• Published on: 13 March 2020
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  • Runtime : 24:5
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  • Eve J
    Eve J   8 hours ago

    Grade my allergy ad on my channel

    PQRDG   1 days ago

    I thought he said he would make this into a series.

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones   2 days ago

    This feels like it happened a year ago

  • Something to Watch
    Something to Watch   3 days ago

    Grade me: (or am I supposed to say #grademe?)'s probably easier to understand if you see my other videos, but if you want to be weirded out, watch it by itself.

  • Frankimations
    Frankimations   4 days ago

    I still haven't been able to watch the 2nd video

  • Sonic Blast
    Sonic Blast   6 days ago

    Hey John , would it be nice if you rated my video on Sonic CD? Also, did you mask out your fingers?

  • TheTiz
    TheTiz   1 weeks ago

    Where's the next video in the series?

  • Eric Derek
    Eric Derek   1 weeks ago

    Hey Jack if your still doing this is would appreciate it if you could grade my review of dead space!

  • Cohen Wedgewood
    Cohen Wedgewood   2 weeks ago

    to do the piano i would film it with nothing happening then film then take a picture of the each of those keys down without ur fingure, next film the scene with a green screen suit on ur hand so you can key it out then you just have blend the empty shot with the pictures and the one with ur hand

  • Gabster Green
    Gabster Green   2 weeks ago

    I loved this video, you should really bring this back!

  • ChIrPlly
    ChIrPlly   2 weeks ago

    Me after seeing fortnight funnies be like: 2:57This joke is not funny by the way, and purposely spelt fortnite wrong. kill me

  • legobuilderfrom2000
    legobuilderfrom2000   2 weeks ago

    didnt realise this was a recent video, assumed it was much older while watching it but i love it!!! like you actually give good feedback thats constructive and make it entertaining. A - ( the minus is so you have something to work towards)

  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka   2 weeks ago

    If you think James Miller has a lot of cuts then you should see what Donut Media does

  • Pou99
    Pou99   2 weeks ago

    Just realized that the I in his shirt is green so it includes it as the green .. DONT WEAR SHIRTS WITH GREEN JOHN !!!!

  • Eeee Eeee
    Eeee Eeee   2 weeks ago

    thanks for introducing me to james miller

  • snorf
    snorf   3 weeks ago

    the walk in the beginning

  • yeetimus46
    yeetimus46   3 weeks ago

    #grademe please I’m British

  • DV Games
    DV Games   3 weeks ago


  • Spectre
    Spectre   3 weeks ago

    You'd be a mighty me me Big Boy if you rated me

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay   3 weeks ago

    Grade my video “History of The Korean DMZ in a Nutshell” chirp chirp I’m a bird

  • SpicyBaconSandw
    SpicyBaconSandw   3 weeks ago

    hey jack can you review my video “the great centurial but i literally can't get past floor 3” because I require constructive criticism

  • Falcon
    Falcon   3 weeks ago

    #GradeMe Hi Jack! I've been making OS Concepts for a year now, you probably won't see this, but if you do please tell me what I need to improve at. This was edited with Filmora9 (My laptop is low-end)

  • nya nya
    nya nya   3 weeks ago

    Everyone: comments normallyMe: THE OTHER DAY I ASKED YOU,TODAIY

  • ElectriX
    ElectriX   4 weeks ago

    They always say "Me Me Big Boy" but not "How is Big Boy?"

  • Rero
    Rero   4 weeks ago

    This series NEEDS to continue

  • Captain Spectrum!
    Captain Spectrum!   4 weeks ago

    if you continue with this series, why not have a go at my channel?