IDFB 1: Welcome Back

  • Published on: 01 September 2016

    Battle for Dream Island and IDFB (BFDI Season 3) created by Cary and Michael Huang.
    © Jacknjellify 2016

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license (
  • Runtime : 10:46
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  • Judethedude
    Judethedude   9 hours ago

    Brain: you going to sleep?Me: yes now shut up.Brain: IDFB still hasn't finished and episode 2 can start soon after TPOTMe: O_O

  • DumbCan
    DumbCan   12 hours ago

    wait a minute... if voting is endless then i vote for GRASSY

  • Aly Nevárez
    Aly Nevárez   15 hours ago

    One so randio the one that's pink and fluffy let her out she can fly please let her out please please and please make her as a cat that would be hilarious but I love cats please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Mansquic
    Mansquic   23 hours ago

    I think idfb 2 is never coming

  • Hell Maker
    Hell Maker   1 days ago

    Theory the free smarts are the people who work for the show since the start explains it why the second season isn’t fully recorded and u can see a chart who got voted and it was from ruby

    KAY MARKS   1 days ago

    Robothave to get out because PenNeeds read right now

  • Gladiator
    Gladiator   1 days ago

    who else saw evil leafy when TB borrow the wall teleporter

  • BFDIfan2302
    BFDIfan2302   2 days ago

    0:27 WTF? what is Bubble doing here I thought she was in the TLC since August 2, 2013

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens   2 days ago

    Fucky was eliminated with 12345678998765432112345678910 votes