Matt Moneymaker Chases After Potential Bigfoot In Iowa Woods | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 10 December 2020
  • After investigating the claims of Bigfoot sighting in Yellow River State Forest, the team decides where they will spend the last night of the expedition. Will the team be able to finally find the elusive Bigfoot and prove its existence?

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  • Runtime : 8:12
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  • Raevyn Kinsey
    Raevyn Kinsey   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if this man knows that sasquatch are interdementional beings....this is why Noone can find a dead one or find them when they want...I've seen videos that people have taken of Bigfoot and you can literally see orbs then the Bigfoot shows up...🤔

    NEROS   2 weeks ago

    Old recording from 60s or 70s show the true sounds of bigfoot, they sound like chimps or gorillas and sound nothing like what these guys do

  • Rick Groth
    Rick Groth   1 months ago

    One thing on my bucket list is shooting and stuffing an Iowa BIGFOOT.

  • Sasquatch Coffee
    Sasquatch Coffee   1 months ago

    I enjoy Finding Bigfoot for what it is. It's entertaining and I think it's cool that there's a show like this. Is it perfect? Of course not (duh).

  • Kng Tch
    Kng Tch   1 months ago

    Did bobo lose weight

  • Thomas Daniels
    Thomas Daniels   1 months ago

    Theres a man in upstate New York that goes by butcheykid, he has tons of videos of the bigfoots that live near him. They are known to drink beer, drive speedboats and wipe there asses on clean laundry hanging on clotheslines.

  • theFBIisSPYINGonME
    theFBIisSPYINGonME   1 months ago


  • Michael
    Michael   2 months ago


  • Darin Bartosch
    Darin Bartosch   2 months ago

    My guess is if they capture a sasquatch, we'll all know before we watch the show.

  • Fatboy25
    Fatboy25   2 months ago

    Nonsense total nonsense !

  • neil david Hardiman
    neil david Hardiman   2 months ago

    how come we never see a close up of the so called thing. with zoom lenses an all it makes me wonder if its someone dressed up in a monkey suit. pictures are never clear. its all in peoples minds.

  • Samuel Altman
    Samuel Altman   3 months ago

    did you hear that?its the wind in their heads,trying to find a way out of the damn place.

  • Lil Salai
    Lil Salai   3 months ago

    Matt's a joke, any sound n thats a squatch. He's a hypocrit, do u know decades ago he worked 4 a woman who was amongst the early investigators, whilst they were on the road in like a RV, she saw something out of the window n got the driver to stop, after which she ran in the direction n Matt (a low member of the team them days) was amongst the 1st to complain sayin she shouldnt of done that etc

  • Juan Munoz
    Juan Munoz   3 months ago

    How long does it take to rehearse your lines and acting

  • Juan Munoz
    Juan Munoz   3 months ago

    Is it the same bigfoot that romes from state to state

  • Sunim Rai
    Sunim Rai   3 months ago

    This show is baloney they can never find any solid footage or evidence

  • ken anderson
    ken anderson   3 months ago

    Tell animal planet to get rid of this fake bs if anyone is going to find Bigfoot or prove anything els it is not gonna be these idiots.this is the fakest crap on tv it’s embarrassing.

  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers   3 months ago

    They have a LOT to learn in searching for a sasq., but they are having FUN making the video.

  • Michael Halstead
    Michael Halstead   4 months ago

    B.f .r o. Is a joke . How long have they been doing this and they come up with nothing but crap

  • Tim Lee-Carter
    Tim Lee-Carter   4 months ago

    This asshole tells me over the phone that my experiences with Bigfoot can't be real because they happened fairly frequently. . .

  • mr s.
    mr s.   4 months ago

    lol. Red light! One of his guys. I thought, so.

  • ji joi
    ji joi   4 months ago

    Who was Mr sasquatch ? 06:18 case closed !

    JESSIE WOODARD   4 months ago

    Moneymaker poop somewhere then finds it later that’s a Squatch there known to do that

  • Dan Mcassey
    Dan Mcassey   5 months ago

    Y do theese guys allways seem to have to pack up and leave the area there in every time they get supposedly so close to reall turning a connor on this And yes l beleive that big foot is out there so lm all for theese guys really finding 1 or 10

  • Vera Howard
    Vera Howard   5 months ago

    Not Money Maker you have heart. It takes a brave man to follow something bigger than himself.

  • Big Bubba
    Big Bubba   5 months ago

    Hide and seek champion of the world ..... Bigfoot .... thousands of sightings and absolutely no concrete evidence.Nobody can tell you what bigfoots do and don't do because nobody has ever studied one cause they don't exhist.

  • Lee Brando
    Lee Brando   5 months ago

    I hate the word “Squatch” or “Squatchin”

  • Clairey
    Clairey   5 months ago

    Uhh, Bob, ruining everything as usual. If it wasn't for him this place would have been swarming with Sasquatches like in all the other Finding Bigfoot videos. It's BOB's fault everyone. Poor Bob 😂.

  • scentless apprentice
    scentless apprentice   5 months ago

    The only ones with any decency are cliff and bobo for coming out and calling this show for what it was. A complete pile of phony garbage. Apparently the camera and production crew were out there manufacturing "evidence" for the team if they couldn't find any themselves first which let's just be honest, was 100% of the time 😂. Matt "moneymaker is a dime store version of Eddie Izzard. Renee is poor mans rachel maddow. All this show accomplished was creating more skeptics and giving them ammunition. Too bad. Les Stroud survivor man has an awesome Bigfoot season on his YouTube channel all for free.

  • Squeeze Polska
    Squeeze Polska   6 months ago

    - So, when do you start to see squatches?- Let me show you - takes out big blunt, rips a huge cloud - SEE??? SQUATCHES EVERYWHERE!!!

  • AL
    AL   6 months ago

    The theatrics from Matt Moneymaker is off putting, stop the over explanation of things. Speak normal so we can listen longer.

  • Josue Diaz
    Josue Diaz   6 months ago

    This is so dumb a person farts and they’ll say did you hear that Sasquatch so fakeee 🤣

  • Paintings by Leonardo
    Paintings by Leonardo   6 months ago

    I'm a bigfoot believer and I've seen them but at 0:13 that looks like a tree or a bear rubbing up on a tree.

  • Lee ThePig
    Lee ThePig   6 months ago

    They're bout as stealthy as a film crew the forest at night. Ridiculous