• Published on: 16 July 2019
  • We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...


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  • Runtime : 28:29
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  • Creative Space
    Creative Space   2 days ago

    (Watching in 2020 when Grayson has said multiple times he loves the sense of accomplishment from building something)9:13 Ethan, you can no longer pretend you don’t understand why Grayson loves building

  • kaitlyn mead
    kaitlyn mead   3 days ago

    when yo realize you have the same sleeping bag as ethan :0

  • Maya Kassem
    Maya Kassem   3 days ago

    He looks like a dush bag you are twins 🤓

  • Crystal Clam23
    Crystal Clam23   4 days ago

    Get you a man that talks about you, like Ethan talks about how luxurious toilet. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • _Brynn_
    _Brynn_   4 days ago

    grayson: working hard building in the hot sunethan: eats hashbrown

  • Unknown Not Known
    Unknown Not Known   4 days ago

    I used to like Grayson but fuck me Ethan is FUNNY AS SHIT 😂😂😂

  • Brielle scully
    Brielle scully   5 days ago

    grayson is always expectations and ethan is reality. im definitely more ethan like.

  • Haylee 786
    Haylee 786   5 days ago

    Wait.. I'm so confused. I've never got confused on who is who but now I am😅

  • Ryann
    Ryann   1 weeks ago

    Ethan: you look like such a doushbag Me: a frickin cute one

  • Krystal Martinez
    Krystal Martinez   1 weeks ago

    When Ethan bought the wood I knew it was the wrong one 😂😂

  • Jamie Brewer
    Jamie Brewer   1 weeks ago

    When Grayson got stuck inside the house it reminded me of when Drake got stuck inside the treehouse in Drake and Josh

  • AKhan
    AKhan   1 weeks ago

    Flashback to Drake and Josh at 14:10 😂😂

  • Tiny Tee
    Tiny Tee   1 weeks ago

    Gray: Dude, we should build like a real one of this.E: Like a tiny home?Gray: Yeah.A year laterethan builds grayson a tiny home

  • Ryann
    Ryann   1 weeks ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact of how Grayson is so frickin talented!! Like cmon

  • Rachel Rowell
    Rachel Rowell   1 weeks ago

    You didn't build an actual house but you did good. You still need paint, siding, wallpaper, some simple porta-potty style plumbing, and some waterproof wrapping. You'll need to get things for the floor like floorboards and a sander. Your house could easily be a real beauty! Goob job though!

  • Mehek Anand
    Mehek Anand   1 weeks ago


  • Immy T
    Immy T   1 weeks ago

    “We’re going insane”. me in quarantine : “ you don’t know the meaning”

  • parinita
    parinita   1 weeks ago

    reminds time of that episode of drake and josh when they forget the saw for the door and they’re stuck in the tree house

  • Juliette Ferrars
    Juliette Ferrars   1 weeks ago

    So no one’s gonna talk about them using a GRAB BAR as a freaking DOOR HANDLE?! lol

  • Molly Kong
    Molly Kong   1 weeks ago

    At 19:53 of the video... when it comes true. Love these videos

  • Ainsley McDermott
    Ainsley McDermott   1 weeks ago

    Grayson: “we should build a real tiny house”(A few months later)builds tiny house

  • Sze Lin Chan
    Sze Lin Chan   1 weeks ago

    their hair from 2017-2019 is way better than their 2020 hair tbh

  • euphoria
    euphoria   1 weeks ago

    I feel like the house is the same size as my room-

  • Gyllian E
    Gyllian E   1 weeks ago

    14:12"Drake?""Yeah?""Wheres the door hole?"

  • Delilah Morales
    Delilah Morales   1 weeks ago

    This reminds me of that drake and josh episode of you know what I mean