WSU Master Class: Universe or Multiverse? with Andrei Linde

  • Published on: 19 January 2021
  • Theoretical physicist and Kavli Prize winner Andrei Linde was responsible for proposing the ideas of an inflationary multiverse and eternal inflation. Join Linde’s course on the evolution of these ideas and what the future of cosmology holds.

    This lecture was recorded on June 2, 2017, at the World Science Festival in New York City.

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  • Runtime : 1:2:59
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  • Nicholas Upchurch
    Nicholas Upchurch   2 months ago

    The fact that it looks like his mouth isn't moving gave me a good chuckle

  • Simon Bourassa
    Simon Bourassa   5 months ago

    Did he said that inflation happened before the big bang? If he really said that, it's kind of hard for me to buy this. Or to conceive it i should say.

  • Jjj Jjj
    Jjj Jjj   5 months ago

    Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” John 3:16‭-‬21 NKJV

  • Toni B*
    Toni B*   5 months ago

    If its truly isotropic and relativity is universal wouldnt it be spherical just as the observable universe is ?

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller   5 months ago

    While I consider Multiverse theories wrong headed, I enjoyed Andrei's lecture -- given as always with self deprecating humour. Dear Andrei just because you and your colleagues cannot conceive of inflation without multi-universes, it does not mean you are right. I am a very simple guy -- so give me theories based on our universe and the 4 dimensions we exist in -- please stop solving your maths problems by ever more wild expositions of fantasy -- start looking at the gaps in what we understand, the gaps in what we can measure and work out how we can fill them in our reality. You say X,Y,Z cannot work without extra dimensions or we could not be here without their being infinite alternatives -- I say this just makes it more and more clear we do not understand reality well enough to be able to generate viable hypotheses that can actually be tested. To the infinite universe hypothesis - I have to say SO WHAT !!! Even if you are right, which I very much doubt, so what !! It make NO sense wasting times on multi-brain theories or in developing the maths of the multiverse. You asked for better ideas -- mine is to build better tools to explore and understand our universe in our 4 dimensions AND to develop theories CONSTRAINED to using this universe and the 4 dimensions we can see and measure. TRY THIS for a while. Try codifying what we don't know; adding the "missing" terms to the Standard Model to reflect: Gravity, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Dark flow, Baryon asymmetry, and the reason why some of the largest structures in the universe are larger than expected -- even though we do not understand them, we must take some account of them.

  • SooperToober
    SooperToober   5 months ago

    Bring him on again with Brian to talk to

  • Geralt Hoster
    Geralt Hoster   6 months ago

    "if your young and stupid and energetic you jump through and die there... its a very safe arrangement." love this guys humor he just barrels through it lol

  • Tixmeel Kurneex
    Tixmeel Kurneex   6 months ago


  • Andreas Grubhofer
    Andreas Grubhofer   7 months ago

    Universe or Multiverse? - Cucumberverse! :DPickle Riiiiick!

  • あからあかり
    あからあかり   7 months ago

    I found out why I was not good at math. I probably came from another universe.

  • G R
    G R   8 months ago

    playing numbers will show you whatever you want

  • J.P Sportzz
    J.P Sportzz   8 months ago

    Love this explanation- non zero indeed.

  • Mike S
    Mike S   8 months ago

    I always like seeing Andrei speak.

  • CD
    CD   8 months ago

    Not that I know enough... But once we define life correctly, we'll find that biology is the ultimate evolution of chemistry, what we think of as consciousness is the ultimate evolution of biology, science is the ultimate evolution of superstition and we'll redefine God as a set of 20+ constants from which, the quantum particles were permitted to practice the Google plex number of combination on the fabric of space time for lack of a better definable concept, to leave behind the most universe at the lowest energy cost of matter. Critical mass seems to be a constant law, in how the Continuously expanding universe seem to be a medium that ultimate gravity can bring back together all the mass that can fit on a head of pin and blow up on an existing vast space time it had created from the time before. Maybe on every rebirth, it expands faster because it has thinned out the fabric with the fields of its particles trying to come toward zero energy. It's a nice thought experiment without clutter or glitch. Maybe gravity is never going to unite with nuclear forces and unified theory is a good enough excuse to Exercise expanding our consciousness in the web's we weave in explaining parallel and alternate universes, being the current superstitions in the way of what we can never know with our time Restricted existence. I hope you're smiling.

