  • bill bobby
    bill bobby   1 days ago

    ElectrograviticsSomething that they could use in their covert programs. And at the same time using the old technology as a standard way of keeping the money flowing. While deliberately giving you false data on the laws of physics. The Demonic Secret Societies know exactly what they're doing.

  • 885818499
    885818499   1 days ago

    Back in 2014 I witnessed something like this fly over the Burbank airport. Fucking ayy.