• Published on: 01 December 2018
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  • Runtime : 12:34
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  • Middleflop Debble Gd

    I would Fucking pay 10,82722828822882827364627$Because this is fucking funny 😂Shit so funny!!

  • Nathan LaVallee
    Nathan LaVallee   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice the video was 12 minutes and 34 seconds long

  • By God
    By God   1 weeks ago

    What software does he use to do this

  • Eggie64
    Eggie64   1 weeks ago

    More, we need MOOORE!

  • FBP
    FBP   2 weeks ago

    B I J U M B A S

  • BigBoySlips
    BigBoySlips   3 weeks ago

    0:08 captions: I’ll fix your p i g s

  • d4rkmagic *
    d4rkmagic *   3 weeks ago

    Why does eathan look like he's photoshoped in

  • The Meme Bro
    The Meme Bro   3 weeks ago

    Don’t worry! I’ll make sure I don’t fix the grandma

  • Kat B320
    Kat B320   3 weeks ago

    Make a henti version called "fix your dix pix"

  • TheSpiderGuy
    TheSpiderGuy   3 weeks ago

    5:16 Is it just me, or does that look like Mr. Mobile?

  • geo kenny
    geo kenny   3 weeks ago

    The intro sounded like the ending of pocco rosso

  • Aarav Yuval B.G
    Aarav Yuval B.G   3 weeks ago

    Petition for Jack to bring back this series| || || |\/

  • Werrywit
    Werrywit   4 weeks ago

    This is jacks most recent video with a decent amount of views (considering his sub count)

  • FoxVechai
    FoxVechai   4 weeks ago

    The BTS pic hurt me cuz I love BTS

  • Nehemiah Zo
    Nehemiah Zo   4 weeks ago

    This was the first JohnsMovies video I ever saw

  • Josh Graves
    Josh Graves   1 months ago

    8:45 the blonde girl looked like that tennis guy from the bee movie

  • lovethspeaks Gold
    lovethspeaks Gold   1 months ago

    Really don't know how to ask this question.How do you fix in pictures to your video,like how do you fix your pix on videos to attract people watching your video

  • it's me kait
    it's me kait   1 months ago

    2:43 I feel like Hamilton is kinda last year’s news2020: am I a joke to you

  • Logan D.R.
    Logan D.R.   1 months ago

    I laughed so hard when I saw the Delgo Live poster