• Published on: 08 November 2018

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  • Runtime : 4:31
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  • hollywoodclips22
    hollywoodclips22   1 years ago

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  • Darreyl Henderson
    Darreyl Henderson   3 days ago

    "that's what it's all about doll, it's a about forgetting your dance and keeping going" the Thinly-veiled shade in that comment 😂

  • Brandon Talk
    Brandon Talk   1 months ago

    “She forgot her dance! “She forgot her dance!

  • SoftyxPeachy
    SoftyxPeachy   1 months ago

    “She forgot it” “she for got it” “yep, she-she forgot it”SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK NOW DONT YA

    TINY DOG   1 months ago

    Maybe the judges will know if she forgot it if fallons mum just yells out over and over again SHE FORGOT IT SHE FORGOT IT

  • The Bekah And Bentley Show

    Abby: season 3 “ had they started timing the number we would of been disqualified and the “Abby Lee Dace Company” is not gonna get disqualified”Season four “ she just forgot the whole dance and she’s making all this crap up so just disqualify her” Me :🤨

  • Donutqueen
    Donutqueen   2 months ago

    No one:Not even Cathy:Jill:sLam iT sLaM iT sLam iT

  • Kacey Wallace
    Kacey Wallace   2 months ago

    OMG Cathy Abby NEVER webt in your dressing room so you SHOULD NOT GO IN THE ALDCS

  • Corey Collins
    Corey Collins   2 months ago

    I don’t know why Abby would be disappointed at fallon she sliced her knee and she carried on why is she getting told of

  • Elizabeth Maines
    Elizabeth Maines   2 months ago

    abby always says to make something up if you forget your dance, why is she so mad fallon improved?

  • girraffelover10
    girraffelover10   2 months ago

    abby: the judges and everyone in the audience think you forgot the dance also abby: telling the judges she forgot the dance

  • zahid khan
    zahid khan   2 months ago

    Can someone plz tell me the scene where she cuts her knee on stage

  • Summer Hernandez
    Summer Hernandez   2 months ago

    So Fallon knew the dance but she hurt herself so that's why she started to improvise? Geez Abby chill.

  • Georgia
    Georgia   2 months ago

    I don’t understand Abby.Like what does she want .to run of stage .or improve

  • boo hoo
    boo hoo   2 months ago

    Really? She came third even after an injury and did an improv. She should be in the team

  • Sophia ortiz flogs
    Sophia ortiz flogs   2 months ago

    The judge's didn't even know she forgot it but abby have to walk to the judge's table and told the judges and that's what made her place 3rd. So if Abby never told the judge's then she would have placed 1st like if you agree comment if you disagree

  • aubrexelle
    aubrexelle   2 months ago

    she literally SLICED her knee and kept dancing, i would probably run off of stage and cry in pain if I was her-

  • colorpemb
    colorpemb   2 months ago

    Fallon’s voice was ADORABLE 🥺🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖

  • KingP
    KingP   2 months ago

    Fallon is very pretty girl. I felt bad for her. Very sweet

  • Wrestling_ fanatic
    Wrestling_ fanatic   2 months ago

    Jill when Melissa went to shut the door after Cathy walked out💀 "Slam it! Slam it! Slam it! Slam it!" 😂💀

  • WillSewell06
    WillSewell06   2 months ago

    Christys face when Kathy walked in 😂

  • Anna Mueller
    Anna Mueller   2 months ago

    Cathy: walks in Holly: hiiiii Christi: 🥴

  • bye buddy
    bye buddy   2 months ago

    You know the drillMaddie:0MakZ: 1Kendall:2Kalani:3Jojo:4Abby:5Brady:6Nia:7Elliana:8Pressly:9Small youtuber! Please help!!

  • Anna Thuy An
    Anna Thuy An   2 months ago

    Why do I are you think why is Abby Le students changing????

  • Teagan Davis
    Teagan Davis   2 months ago

    "I dont care what happened" so you dont care that Fallon sliced her knee? Cuz it seems like that's what your saying. I could be wrong but its what I think.

  • LS.Reiners
    LS.Reiners   2 months ago

    It's just this time everything Cathy says is right. It's important to keep dancing and you shouldn't try to disqualify your student for forgetting a routine and keep dancing (instead of running off the stage or freezing on it) as a dance teacher...And ofcourse the other kids learn their routines in two days as well, but most of them are used to this for years and forgot a choreo as the start of Dance Moms too.

  • Rebecca Crisp
    Rebecca Crisp   2 months ago

    I hate that she is always putting kendall down, she is just as good as the others

  • Abby 26
    Abby 26   2 months ago

    Cathy wants Fallon to be her student💔💔💔