Physics in the Dark: Searching for the Universe’s Missing Matter

  • Published on: 12 October 2019
  • If you believe the world’s leading physicists, the vast majority of matter in the universe is hiding in plain sight. For nearly a century, evidence has mounted that the gravitational pull necessary to keep clusters of galaxies intact, as well as stars within galaxies from flying apart, requires far more matter than we can see—matter, according to the experts, that has eluded our telescopes, because it does not give off light. Problem is, such “dark matter” has also eluded one specially designed detector after another that researchers have deployed to catch it. Which raises the big question: What if we have failed to find dark matter because it isn’t there? Join leading physicists on a scientific treasure hunt that has proved more challenging than anyone expected, and may ultimately require rethinking some of our most fundamental ideas about the universe.

    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

    PARTICIPANTS: Mariangela Lisanti, Joseph Silk, Erik Verlinde, and Risa Wechsler

    MODERATOR: Brian Greene

    00:00 - Introduction to dark matter
    10:55 - Panelist introductions
    12:28 - How do we explain motion in the universe?
    16:35 - Is the “dark stuff” ordinary matter?
    22:43 - Supersymmetric particles
    30:06 - Weakly Interacting Massive Particles
    33:14 - Searchng for WIMP dark matter
    37:25 - What is the role of dark matter in the structure of the universe?
    43:23 - Cold vs warm dark matter
    46:54 - The “dark sector” possibility
    52:56 - Expanding our understanding of gravity and thermodynamics
    1:01:34 - Is there a connection between dark energy and dark matter?
    1:07:36 - Why do galaxies rotate?
    1:14:25 - Future predictions for the discovery of dark matter

    - Produced by Laura Dattaro
    - Associate Produced by Peter Goldberg
    - Music provided by APM
    - Additional images and footage provided by: The Dark Energy Survey, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
    - Recorded at the Gerald W. Lynch Theatre at John Jay College


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  • Runtime : 1:22:24
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  • bambang98
    bambang98   10 hours ago

    a nice channel to know something about science.

  • Eva Lina
    Eva Lina   1 days ago

    If the dark matter particles are slow and small, why not test it as substance (atomic gel)? Maybe we are testing too precisely, trying to isolate a single particle.. this is making it too hard to characterize. We need to start broader. Maybe dark matter is like a sticky atomic gel or substrate that is small, voluminous in quantity, slow, neutral and non-reactive. It serves as extra weight (mass) and creates a structure or environment for larger particles to set in. It partialy sheilds from some of the effects of dark energy, slows it down. Like a neutral petri dish for our reality.

  • EattaBag OvDix
    EattaBag OvDix   2 days ago

    There is something very basic about our Universe that we just dont understand yet. Theres no Dark Matter, theres no Dark Energy. These are filler terms used to fill gaps in our understanding. Someday, a simple and basic explanation will present itself and it will all make sense finally.

  • 112fatboy10
    112fatboy10   3 days ago

    Why dont just say that you failed the mission snd publish everything like dark matter generators and what are they meaning...people are not dumb

  • Ranindu
    Ranindu   3 days ago

    Is it possible that we are living in a part of the universe which has an expansion speed that is faster than the speed of light relative to another planet which is situated more center in the universe. So, that we are in the part that is beyond their horizon?

  • Nathan Lea
    Nathan Lea   4 days ago

    An explanation of dark matter may start with the following question...Q: What happened before the big bang?A: The birth of a black hole in our parent universe. I would suggest that the singularity inside each black hole is the same singularity that facilitates the big bang of its child universe. So far a pretty absurd idea, but it does give unification to just about everything including gravity, quantum physics and even biology as it gives rise to the possibility of a multiversal family tree when combined with all the child universe's in all the black holes in our universe and their black holes etc.Now back to dark matter...As black holes love to collide it is reasonable to assume that the dark matter inside our universe is simply the matter that exists inside one of the universe is that collided with our black hole universe. Dark EnergyDark energy could simply be the matter that is being eaten by the black hole in our parent universe and fed into our universe via the single singularity that sits between them.I believe the evolution we see every day on earth contains the key to understanding our multiversal family tree. After all, a theory of everything has alluded us because our quest for unification so far has tried to combine the very big with the very small and has failed because we have not considered the science's we can actually see which exists in our own size sale like biology which sits right in the middle of the size scales associated with Einstein's qravity of the big stuff and quantum physics of small stuff.

