Why is this a thing? (Jackask #99)

  • Published on: 21 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • jacksfilms
    jacksfilms   4 months ago

    Ok so maybe for JackAsk 100, I'll answer 100 questions. Hit me up with some questions below! reeEEEEEE

  • Yeet Skleet
    Yeet Skleet   1 days ago

    Wow that comment feature is really cool

  • fishy on me
    fishy on me   1 days ago

    WoW i Am CoMmEnTiNg On ThE bOtToM oF tHe ScReEn

  • Keith Youngblood
    Keith Youngblood   1 days ago

    Hey jackass you can type while watching the video on a regular phone too

  • crystalpie
    crystalpie   1 days ago

    You can fold out the phone with a picture of a ring pulled up and propose with a samsung.

  • VideoPlayer
    VideoPlayer   2 days ago

    Had to wait for the video to finish to post this comment

  • Hugs not Drugs
    Hugs not Drugs   2 days ago

    Yeah, this sucks. Comment is awful without the flip 🌚

  • Shewes
    Shewes   3 days ago

    I just typed this while watching the video

  • ALI 69
    ALI 69   3 days ago

    Omg I'm watching and commenting

  • Jdg
    Jdg   4 days ago

    Wow I just left a comment with my new galaxy z flip this is crazy

  • Michelle Cordeiro
    Michelle Cordeiro   4 days ago

    I liked because I can fit it in my pocket ( women pants has small pockets)

  • V4X DN
    V4X DN   4 days ago

    Sjabaihsbsjjhhs jsuwbhxbejcuebdujw zjbshd sns sjsbdhbsbs zusjxuvdys zjsvdybdueksia xusbziwvxjs xhsjzihws sjvshsbahs xhdvdhsjsvsusus xudbdhsusbdjzbudnshsvjsusSjdudnskeud jdjdnsudnzlqgrnOsbwlzbwoaldjfbzjw hrlalxnfbryeoapandbtkakrhdos sjw sks die sksjxgwkshd hxyskxisbakagenxie zjsgsvxkbsjgd

  • Epicgamer69 420
    Epicgamer69 420   4 days ago

    Imagine if you could go from a phone to a 80” flatscreen tv

  • Justin Quan
    Justin Quan   1 weeks ago

    "I have no idea how it works but I wanna put it in my mouth" is now my life motto

  • Shaak Ti
    Shaak Ti   1 weeks ago

    The guy who designed that phone just really liked the Game Boy Advance SP

  • M Wall
    M Wall   1 weeks ago

    Jack: phones don't lag anymoreMe, with my lg g6: wait what

  • RichieJak 3
    RichieJak 3   1 weeks ago

    I’m commenting while watching the video dab*

  • Walter
    Walter   1 weeks ago

    Glory Ty mush in a while I don’t have anything to say to him because he has a good piano but he has no one ☝️ and that is the only thing I don’t have a bad day I don’t have to a girl but I don’t want him I gotta was like a bad day and I gotta go get a lemon 🍋 I gotta

  • Dirk Strider
    Dirk Strider   1 weeks ago

    All phones are flip phones if you’re strong enough

  • esc zat
    esc zat   1 weeks ago

    I can see the vid while typing oh yeah this new phone is great

  • Sol Sanguis
    Sol Sanguis   2 weeks ago

    The Motorola Razr is better because it looks stylish