Rod Wave - Freestyle (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
  • #pray4love
  • Runtime : 2:55


  • Lil dre
    Lil dre   3 minuts ago

    Love yo music 💪🏼💯💯💯

  • RcOnna Davis
    RcOnna Davis   1 hours ago


  • Frank Wright
    Frank Wright   1 hours ago

    The only problem with this song is that it ended !

  • supriya singh
    supriya singh   1 hours ago romantic song of the yr

  • J P
    J P   1 hours ago

    ”haters love to hate they rather go blind than see me win” damn son I felt that in my soooouuuul🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • BackendChris
    BackendChris   2 hours ago

    “Shoutout all my nihhs trapping living tax free”

  • Katie Bella
    Katie Bella   2 hours ago the Real treatment to covid 19 . No one has to quarantine..

  • mans
    mans   2 hours ago

    so he’s a singer ?

  • g wyatt
    g wyatt   3 hours ago

    Bruh nobody notice most of his songs sound the same except just inserting a different verse ?🧐 I don’t know maybe it’s just me🤷🏾‍♂️

  • June June
    June June   3 hours ago

    💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾 God Bless Rob Wave!!!!!...

  • G T
    G T   3 hours ago


  • 1k subs w1th n0 vide0s

    rip to all thee fallen legends1980: John Lennon1991: Freddie Mercury1995: Eazy E1996: 2pac1997: Biggie2009: Michael Jackson2013: Paul Walker2017: Lil peep2017: Chester Bennington2017: Tom Petty2018: XXXTentacion2018: Mac Miller2018: Fredo Santana2018: Stephen Hawking2018: Avicii2018: Stan Lee2018: Jimmy Wopo2019: Nipsey Hussle2019: Cameron Boyce2019: Luke Perry2019: Juice WRLD2020: Kobe and Gianna 2020: Pop Smoke Let these Legends Rest In Peacewe love all of you

    WYATT TOM   3 hours ago

    Nobody’s gonna talk about how 🔥the beat is

  • Gummy Boy
    Gummy Boy   6 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This nigga neva miss

  • Kingg Willis
    Kingg Willis   8 hours ago

    Rod Wave don’t miss but i swear he steal a bar or 2 off somebody else song everytime.

  • Daniel Corona
    Daniel Corona   9 hours ago

    Bro get a bank account you look stupid carrying around all those dollar bills with hundreds on the top of each stack.

  • Denarius Vassar
    Denarius Vassar   9 hours ago

    Like this if y’all be singing sum of his songs n shower

  • King fancy
    King fancy   10 hours ago

    Someone please explain the 3k dislikes? 🧐

  • زوركي zorki
    زوركي zorki   10 hours ago REMEX...اجمل ريمكس... 🤩

  • fcporto porto
    fcporto porto   11 hours ago

    Good song but he should use some of that money 💰 to hire a nutritionist and have is own chef ... I would for sure

  • Zora Beer
    Zora Beer   12 hours ago

    I can’t ever get tired of his voice nor lyrics, this is real talent.

  • TrayNeverLackin
    TrayNeverLackin   13 hours ago

    Bro I've never related to a rapper on every song like you bruh shit crazy I have a big ass smile on my shit every time I listen bro

  • Jason Rogers
    Jason Rogers   13 hours ago

    Anybody realized rod found a way to put drakes lyric “shout out to all my niggas living tax free, these days it’s 6 figures when they tax me” except rod said 7...they goated 🐐🐐

  • Connor
    Connor   14 hours ago

    I just did a dash in a Maserati engine 🙌

  • Darryl Talley
    Darryl Talley   14 hours ago

    Music for your soul and you can slide to it on repeat

  • david4x_
    david4x_   14 hours ago

    hard to tell a nigga not to shine, when all he knew was hard times 🧟‍♂️💸