The UnXplained: Evidence of Bigfoot UNCOVERED in Wyoming (Season 2) | History

  • Published on: 28 February 2021
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    John Mionczynski recounts his frightening encounter with Bigfoot while living in a Wyoming forest, but many scientists are quick to dismiss the evidence found, in this clip from Season 2, "The Truth About Bigfoot." #TheUnXplained
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    From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries. Hosted and executive produced by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal) each episode will feature compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses and experiencers—each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible actually can happen.

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  • Runtime : 3:56
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    HISTORY   9 months ago

    Watch all new episodes of The UnXplained, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn   4 days ago

    I think its because if bigfoot is real, and there is also giants bones around, it would instantly show the lies of evolution

  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford   5 days ago

    Plus the logging industry doesn’t want then acknowledge . It would change their ability to clear cut this illusive animals primates environment .

  • RedDawg
    RedDawg   6 days ago

    Government cover up. Why ?

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas   1 weeks ago

    Where are the hair samples now ?? It's 2021, advances in DNA analysis could reveal more info...

  • Rynhardt Van Rensburg

    Bigfoot is proof that there were giant prehistoric people!!! Foolish scientist just ignore it.

  • Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss   1 weeks ago

    I have a theory. When the Anunnaki genetically altered the DNA of primitive humans 11,000 years ago, they intentionally left some of original primate-humans untouched to hopefully remind us one day what humans once looked like.

  • Jayden Gonzalez
    Jayden Gonzalez   2 weeks ago

    this is real i saw big foot hje gabve me candy and stole may taco balell (it reallty haooebd i haveteh hair!!!!!11!!!!!!)

  • Parrish J.
    Parrish J.   2 weeks ago

    The government has been hiding their existence for decades. They are very real!!!

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am   3 weeks ago

    Did not see this listed in the schedule?

  • Aquilise
    Aquilise   1 months ago

    no tiene subtítulos en español😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • David Vauquelin
    David Vauquelin   1 months ago

    If u don't believe in Sasquatch then why are u wasting your time looking at different videos ? (Stop being dumb)

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson   1 months ago

    If u in a tent ant u see a hand twice the size of urs a whole lot of growling and ur a hunter u shoot it ?

  • Rob
    Rob   1 months ago

    My experience:Back in the late 90s before I joined the service I was working a diner type job that usually required me to be a closer as everybody hated late night cleanup. It was spring time in the Black Hills, I had to drive about 12 miles to get home. Stayed later than usual cleaning up the restaurant that night. Nobody on the roads really as I drove out of town into the hills. I liked driving at night with the windows down, no radio, air was a comfortable temp, it was close to a full moon so in the hills the moonlight was pretty strong letting you see most things clearly. The highway was one lane each way winding through the mountains to an elevation of about 4500 feet. Some country style houses with roughly 1-2 acres of yard for each. You could see anything in the open clearings outside of the pine trees with the moonlight. Had some experiences of unusual things as a kid but this was a first as I was older. Drove a lifted old ford pickup that stood about 7ft to the top of the cab, my eye level about 6'5 while sitting inside. Was about 4 miles from my destination and had just passed some houses then started coming up on a small restaurant on the left. The highway opened up to allow for a left turning lane. I was about 200 ft from the turn and started to see a dark object standing in the turn lane. Caught me off guard, I had felt things watching me in the woods before but never anything substantial. As I drove up on it going about 55-60 mph, I was squinting to figure out what it was. Happened almost as if in slow motion, covering the 200ft felt like a moment stopped in time as I realized the figure was as tall as the cab of the truck, with a long arm stretched out as if to try to touch my elbow as I had it resting out the truck window. It was at least 7ft, dark like a shadow, almost half in, half out of this reality, felt feminine, definitely not trying to scare or harm me, absolutely wanted to make contact. I don't scare easy but I can feel when "unique" things are near my presence. Every hair on my body was standing up, my adrenaline had shot through the roof, eyes wide open, mumbling to myself as I kept driving, almost drove through the next turn, felt an absolute electrical charge pulsating throughout my body, my body/energy was in shock from feeling something never experienced before. I was young so it scared me but now older, I see it was being friendly to me. Some are meant to see, some are not but you have to have a good heart/energy for them to want you to know. I served 15 years after, seen two hostile fire combat deployments, held a security clearance that required a polygraph and been exposed to many classified projects. What I wrote here is true. I've worked alongside men whom killed for a living, each of us have unexplainable stories so to those of you in the civilian world, do not discredit something because it gives you fear. Temper your fear and experience something beyond a closed mind, we exist on this planet together. Death is watching you the moment you're born into the world.

