Jordan Whitehead: I Always Remember, We Have Tom Brady | Press Conference

  • Published on: 25 January 2021
  • Safety Jordan Whitehead spoke to the media on Sunday following the NFC Championship Game vs. the Green Bay Packers.

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  • Runtime : 4:13
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • Shiva Ho
    Shiva Ho   1 days ago

    Never Bet the Farm on a One Trick Homie, when You can Bank on the GOAT Assassin getting the RING!

  • Susan B
    Susan B   1 weeks ago

    Not from Tampa, but it was clear that this team & Tom Brady showed up and showed out! All I saw was Mahomes running for his life. Great job!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Al
    Al   2 weeks ago

    Win or loose Bucs have done so much this year and yes a large part is Brady’s leadership & attitude that rubbed on the rest of the team!

  • misplacednewyawker
    misplacednewyawker   3 weeks ago

    Jenna Laine is horrible as are all these female sports reporters. Don't they realize that men are not interested in these female reporters?

  • Monta Tracy
    Monta Tracy   3 weeks ago

    Rodgers couldn't win with 2 backup safeties.

  • Vernon France
    Vernon France   4 weeks ago

    Always remember how TB 12 choked in the second half. If AR hadn't choked harder for GB, TB and TB 12 would be watching on TV.

  • Karl K
    Karl K   4 weeks ago

    Jordan Whitehead is so open to giving, receiving, and generating energy with his teammates including Tom Brady.

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith   4 weeks ago

    He know with Tom as the Qb there always a chance

  • Conservative&Black
    Conservative&Black   4 weeks ago

    Tampa Bay will win the Superbowl, the pressure that Patrick will see next weekend will be more than what overated Rodger saw last weekend! Patrick is the future and will be for a longtime!

  • lloyd monahan
    lloyd monahan   1 months ago

    He was laying some wood out there maybe a bit too much

  • Ken Snedegar
    Ken Snedegar   1 months ago

    Jordan hope you get to play in Super Bowl and hit them hard let's get this game 1 Let's Go Tampa Bay

  • G M.
    G M.   1 months ago

    TB12 mindset had made me believe I can lose 40lbs at 40yrs

  • LA Jaime
    LA Jaime   1 months ago

    Brady has the same amount of NFC championship wins as Rodgers / Brees and it’s his first year in the NFC at 43.💀

  • Steve Vricella
    Steve Vricella   1 months ago

    The hardest hitting guy on my HS team was our safety. I think he weighed around 125 lbs. It's all technique and heart. I was the corner and couldn't believe some of the collisions this guy would deliver. Glory days.

  • mike hand
    mike hand   1 months ago

    OH brother, make ur millions .BIG MONEY CHOSE U THIS YEAR TAMP,A shut while ur ahead

  • jim Stabile
    jim Stabile   1 months ago

    It's Brady's time of year and gotta believe that with most of his weapons incl. A/B back in the fold KC is in for a barn burner...

  • 813Productions
    813Productions   1 months ago

    Hope JW's shoulder heals up nicely in time for the Super Bowl 💪🏾

  • gb101
    gb101   1 months ago

    Before you win, you have to believe you can...insert TB12.

  • Erik Barone
    Erik Barone   1 months ago

    Just be ready to die to win and you won’t regret your rings when you’re old this is why you play super bowl wins you did great making them fumble great hitting

  • Bryan Tatem
    Bryan Tatem   1 months ago

    Well played young man. Well played. You have a Buccaneer mindset. Ghosts of Barber, Lynch, Brooks, and Sapp. Defend and get the mindset.

  • Station Chief
    Station Chief   1 months ago

    Betta b healthy in 2 weeks we got BIG problems already.

  • Station Chief
    Station Chief   1 months ago

    All the brothers love TB12 they know the deal. Except the haters or the white QB haters but there bigots anyway.

  • Jason Y
    Jason Y   1 months ago

    You are right Defense showed up tonight in every aspect IT is about time.. All phases of the game we showed up to play intense!! Great Job Fellas !!

  • Jason Y
    Jason Y   1 months ago

    I saw a big hit made by you #33 Way to show up and play !! It sets the tone

  • Jose Aguirre
    Jose Aguirre   1 months ago

    I was amazed the tackles Jordan made, created points for his team.

  • Yankee Stacking
    Yankee Stacking   1 months ago

    Decades old New England Patriots fan. YOU’RE WELCOME, Bucs!

  • C R
    C R   1 months ago

    I like him dude is a head hunter to be small as he is he's a stud

  • jimmy tuazon
    jimmy tuazon   1 months ago

    The bashers never been happy with Tom Brady accomplishment.Go Tom maybe you need to win this one, to quiet your haters.

  • Jeff Osborne
    Jeff Osborne   1 months ago

    Good luck and let's win the super bowl.

  • dj Whooo
    dj Whooo   1 months ago

    He like “so y’all really think Brady couldn’t drive us down for a field goal with 2 minutes”

  • Hollowpoint1012
    Hollowpoint1012   1 months ago

    The GOAT Influence!!!! Simple word as you “gonna believe” and they believe in brady!!

  • Sonny Whitehead
    Sonny Whitehead   1 months ago

    Without brady, tampa is a glorified. Bad high school football team lol!!!! Brady is Superbowl. Not the tampons!, oh sorry tampa. Im a patriot fan since 1972!!! If they had cam newton. They wouldnt have made playoffs!!! U teammates r riding bradys shirttail!!! Sorry but who has the Superbowl rings!!! Not u losers! Superbowl score. KC 45. Tampons 7

  • robert Horn
    robert Horn   1 months ago

    Jordan is such an amazing human being. A role model for so many. 🙏