70 years later she finds out why her husband has left her when you know the reason you will be shoc

  • Published on: 17 December 2019
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  • Sophia Mick
    Sophia Mick   2 weeks ago

    Omg it work for me, I never believe it, prophet David help me solve my problem and God finally hears my cry over what my husband has been doing, his God is great, and am using this opportunity to tell you all who is reading and those that need help that Prophet David is there to solve every problem in the family, here is his WhatsApp number (+2347060878411) goodluck

  • Teresa H.
    Teresa H.   4 weeks ago

    Sounds like a stupid bull shit, made up story. Yawn.

  • oz tar
    oz tar   1 months ago

    Ummmm..I would have contacted the military asap when the war ended ...wtf Geez... sit and wait FOR 70 YEARS ???

  • Margaret Sison
    Margaret Sison   1 months ago

    Beautiful love story. God bless them both and may they continue their love in heaven.

  • Darlene Harris
    Darlene Harris   1 months ago

    Wow, all those years that passed and wife not knowing what or where he was. Bless her heart ♥️ Glad she finally found out to give her some peace of mind!!

  • valdene lucas
    valdene lucas   1 months ago

    This is so weird and disrespectful how come nobody had the decency to contact his wife, me i would have to find out why...its a very strange story a lot of unanswered Questions 🤔🤔

  • Lisa Otruba
    Lisa Otruba   2 months ago

    that guy is so annoying in the the ad

  • brianna brittany
    brianna brittany   3 months ago

    An entire village in France celebrates this hero for 70 years but nobody else knows about it? Nobody from France told the US military? Nobody told the US consul that they were naming a street after an American who saved their village? Bullshit.What makes this so egregious is that you try to tell this as some sort of "inspirational" story when it's a bunch of bullshit lies. Do you know what would really be an inspiring story that we could all learn from? If you and similar content creators would admit that you do this to build up a subscriber base to make money with your click bait crap. Telling the truth would be inspiring.

  • BethyKable
    BethyKable   7 months ago

    Something doesn’t add up here....and why didn’t she notify the military when it happened? She could have easily found out. Weird

  • Saphire Blue
    Saphire Blue   7 months ago

    In those days, people loved each other forever...not like now.

  • MELA
    MELA   7 months ago

    I was thinking he was alive and married again.

  • Angel 1
    Angel 1   7 months ago

    This is a bullshit story. No one in the family or her thought to reach out to the military for 70 years? The Military didn't notify the family? What a bullshit channel

  • Honesty Fenix
    Honesty Fenix   7 months ago

    So he was a hero who crashed in a military plane, but the Army failed to notify his family? Sounds like BS.

  • paul broderick
    paul broderick   7 months ago

    This does not make sense. I would not be surprised if treachery is at work here to some extent.

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger   8 months ago

    SKIP the first 23 seconds, it's all blarney! So is the click-bait blog, it's not shocking. Many odd things happen in war. However, her story does NOT have to happen, contact the military, they have records, if the case is a KIA or a MIA, they will know. This is a sad case. Never be afraid to ask and pursue the matter, there is usually an answer somewhere!

  • Ze Tuan Lim
    Ze Tuan Lim   8 months ago

    She was pretty. He wasn't handsome. My opinion.

  • william louie
    william louie   8 months ago

    The army failed to notify her husband death, and she wasted her life waiting for him for years.

  • Linda Thompson
    Linda Thompson   8 months ago

    Did the government take care of her. She could have gotten married again and had children.

  • tlmoscow
    tlmoscow   8 months ago

    World War 2 wasn’t “breaking out” in 1944, you goof.

  • Susan C
    Susan C   8 months ago

    WoW. Times have changed for MIA Military Missing! Bless her. And his family

  • Dubbel Henke
    Dubbel Henke   8 months ago

    It was obviously quite easy to get the information. A relative did after many many years, well why didn't SHE do it in 1944 or 1945 instead of just hoping?

  • Gr8 Teagazr
    Gr8 Teagazr   8 months ago

    Sooo, the military never contacted her to tell her what happened, and she didn't contact them? That doesn't make sense.

  • Kent Robison
    Kent Robison   8 months ago

    This guy is bad with his facts a lot. WW11 did not break out in 1944.

  • Bea Torres
    Bea Torres   8 months ago

    They robbed her of her life bottom line sad

  • Patti Franks
    Patti Franks   8 months ago

    Something doesn’t add up about this story!