The Richness of Time

  • Published on: 18 January 2020
  • Join a physicist, a neuroscientist, and a linguist as they explore the deep enigmas of time. Time feels like it flows, but does it? Time seems to have a built-in direction, from past to future, but is that real or merely a quality imposed by the human brain? Time on earth elapses at a uniform rate, so why does the human experience of time seem so varied? How do various neurological afflictions change the perception of time? And underneath it all, how does human language impact our ability to think about time and fully experience its rich and mysterious contours?

    PARTICIPANTS: Lera Boroditsky, Dean Buonomano

    MODERATOR: Brian Greene


    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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  • Runtime : 1:29:38
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  • CGMeadia/Spaceley- Sound Art Media systems

    Time is an illusion. Time is a lie. There is nothing to hinge a measurement to. You can pick any measurement you like to "measure" something, anything. Whether it's a physical material or the seeming passage of a moment. It's all space and variations within and outside those spaces. Scientists are wrong about there being a beginning of time or an end. It's just not even true. Not even the variances of the decay of particles is consistant everywhere. So yeah, it IS all totally relative. Which means it's subjective. It's relative to you where ever you space, but not in "time". Time is an illusion.

  • motokev
    motokev   22 hours ago

    Currently, the ratio of smart people to dumb people on this planet is approaching zero.Yep

  • Damien Sobczak
    Damien Sobczak   3 days ago

    I don’t know about everyone else but I F$&@ing Love Science ❤️❤️❤️Hit like if you agree! 🥰

  • Jesse Rantakangas
    Jesse Rantakangas   3 days ago

    Having a full blown crush to smart lady was not something i thought id get out of this video :D i dont know what it is - but i like it alot

  • J X
    J X   6 days ago

    watching this made me realize how the intelligence of this world made me lose my wisdom when younger,,mumbo jumbo.yumbo dumbo believe..

  • The Knowledge.
    The Knowledge.   1 weeks ago

    If you use the distance the light travels up and down on the stationary clock as a measurement / scale / yardstick and then transfer that to along the trajectory that the light travels along the moving clock then you would get a different result as to what Brian explains.If for example you added up all of the Up and Downs of the light photon in the stationary clock and totalled them i.e. the total measurement over a set period of “ time “ and then did the same with the moving clock over the same period of “ time “ = Would the total length of the light photon movement on the moving clock be longer ? ?

  • SAJP
    SAJP   1 weeks ago

    The more I listen to these wonderful lectures, the more I start to think—perhaps similar to Brian—that there is something very fundamental about the universe that we all inherently, intuitively know, but we struggle to articulate—it’s on the tips of our children’s tongues and even in the eyes of our pets. It is a ‘natural’ prohibition we face that is similar to the difficulty our consciousness has in describing itself. It is a problem that perhaps might only be definitively answered by AI, at a point we reach that we’re calling the ‘singularity’.

  • Martin Mitchell
    Martin Mitchell   1 weeks ago

    Brian Greene is a superb teacher. One thing I am confused about - can anyone help me? It is proven that time travels more slowly for objects that are in motion, compared to objects at rest. There was the famous experiment with the two atomic clocks, one at rest and one on a Boeing 747 that travelled around the Earth. When they were compared them the one that had been in motion recorded a shorter passage of time than the one at rest. My question is this: a clock is not time, it is just a device that we use to measure time. Say I have a wind-up clock that is running fast. This does not mean that time is running any faster. Or if the clock slows down and stops, this does not mean that time has stopped. So how does a clock know that it is in motion and that time for it is passing more slowly? Brian's graphic with the bouncing ball clock illustrates the concept very well, but clocks do not actually function like that. Obviously it is me who is confused, not the physicists - can anyone help?

  • MediaSubliminal
    MediaSubliminal   1 weeks ago

    @58:40 she's talking about the language of different peoples. There's languages in which they describe the past as being ahead of them and the future behind them. Which doesn't make sense until it's explained that the future is behind them because they can't see it and the past is the opposite.

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens   1 weeks ago

    Phenomenal, I have learned a lot from your interview subjects. I have top down maps in my mind which developed in childhood, as a result of being aloud to wander across the woods, forest and farmland at eight years old, one of my games was to test and refine these maps, I would try to get lost so much so I would find myself in neighbouring towns and villages, I used tracks and trails made and used by animals as a result I encountered the local wildlife this would always end up in the maps. My maps also contained sights, smells and sounds associated with them. Where ever I live I create mental maps.

  • UTILIZE 3 EYES .•.
    UTILIZE 3 EYES .•.   1 weeks ago

    You only measure it because it’s human nature just like a wild animal knows when to go hibernate

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas   2 weeks ago

    I can't listen to this man while having to look at him...The rock n roll attitude!! Love him!

  • Man of Culture
    Man of Culture   2 weeks ago

    Current views on quantum entanglement and exchange of virtual particles shows that reversing time while possible will not disentangle quantum states. Meaning even if you can reverse time you will never go back to the same past. All quantum information is lost the moment it is entangled and therefore the past that gave rise to the present is effectively destroyed, reversing time does not fix this.

