The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E13)

  • Published on: 05 July 2021
  • There are many arguments of whether alien life exists. Some wonder if there is other life, why hasn't it visited us? Others have explanations as to why our planet may not be as easy to get to as we think.

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    This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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  • Runtime : 45:3
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  • Gerard Ahern
    Gerard Ahern   21 hours ago

    Just like Jesus describes it in the parable of the women with the yeast and bread.

  • Gerard Ahern
    Gerard Ahern   22 hours ago

    What is hard for man is easy for the Lord.

  • Jhon Escobar
    Jhon Escobar   1 days ago

    What is the reason for discovering life in another world, instead on focusing on earth. Humanity is not reliable. They might do something wrong to life else where and I belive you know what I. Talking about and it's nothing good. Their is no true value of discovering the focus of many is money. In the reality of things the purpose of discovering and other planet is not safe. Maybe that is why we haven't found life else we're or do they introduce their selfs to us.

  • Joejo Murph
    Joejo Murph   2 days ago

    Comparing humans to ants? Now that's really smart and a fair comparison... come on man...really? I thought this guy was smart!If life just up and started now its own, then why isn't it still doing it... everywhere? Life IMO is much much more than that and it could not have just popped up. We have a creator, and the people (professors, scientist) know this IMO but the elite powers don't worship our God, they worship lucifer and Satan is in full control over this planet

  • Joejo Murph
    Joejo Murph   2 days ago

    If we came from nothing, why are we still not coming from nothing... why isn't it still going on? We not only "supposedly" come from nothing, but we also had a male and a female that could even make more "nothings!" Now, how crazy does that really sound? Pretty much off the chart IMO! Or... mankind has a creator, someone that put us here on this earth. Now which one sounds more likely? I think common sense is in short supply the smarter or the higher some of these peoples IQ seems to be.

  • don pierce
    don pierce   3 days ago

    This goes to show you how naïve these scientist are!!

  • Ryan Dugal
    Ryan Dugal   5 days ago

    Um we’ve discovered thousands of planets to date outside the solar system. God I wish they brought back the dislikes.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown   6 days ago

    The Universe is a Living Force. Nothing is created without purpose or design. We just don't why or how. None of us. 🌎🌌👥👽👾🤖🙏

  • Ad
    Ad   1 weeks ago

    I love how us humans think we Know what the rules are such as essential elements to support life, as if we know everything and can make these rules absolute. We probably know nothing compared to aliens...if they even exist that is.

  • Gwen Tomlinson
    Gwen Tomlinson   2 weeks ago

    Why are we still here? Intelligent Designer ! Jesus Christ.

  • syggen.
    syggen.   2 weeks ago

    Datamarskin ta all taall teknologi på jorkloden mensker har laget og så lag en marskin vordann ville denn maskinen sett ut?

  • Larry Carmody
    Larry Carmody   2 weeks ago

    Academic are trying to figure out how man came about .? The answer is easy, GOD.!! HE made the universe, why not man.!! a simple feat for GOD but, of course, for Academicsthey don't believe in a higher intelligents, they have to science everything & GOD works with science too, just to satisfy man

  • Eddie Oi
    Eddie Oi   2 weeks ago

    An octopus cannot built a craft no matter how intelligent it may be...Tentacles can only pull and not push..,,

  • peace love
    peace love   2 weeks ago

    That which is not strictly forbidden must occur.

  • KaosLantern
    KaosLantern   2 weeks ago

    We know nothing lol anything you think you know there's so much more to it your spoon feed like a baby what to believe 🤣

  • Hervaven Gill
    Hervaven Gill   2 weeks ago

    Science does more damage than any good in the world. Science takes us away from the truth. The truth lies within us through our third eye. If our mind and thinking operates from behind our forehead and focus then why would we go further from our focus point of third eye for the truth. Like a wise man once said education is a requirement to make a living and intelligence a person is born with. A higher intelligence gives intelligence . Science fails in so many areas including the big bang theory. If no energy can be created or destroyed known as thermal dynamics. If energy cannot be created or destroyed then how did the big bang happen. Science just make things more complicated and create an industry for themselves. Science makes no sense. Science is good for one thing and one thing only and that is to give us distances of planets. Even if there is life on those planets who cares. We can't even get along in this planet why are we interested in others. With so many borders between countries . If we want happiness and an experience like no other then we must go within. Check ishwar puri on YouTube