  • MrTemplerage
    MrTemplerage   1 months ago

    Some of us pray that bigfoot remains hidden. At least from those that might endanger them.

    BLACK HOLE ENTRY   1 months ago

    Oh, I don't know, Captain Kirk. Bigfoot isn't nearly as strange as some of the interplanetary creatures you've met!

  • Lane Howard
    Lane Howard   2 months ago

    As a kid and riding dirt. Bikes we had a few very strange experiences hi upIn the hills over the years with bears but big foot that's a whole different story

  • Luke 2:52
    Luke 2:52   2 months ago

    The only good sasquatch is a dead sasquatch!Why you hate sasquatch so much?How much time you got buddy..First off they stink

  • Ty Thor
    Ty Thor   2 months ago

    big foot are older model of human, like 2.0, we are 3.0, and soon a 4.0 will be release

  • itanimulli1111
    itanimulli1111   2 months ago

    …………… I think William Shatner is Patty

  • Martin Trapper
    Martin Trapper   2 months ago

    Yeah, they gonna fire him, because of fear. Sounds like a gutless demo.

  • Steve Gant
    Steve Gant   2 months ago

    I went horse back ridding in Yellowstone National park, and the leader asked my sister if she believed in the harry man! She said, 'You need to talk to my brother." After talking to him for a while, he proceeded me to tell me that He's smelled them, they've thrown things at him, and he's heard them yell, but has never seen them! He's only seen 14" tracks. This is a man that lives in the wilderness and goes by the name of "Wild Bill" and knows the wilderness better than most of us do! I would recommend that people start looking outside their little world and start to understand that the world they live in is much bigger than what they can touch and feel!

  • Gavin Mermejo
    Gavin Mermejo   2 months ago

    ha all that money wasted and thay say the same thing how much do thay pay i can tell you the same thing

  • Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE

    If there are large sums of money to make if you shut up and hide the truth, Nobody is talking. The forestry industry, the oil industry, the mining industry and others would be destroyed if the proof of another species such as sasquatch were discovered. The implications of endangered species would destroy future industrial leeps and boundaries of anything to do with forested areas being changed.

  • Green Tree
    Green Tree   3 months ago

    People dismiss BF because they know there is an alternative history they need to keep hiden

  • Ali
    Ali   3 months ago

    It's the year 3000, people are still only offering grainy shaky footage as "proof" of bigfoot.

  • James Black
    James Black   3 months ago

    I wonder if there are a population of very intelligent gorillas that have somehow been released into the wild in the US maybe from a early 1900s circus or travelling side show.

  • Walkinwolves
    Walkinwolves   3 months ago

    Ahhhh the mighty Winds of Wyoming. Mountain range is huge. A good portion of the wind River reservation takes up a good chunk of the eastern central region, this might be the most remote part of the range considering the lack of manicured trails and roads, not to mention the tribal sovereignty associated with the region. Look at a typography map of the tribal boundary and consider the vast amount of wind River range that resides within the reservation. If I were a Bigfoot in the wind River range this is where I’d definitely take up residence

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat   3 months ago

    I believe that Bigfoots are wild animals created by God.

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson   3 months ago

    I saw Bigfoot once... it was pretending to be a first lady under obama.

  • benny X
    benny X   3 months ago

    What episode was this ??

  • Honest Soul
    Honest Soul   3 months ago

    Big foot isn't hiding, it's just here. It's the space that hides stuff from us, and it's our logic and science that is keeping us within a box.The truth is out there, but the noise disguised as science is everywhere, slowing us down from seeking truth

  • Malcolm Stuart N
    Malcolm Stuart N   4 months ago

    At least the costume will keep him warm. I believe in Bigfoot.