  • Luis Salgado paredes
    Luis Salgado paredes   8 months ago

    I love the out-loud laugh of the guy that most likely was understanding 1% of what's been explained. LOL

  • Stay Primal
    Stay Primal   9 months ago

    Used to be a big fan of Andrei, especially because he often share the stage with Alan Guth who I truly appreciate. But then over the years, and after watching Andrei debating with other fellow scientists, he lost a lot of my respect. Im not a hater don't get me wrong, a lot of respect for the man and his work. But ...In an open debate with fellow scientist, he become extremely defensive and immature. In one debate speficially with Paul Steinhardt, he was arrogant, close minded, and had no answer to any questions, and simply ended up laughing hysterically like a kid. I understand there is a lot at stake, his carreer and his legacy... but any good scientist MUST be open minded, especially toward his own work. While Andrei is laughing like a 8 years old kid, Alan Guth simply aknowledged that there are flaws in the theory, and that it is in work, which is the good thing to say.Someone so close minded almost remind me of religious people ... So yeah, good in front of a class where no one can say a word, but not so good in a group where his idea are confronted to real problems. Sorry for the negativity, I really had to get this out of my chest. This is not what science is about.

  • The Darkbird X
    The Darkbird X   9 months ago

    Roger Penrose has an alternative to inflation and the multiverse: conformal cyclic cosmology. I hoped Andrei would get into it a bit. :-(

  • garybalatennis
    garybalatennis   9 months ago

    The multiverse, It is suggested, is only a piece of the larger puzzle. It is part of a Super Multiverse.

  • Toni Blackstone
    Toni Blackstone   9 months ago

    In parallel Universe Andrei Linde is the head of the flat earth movement.

  • Gustavo Dainezi
    Gustavo Dainezi   9 months ago

    Mr. Linde is AMAZING. PLEASE do more videos with him!

  • Philippe Martin
    Philippe Martin   9 months ago

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  • Bruce Millar
    Bruce Millar   9 months ago

    Dark Energy could simply be Multiverse gravitational energy. The accelerating expansion of our universe may be the only indication that a Multiverse actually exists. The phenomenon could be explained entirely by General Relativity. No magical property of space needed.

  • 091 David
    091 David   9 months ago

    He makes it so simple by asking then answering all those obvious questions

  • totalfreedom45
    totalfreedom45   9 months ago

    It's either God Almighty or the multiverse theory. It's the latter because the former is untenable, according to Holmes's logic.💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌

  • Walking Android
    Walking Android   9 months ago

    I love how Andrei Linde casually drops jokes and philosophical insights during his talks. Thanks to Andrei, Brian and all the people at World Science Festival, you are amazing.

  • crippling autism
    crippling autism   9 months ago

    the problem i see with eternal inflation is that it predicts that we should live in a much earlier universe. since new universes are being created at an exponential rate so that far more universes that currently exist are made every second (i forgot the numbers exactly, not sure if there's any definite prediction but it's something like 10^30 or more) it means that new universes with life in them that spawned conscious agents even a thousand years earlier than it did here would be drastically more plentiful than ones as old as ours and the further you go back the more true this is, and to my knowledge there's no reason that evolution couldn't have happened say 1 million years quicker, or on a planet a billion years younger than earth, etc.. I believe Alan Guth is aware of this problem himself and termed it the 'youngness paradox'. is there any solution to this problem? I think it's pretty damning to the theory.

  • Dreadnoughtus
    Dreadnoughtus   9 months ago

    I sometimes wonder what the human race would be like if instead of people watching things like Towie, X-Factor or Big Brother, they was as interested in science like this as much as I am. The only way forward is Education. Educated youths normally grow into informed, Educated truth searches. But I cringe when some of the people of our population open there mouths and nothing but complete moronic gibberish comes flooding out. The people that can watch this and understand enough to follow are increasing in numbers slowly but surely. Come on people, lets not let stupid win. (Hopefully stupid will fade away into a Darwinian cul-de-sac)

  • enlong chiou
    enlong chiou   9 months ago

    ch=2*3.14*g*m^2=8*3.14*g*(m*c^2/2)^2/c^4 is Ludwik’s solution of GR field equation at Planck’s scale l=gm/c^2=(hg/(2*3.14*c^3))^0.5=1.616*10^-35(meter), ch=2*3.14*l*m*c^2=2*3.14*pm*g(p)*pm=2*3.14*pl*pm*c^2/4.188=2*3.14*k*e^2=2*3.14*A*me*c^2/137.036=(2*A*137.036*pm*c^2)*(4*3.14*A*137.036)=E*L connect strong force g(p)=g*m^2/pm^2=1.13*10^28, electromagnetic force k*e^2, deduce E=ch/L=chR=13.6*e for light spectrum of electromagnetic wave.

  • enlong chiou
    enlong chiou   9 months ago

    Omega of our universe is less than 1 according to vacuum energy ch=299792458*(6.62607*10^-34)=(4.9154)^3*pm under critical mass (5.99)^3*pm, pm=1.67262*10^-27 kg is proton mass.