  • Hervaven Gill
    Hervaven Gill   2 weeks ago

    To think we are only ones who are living beings is so self centred. Also spirituality says go within and find the truth and time travel is possible by going within to go forward in time. If a stars light takes over a year to reach earth isn't going toward these planets and wasting time researching these planets going back in time. If a stars light takes a year to come here is that not going backwards in time. What happened a year ago is that not going backwards in time

  • MyReligionIs2DoGood
    MyReligionIs2DoGood   3 weeks ago

    The Fermi Paradox is ONLY a paradox if one assumes that aliens are not, or have never been, already here.

  • MyReligionIs2DoGood
    MyReligionIs2DoGood   3 weeks ago

    This guy's statements didn't age too well: "In 2011 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and based on observations from the Kepler Mission is that about 1.4% to 2.7% of all Sun-like stars are expected to have Earth-size planets within the habitable zones of their stars." Considering the current estimates of ~300 Million sun-like stars in our galaxy, using the lower estimate of 1.4%, brings us to: 4.2 Million. If only ONE in 1 Million produced intelligent life, we are dealing with at least 4 alien species, all of which might be thousands of years ahead of us.

  • Jasse
    Jasse   1 months ago

    Porn-techno, great choice for music. What a fekup.

  • Kenneth Bryant
    Kenneth Bryant   1 months ago

    A small amount of due diligence before production of this faulty video would have uncovered a "Goldie Locks" planet 4.5 light years away, duh?

  • Peter T
    Peter T   1 months ago

    Mr Kaku, we are not like the fish and certainly not like the freaking ants. I mean you might consider yourself being a fish all day long for all I know and its your right to do so if you wish, but what separates a human in good working condition from a fish is the self consciousness factor, or intelligence and thus the ability to comprehend stuff, research stuff that allows him to blow himself to bits in higher orbit and even find a cure for an itch here and there, perhaps unintentionally killing a few dozen humans during trials, but thats only because we're fun beings every now and then and generally mean no harm unless a bit fucked up in the head.Now ive been observing some fish for a little while and I see absolutely no evidence of them planning to construct a torpedo submarine to break the bowl or even a measly catapult or at least a lousy bridge over the edge. However we must accept the fact that we simply are an inferior species that will never reach the abilities of what aliens posess, as simply no fish will ever evolve to become what humans are now, so all this hunt for aliens and their tech is seen as wolfes howling at the moon. They see and hear it but simply think nothing of it. Nothing. Ok so we're nothing but some fucking fish, now i get it.

  • Joe Espisito
    Joe Espisito   1 months ago

    Any alien civilization that is smart n knows about hostility.......would have technology so they can't be detected ok that's intelligence!!!! ..... especially when they already know the universe is flooded with life....

  • Cynical
    Cynical   1 months ago

    Imagine if we are the most advanced civilization in the universe 😂

  • Eino Siirila
    Eino Siirila   1 months ago

    God made the heavens and the Earth in 7 days, so what makes you think that the speed of light is the fastest means of travel?

  • Charles Nenguke
    Charles Nenguke   1 months ago

    If aliens do not exist in the universe...then we should not be talking of type 1...type 2...or type zero of civilizations...otherwise we will be all the same 🤷‍♂️

  • David Wells
    David Wells   1 months ago

    When he says outer space he sounds like he’s from Brooklyn lol

  • James Mayo
    James Mayo   2 months ago

    Well he certainly made a good argument for concept that life on earth must have been intentional by a creator.

    AJ LEDBETTER   2 months ago

    Alien abduction is a threat to our national security.

  • dilligaf.
    dilligaf.   2 months ago

    There in underground facilities there not aliens but secret tech and computer controlled crafts. .

  • Carol
    Carol   2 months ago

    type 1 2 3 according to like to be in control