BFB 1 but it cursed

  • Published on: 17 August 2020
  • juan fran :

    thumbnail maker :

    jacknjellify :
  • Runtime : 27:51
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  • Fourtle
    Fourtle   6 months ago

    Discord : you watch it , i did a grammar mistake at the begin lol

  • Jacob Scarlatella
    Jacob Scarlatella   15 hours ago

    Fun Fact: Juan Fran I'm pretty sure Bookey from a some time ago

  • Mango
    Mango   1 days ago

    How is there Winner winner is supposed to be in tpot

  • Lion N
    Lion N   1 days ago

    Poor dounut he dosent has a changed asset

  • Leon Sebastian Quitain

    Noob hole leaves people in the dimesnsion called oof dimension also known as noob dimenstion

  • Book TPOT
    Book TPOT   3 days ago

    Naily With blood Real life bomby Flipped pencil Grey Puffball with limbs Green liy Green TD Winner Red tree Thanos Cube Flipped match Red bubble Taco laughing Real life clock Black Fanny Grey leafy Fork. Flipped penWhite rocky Eraser with his real body Fat fries Blocky with eraser’s body Nickel with arms Cloudy Gaty that is fat :) ball Fat eggy (LOOOL) Blue lollipop Water bag Barf bag Blue spongy Taco laughing Red bubble Lightning already zapped Marker Blue and red stapy Cary? Flipped Dora Noob hole Donut Balloony Roboty but straight Uh who’s that human with orange hair Pin..ew Black square X and 4 Blueberry Flipped needle Taco Bell Signal BozoDiamond Pudding! TVThat 4 behind TV Grey Firey Grey square Jr Book Flipped David Team names: OofBetter Team thanos cube Nae Nae The Losers LOl Can’t say that- BEEP AAAA

  • golden gamer xv
    golden gamer xv   3 days ago

    10:42 every roblox player when their changing their avatar

  • MDLCRoblox
    MDLCRoblox   1 weeks ago

    pencil has her first design from firey expansion and its so cursed

  • Soy Omar H
    Soy Omar H   1 weeks ago

    What happened? These are the ItemReverse MachineTurn GreenTurn RedTurn PurpleTurn Orange(more turns)Real Life MachineFat MachineHave ArmsEraserHappy Number

  • superstrikeboy
    superstrikeboy   1 weeks ago

    I hate loser,But this cursed ver.Is more worse,Cause it corrupts my mind into ashes

  • Carter Ravin
    Carter Ravin   2 weeks ago

    If you don’t need my husband to expose you for moral rights but I’m an alternate right oh my gosh I want sorry pie no hard feelings right whatever you want some you lose some now that’s a good way to look at it nearly did did you pop bubble now sounds like a lie to me why are you so must be punished let’s punish Nelly I guess put her down Punzo oh my gosh no put so sorry Nelly loser such a great guy I agree

  • A Cat
    A Cat   2 weeks ago

    Golf ball is bozo now