  • Kimberly Holyk
    Kimberly Holyk   1 weeks ago

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  • Kusum Kanta Saxena
    Kusum Kanta Saxena   2 weeks ago

    This brilliant discussion has helped me better understanding various aspects related to dark energy, dark matter . Thanks to th panelists.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein   3 weeks ago

    I’m with Verlinde. I have a hard time believing in dark matter. Dark energy etc. It’s just kind of silly. Even maybe just a marketing thing to keep Astro guys mysterious , exotic and interesting. . People like exotic things. The tiny black holes thing is way more plausible than just “dark matter”. Microscopic black holes everywhere in the universe. That I could grasp.

  • Chris Wren
    Chris Wren   3 weeks ago

    It's time to take the leap and merge consciousness with psysics. Find the corresponding partical or particals and with mind and matter. I understand its taboo but what the heck. Both sciences are at the same level anyway.

  • Paul Micks
    Paul Micks   3 weeks ago

    What is the ROI for all this public money given for deep universe studies with their absorbent costs ? One proponent said that nearly every science classroom has a Hubble poster on the wall. Truly its all very interesting but is worth the 100s of billions spent? These funds could have translated into social needs to relieve poor housing, education, medical for struggling humans, elderly, women and children. These billions spent on high salaries and benefits packages and over priced science toys that combine to employ only a few thousand people. These people could helping realities on earth rather than staring into space and wondering how it got here, its here, now lets figure out how we're all going to survive on this spaceship without destroying it and each other. Believe if we stop the Oos and Ahs and look at the realities that these billions are a trade off to the science world, give us expensive science toys and we'll provide weapons applications. Who cares about the universe fun facts, these cost too much. Best money should be looking for colliding comets and asteroids, and how to possibly stop one, we can worry about the Sun in a billion years, and the universe in a trillion.... meaning never.

  • Man of Culture
    Man of Culture   1 months ago

    What if Brownian motion is caused by Planck length sized dark matter weighing 10^-8 times lighter than protons but it hits the molecules thousands of times per second.

  • Patrick Holley
    Patrick Holley   1 months ago

    I wonder if there are two other forces that are in some ways counter to attraction or repulsion, something that would be not magnetic like attraction, but a movement toward without clinging, and likewise a counterpart to repulsion, the result being that both attraction and repulsion are tempered and absorbed in some way by these "gracious" forces which stabilize and bring unity to the otherwise divisive forces of repulsion and attraction. Anyway, just wondered if this has any validity to it?

  • Wayneasiam62
    Wayneasiam62   1 months ago

    What needy knuckleheads. There is no missing matter. Just inadequate physicists. Slamming Einstein, yet stuck in your quests to outdo him.

  • Mar Bachmeier
    Mar Bachmeier   1 months ago

    Darkmatter SEE IT FIRST on my channel I've filmed it ,so see for your self before someone steals my work and calls it there's, I'm first to show real pictures and info see for you self

  • Susan Lafayette
    Susan Lafayette   1 months ago

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  • Susan Lafayette
    Susan Lafayette   1 months ago

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  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts   1 months ago

    What if dark matter and dark energy are just something like a calculation but nothing tangible... if we live in a simulated reality it could just be a number nothing more...and we are not aware of it...and we search and search for the ghost that is not there... Do you know what I mean?

  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts   1 months ago

    I would like to know if there is a map of distribution of matter in the universe .. but the picture we see is the past like million years ago..Is it possible to calculate how it looks today?

  • Nick Rose
    Nick Rose   1 months ago

    Ya, Brian is a very good speaker..

  • Quantum Dave
    Quantum Dave   2 months ago

    Until we know what the fabric of spacetime itself actually is, this is going to be very difficult to pin down. At the Planck scale…what is our universe actually made of?

  • Ron B
    Ron B   2 months ago

    Outstanding talk on a fascinating subject. It is also refreshing to affirm that the subject is open and not dictated as if every detail is settled, as is too often the case with scientific matters.