  • Pies Thighsnfries
    Pies Thighsnfries   2 weeks ago

    Don’t confuse time with the speed of clocks. It’s still noon at noon for both clocks even if one or both clocks are working slowly.

  • Russ
    Russ   2 weeks ago

    1:22:17 why didn't we think about time travel in the past?Most likey because of religious views. A person might be burned at the stake for speaking about controlling time in Christian cultures. In eastern religious views time is flowing like a river, to stop the flow would be inconceivable and pointless. Survival was more important than total control.Total control and comfort is the current we flow with today.

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   2 weeks ago

    1. So in a black hole - Time stops because even light cannot escape itAnd when we go at the speed of light, time stops also?2. The closer we are to earth time slows vs being out in spaceBut the faster we travel in space vs being stuck on earth, time slows out there?So the reverse is happening?Did i get both right?

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   2 weeks ago

    30:00 I don't use an alarm clock some days I get up as early as 5am but most days I get up much laterYet on the days I have to get up at 5, I do!Before falling asleep I keep telling myself ok I need to get up early 5 am, not the usual timeIts not exact I wake up a bit before say 20 or 30 min before 5So how is my brain doing this?

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   2 weeks ago

    22:00 the clip about the glass of wine getting destroyed - change the glass of wine to a more manageable toy made of say wood & you dropped it & a leg got loose & so you put it back - the toy is as good as newBut have you reversed time? As he says in this clip? Is there really such a thing as time or are we calling change or entropy, time?

  • Gunzmith Dragonkind
    Gunzmith Dragonkind   3 weeks ago

    as for math....numbers were invented to calculate the numbers of workers we will need to do the harvest.

  • Gunzmith Dragonkind
    Gunzmith Dragonkind   3 weeks ago

    time i just a measurement invented by humans just as feet and inches are.

  • Ruud van Veen
    Ruud van Veen   3 weeks ago

    Dear scientists : Is it possible that time is NOT to measure? Based on LOGIC? HOW? Well: "Take all aspects of what we call 'reality' and we sum up: Time, Space, Energie, FORM (= 'all' Mass), CONSCIOUSNESS and last but not least: INFINTY....Why? Well, if one can PROVE that one of this 6 aspects IS infinite, than ALL ARE! Agree? Lets start with Time ('line' and lineair), first we must understand that it IS BUILD UP out of MOMENTS, what we call The MOMENT ITSELF, NOW! How long takes ONE MOMEMT IN TIME? Well: WHERE BECOME (within the context of definition Time) 1. PAST , 2. PRESENT and 3. FUTURE together AS ONE?... NOW is it not? What should be the ONE CORRECT NUMBER for 'NOW'? ....PY!...Why?? Well: What has no beginning and no ending and...STILL...begins and ends continiously in the same moment of time.. remaining UNIQUE in appearence? THE (absolute proporty of) NOW IS IT NOT? What could be manipulated, could be CHANGED (within a NEW UNIFIED FIELDTHEORY) as Time becomes PY? .....PLACE is it not? If the moment itself is infinite, all other aspects MUST be infinte, including CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes! "Who IS 'I '?? WHO IS conscious? WHO (or WHAT) IS NOT?

  • Chris Parnell
    Chris Parnell   3 weeks ago

    I’ve struggled for years with this. There is no time. There is only existence and change. We apply an external application in order to verify existence and generally make sense of change. The past does not exist, the future does not exist, they are concepts to assist our processing continual change, yet there is no distinction within change, no delineation. Did the past exist, or will the future exist? Irrelevant. When the speaker discusses the present or ‘a moment’ it ignores the notion that all things inhabiting existence do so together and change in each it’s own way, so consider what all the ‘other’ things do while the wine glass is supposedly being redirected back to the ‘past’ . He merely described a potential change that could or could not occur. The light clock only represents compound change which obviously appears to take more “time” as it is more change. Give value to each increment of change and it will consume more existence. Position and momentum is how many physicists generally refer to existence and change because of the reliance on purportedly tracking particles. Or maybe not.

  • Rick Kikta
    Rick Kikta   1 months ago

    At 10:42 if the lights going to travel a longer distance AT THE SAME's going to take it longer to do it. The tic tocs are going to slow down.

  • EZZA
    EZZA   1 months ago

    The Earth is flat and Motionless….,

  • A K
    A K   1 months ago

    Loved this talk. The presence of that lady was mesmerizing.

  • Robert Hales
    Robert Hales   1 months ago


  • Alma B
    Alma B   1 months ago

    Thank you so much for every one of these programs, conferences and videos. They light my life with enthusiasm. Thank you

  • Ron Arzi
    Ron Arzi   1 months ago

    Think about it > present time is so short that we can not actually notice its existence. The past and future meets in present time and the meeting point is so small...micro, micro "time".Also - only sure thing is the future that didn't happened yet - it will come and it will happened. The present hardly exist (change to future immediately) and past is up to interruptions and different memories like the Rashomon story.Good Night.

  • Anuar A.
    Anuar A.   1 months ago

    By ( the Token of ) Time ( through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and ( join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.Holy Quran, chapter 103; Al Asr ( The Time), verse 1-3.