  • Al Cali DRedIronLionDelight

    The dark people they said that could not be are the ones that already revealed all the codes they could be scratching their heads as long as them want

  • Emmanuel Stamatakis
    Emmanuel Stamatakis   2 months ago

    I agree Brian Greene a big bravo right up there with Socrates Aristotle Pythagoras Osiris Einstein confusion Nostradamus do you know what I mean

  • Emmanuel Stamatakis
    Emmanuel Stamatakis   2 months ago

    Imagine a black hole and some of the universe punching a hole through to our now universe all the material that it sucked out of that other universe might be the fuel that ignited our big bang

  • Mike Pollock
    Mike Pollock   2 months ago

    There is no search for missing matter. Everything was already here when the Big Bang happened. This event was two, maximum entropy objects like our Moon that collided at an astronomical speed in an already existing, static universe. Our universe turned itself into a gargantuan particle collider. The galaxies are quark plasma shrapnel. There was nothing created but simply transformed from potential energy into kinetic energy. Quark plasma is the most efficient reaction in the universe and is so hot that it is invisible and can make shapes. Black holes are made of quark plasma. Every naturally occurring element is created by quark plasma as it uses the extremely pressurized electron neutrinos of space to create neutrons, then hydrogen, then helium, and on down the list. It is the beta minus decay reaction that causes all this to happen. It all happens on the surface of the mass while the quark plasma continues unimpeded.

  • enlong chiou
    enlong chiou   2 months ago

    Dark matter trap between quantum black hole of Atom (A^2=g(p)*3,14*me/128.498*c^2) and proton black hole(pl=g(p)*4.1888*pm/c^2) which contain in Atom black hole, deduce ch/3=pl*pm*c^2/2 from strong force g(p)=g*m^2/pm^2=g(pl/4.1888*l)^2[MaCH] by graviton g*m^2=ch/(2*3.14) oscillating between Planck scale l=g*m/c^2 and pl scale, or from oscillation of Tau neutrino(k*e^2/8.38=15.445 mev[1.602*10^-19/c^2]), Muon neutrino(3/g(p)=0.149 mev) of WIMP by (1/3)(8*3.14/3)(T*M)=k*e^2/g(p) which send g(p) into k*e^2, by ch + ch/3 + ch/(6*3.14) = 100% of total energy of universe dark matter ch/3 take 24.04%, dark vacuum energy ch=(4.9154)^3*pm=2*3.14*g*m^2=8*3.14*g*(m*c^2/2)^2/c^4 under critical mass(5.99) belong to expanding de sitter space(solution of universe) share 72.13%, regular matter 3,83% from ch/(6*3.14), ch symmetry at 3 quantum black hole l, pl, A^2 compose a extra 6 dimensional Calabi Yau manifold for string theory by ADS/CFT duality, ch contain dark matter interact with Electron neutrino(me^2/(g*m^2*137.036)=0.107*e) produce anomaly of (g-2)/2 factor of Muon magnetic moment by 3*E/M=(me^2/pm^2)/137.036=1/(1836.1527^2*137.036)=2.16*10^-9=0.0011659202(experiment)-0.0011659181(theoretical).(c=299792458, h=6.62607*10^-34, g=6.67408*10^-11, m=2.17647*10^-8, l=1.616*10^-35, pl=8.809*10^-16, pm=1.67262*10^-27, me=9.10938*10^-31, A=5.29177*10^-11, k=8.987*10^9, e=1.602*10^-19)

  • NoMad
    NoMad   2 months ago

    Dsrk matter is time hole particles created by the rotation of blackholes. Like an anti magnetism/ photon.

  • Jonathan Watts
    Jonathan Watts   2 months ago

    I hope we don't figure out dark matter, they would just mess it up

  • William Reynolds
    William Reynolds   2 months ago

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  • Penswordman
    Penswordman   3 months ago

    Someone needs to go back and re-mix or modulate the audio to soften certain voices and add more presence to others.The discussion and Brian's orchestration makes all of these fascinating and educational.

  • Esaú Molina
    Esaú Molina   3 months ago

    It’s just beautiful listening to this beautiful mindsIt gives me a sense of grandiosity Knowing that I am part of this immense riddle